What Are The Top 7 Brazilian Coffee Brands?

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People have been drinking coffee for longer than any of us can remember. According to some credible and popular accounts, coffee dates back to the 9th century. So, people have had a long time to cultivate this passion for that energizing yet soothing hot black beverage. And when we think of coffee, we think of places like Colombia, and of course, Brazil.

The most popular Brazilian coffee brands are Pilao, Peet’s Coffee Brazil Minas Naturais, Volcanica Brazil Peaberry, Café Caboclo ‘Torrado e Moido’ Roast, Cooper’s Cask Brazilian Espresso Cremoso, Café Bom Dia, and Fazenda Santa Luzia. These leading Brazilian coffee brands are known and loved for their bold smoothness and great taste. Additionally, they are also either predominantly or 100% Brazilian coffee.

It is no surprise that most of us think of Brazil when we think about coffee. What many people may not be aware of though, is that Brazil also is the world’s largest coffee producer. Not only does Brazil produce nearly a third of the coffee on the planet, but it almost doubles the coffee produced by Vietnam, the world’s second-largest coffee producer.

1. Pilao Coffee Traditional Roast

It only seems fitting that one of the leading Brazilian coffee brands also happens to be one of the most popular coffees in Brazil. One of the biggest benefits that the Pilao Coffee Traditional Roast brand offers is affordability. The truth is it can be difficult to get a quality Brazilian coffee brand at a quality price. Pilao solves that problem.

The other big advantage that Pilao Coffee patrons enjoy is all the traits that typically come with Brazilian coffees. That being said, aside from its robust and full flavor, the one knock on Pilao is a lack of variety. In essence, Pilao is essentially considered the Brazilian version of any one of America’s leading mainstream brands.

Are looking for one of the leading Brazilian coffee brands? Do you want a good cup of coffee and the right price? Then a cup of Pilao Coffee Traditional Roast may be the right cup for you.

2. Peet’s Coffee Brazil Minas Naturais

The Peet’s Coffee Brazil Minas Naturais brand is one of the best Brazilian coffee brands for several reasons. To begin with, this leading Brazilian coffee brand isn’t as dark as the others on the list. That makes it an ideal Brazilian blend coffee for those who prefer lighter roast coffees.

Peet’s Coffee Brazil Minas Naturais also embodies the traits that are often found with leading Brazilian coffee brands. That includes characteristics such as fruity undertones along with hints of nuts and chocolate. This is where that lighter roast body can really be recognized, as those flavors in Peet’s are even more distinct and noticeable.

There has been some grumbling about some inconsistency with this leading Brazilian coffee brand, but overall Peet’s is a well-regarded Brazilian coffee. So, when you are looking for a lighter roast Brazilian coffee with plenty of flavor, a cup of Peet’s Brazil Minas Naturais is hard to beat.

3. Volcanica Brazil Peaberry

Among the best Brazilian coffee brands is the Volcanica Brazil Peaberry brand, a very unique and full-flavored coffee. What separates Volcanica Brazil from other Brazilian coffees is the special coffee beans used by this leading Brazilian coffee brand. Volcanica Brazil is made using a rare coffee bean known as the peaberry bean.

This unique and less common coffee bean delivers raspberry and hazelnut notes as a result of its Arabica bean roots. That also results in a cup of Brazilian coffee that is full-bodied and full of flavor. This is also about the only mark against this leading Brazilian coffee brand, as it can be too dark for some. The only other possible strike against Volcanica is the price point. By comparison, this is generally the most pricey of all the leading Brazilian coffee brands.

Want a coffee that will fill the entire house with those amazing aromas that only coffee can create? Looking for that smooth, flavorful, and moderately bold taste that is Brazilian coffee? Then Volcanica Brazil Peaberry will check all the boxes and that coffee craving.

4. Café Caboclo ‘Torrado e Moido’ Roast

In America, it would be akin to Folgers versus Maxwell House, or Starbuck versus Tim Horton’s. That is the overall report card on Café Caboclo (Torrado e Moido Roast), as it compares to our aforementioned and the other leading Brazilian coffee brand Pilao. And much like its competitor in the world of the best Brazilian coffee brands, they share very similar traits.

That also isn’t necessarily a bad thing for those who enjoy the staple traits of Brazilian coffee. And that is especially true for those who enjoy Pilao Coffee. Along with those chocolate and nutty notes, Café Caboclo also offers that same reliable and much needed cup of Joe with every cup.

In addition to these staple characteristics of the best Brazilian coffee brands, much like Pilao Coffee, Café Caboclo is also on the more affordable end of the spectrum. So, if you need that perfect morning cup of Brazilian coffee, then Café Caboclo is a safe bet.

5. Cooper’s Cask Brazilian Espresso Cremoso

A medium-dark roast, Cooper’s Cask Brazilian Espresso Cremoso is another one of the best Brazilian coffee brands worthy of a role in our morning routines or at our evening meal. And when it comes to a Brazilian coffee bounding with flavor, Cooper’s Cask Brazilian Espresso Cremoso is a top choice.

This single-origin Brazilian coffee offers patrons notes of cherry, hints of brown sugar, and orange, along with subtle undercurrents of chocolate. If that sounds like a coffee lover’s delight then that would be a cup of Cooper’s Cask Brazilian medium-dark roast coffee. This excellent and leading Brazilian coffee brand is also reported to be a bit lighter than the average Brazilian coffee blend.

Cooper’s Cask Brazilian Espresso Cremoso also does a great job of giving off those intoxicating Brazilian coffee aromas. This leading Brazilian coffee brand also offers options such as ground, whole bean, and espresso grind size portions. These are a few of the reasons why Cooper’s Cask has earned consideration as one of the best Brazilian coffee brands.

6. Café Bom Dia

The Café Bom Dia coffee brand is not only one of the best Brazilian coffee brands, but it is also a coffee company that is steeped in tradition. This family-run Brazilian coffee brand was started before the 1900s and has been committed to producing the best Brazilian coffee possible for more than 100 years. Due to the increase in demand, this family business expanded to meet those demands.

Today, Bom Dia has become one of the largest producers of Brazilian coffee in the sustainability sector. It is also efforts like providing sustainable farming and other environmentally conscious values that separate Café Bom Dia from many of the other Brazilian coffee brands. And these are also some of the reasons why Café Bom Dia has become one of the best Brazilian coffee brands.

There are many different kinds of coffee in the world. Reports suggest that there are somewhere between 30 and 50 different types of coffee depending on how you classify them. And among all those brands, however, few have the popularity and demand of the leading Brazilian coffee brands. So, when you are looking for a good cup of coffee that has a great aroma, bold taste, and quality, you may be looking for a leading Brazilian coffee brand.

7. Fazenda Santa Luzia

The Fazenda Santa Luzia coffee brand is one of the top Brazilian coffee brands for more than a few reasons. This single-origin coffee is distinctly Brazilian, and a lot more. Offering a low acidic, richly fragrant, and flavorful cup of coffee are the trademarks of the Fazenda Santa Luzia coffee brand.

When we say distinctly Brazilian, that means a coffee sourced from the coffee bean fields deep in the heart of Brazil. These farms are located near the beginning of the Brazilian rainforest and offer some of the most ideal growing conditions for these robust coffee beans. The proof of this climate and the quality of the coffee beans from this region are also evident in the fact that the Fazenda Santa Luzia always scores in the highest percentile of the best coffees.

There is nothing to start the day or to bring a perfect close to a long day like the perfect cup of coffee. With the best Brazilian brand coffees, our mornings look a little brighter and our days can end on those sweet Brazilian coffee notes. And if it is a good Brazilian coffee you want, then that is exactly what you get with Fazenda Santa Luzia.

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