How to Fill the Gap For Sliding Barn Doors

How to Fill the Gap For Sliding Barn Doors

Many people install barn doors in their houses to save space. No matter the door’s width, these flush against the wall taking up zero space in a room. You can install them anywhere in the house without worrying about opening and closing them.

However, barn doors do have a problem. They usually end up with gaps between the door and the baseboard, as these doors need to slide over the board. Naturally, they need the presence of the gap for efficient sliding of the door.

If you want to add privacy in your bathroom, you’ll have to fill the gap in your sliding barn doors in one of the following ways; adding weatherstrips, installing a door sweep or installing a door that’s larger than your baseboard. Alternatively, you can use a soundproofing foam block or simply add a wooden strip (also known as a door seal).

Sometimes, the gap is problematic for individuals who want privacy or a quiet environment in the room or space on the other side of the barn door.

In this post, we will teach you some practical ways to fill the gap between the barn doors and the baseboard.

Ways To Soundproof Barn Doors The Right Way

Add Weatherstrips

Weatherstripping is an efficient way to not only reduce sound in a room but also limit the presence of external light, dust, etc. This strip bridges the gap between the baseboard and the sliding door by filling up the shortfall.

Attach a self-adhesive weatherstrip over the side trims. Make sure to use weather strips of the right thickness to minimize the gap as much as possible. You can use a nail gun to fix the piece over the rim more efficiently for higher durability.

Attach a strip at the bottom of the door as well if there is a significant gap there. Use a weather strip that glides smoothly on the floor and closes the gap properly.

Install A Door Sweep

Just like weather strips, door sweeps too can block the gap by covering the exposed area between the door and the baseboard.

One significant benefit they have over weather strips is that door sweeps do not scrape the floor when the door moves back and forth. You can install these affordable strips over the side rims and the base of the barn door to close the space.

Install A Big-Sized Barn Door

If you have not begun your barn door project yet, you can choose a bigger door than your baseboard. That way, you can cover the gap to obstruct light and sound to some extent.

Note that a bigger door will increase your budget, so prepare for the additional expenses if you choose this method.

Use Quality Hardware

Do not just invest in a good-quality barn door, but also in the hardware to help it slide and close efficiently. High-quality rails will keep the sliding motion of the door smooth and firm, thus limiting the rattling and other unwanted sounds. Additionally, an excellent rail system covers the crack present between the rail and the top of the door, which is often missed.

Use A Soundproofing Foam Block

Using a soft foam-based block can help solve the gap problem in your barn door. Foam blocks are quite inexpensive, and you can get them in flexible sizes.

If your barn door is positioned at least an inch away from the baseboard, cover the door’s corners with a foam block to fill the crack. A major benefit of attaching these soft pieces on the door’s edge is that they do not scrape the side trim or wall when sliding the door.

If you want, you can paint the blocks with a similar shade as the barn door to conceal it.

Use L-Shaped Side Rims

The benefit of an L-shaped side rim is that it covers the gap with the open end. As the door slides to close, it touches the inner corner of this side rim, which completely covers the gap.

Make sure to choose the correct dimensions for the side rim to ensure that it covers the corner of the barn door completely.

To make it more efficient, add a foam strip in the rim’s inner corner so that it bridges the gap between the door and rim, thus adding more soundproofing.

Add A Shower Door Seal

Similar to weather strips, shower door seals can also help close the gap. You do need to choose a compatible seal so that it efficiently covers the width of the door and covers the gap.

Add A Wooden Strip

If you are a skilled carpenter, you can add a wooden strip on the door’s side thick enough that it closes the gap.

That might not close the gap completely, as you need the sliding mechanism to function smoothly, but it does decrease the crack’s width. Do not forget to paint the wood piece to hide it properly behind the door.

Hire A Professional

If all the above methods do not work for you, call a professional to help you with the woodwork. While DIY projects like these are quite entertaining, wrong dimensions can cause the whole structure to look unappealing.

A professional carpenter has the experience to work around such doors. So, they might help you lower the gap between the baseboard and door effectively.

Barn doors do look beautiful in a house, but you will end up with a gap no matter what you try. The methods above will help reduce the gap to a bearable level, but will not eradicate it.

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