What Are The Top 4 Italian Coffee Machine Brands?

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The only thing as important as quality coffee when brewing a good cup of Joe is having a good coffee machine. That is also why it is so important to find the top Italian coffee machine brands. The most expensive coffee in the world is more than $600 per pound. While we don’t have to pay that much for quality coffee, quality coffee does matter. In the same way, using the most popular and reliable Italian coffee machine brands will also make a difference.

The most popular Italian coffee machine brands are De Longhi, Gaggia, Saeco, Nuova Simonelli, and Lavazza. This list of Italian coffee machine brands is in no particular order or preference. These brands are also easy to use and can be relied on to make a good cup of coffee every time.

The coffee industry is a billion-dollar business, and it is the most popular drink after water. And it is also the 2nd most traded product in the world, only trailing oil. For avid coffee drinkers, that probably isn’t that surprising. Some of us use coffee as our get-up and go in the morning, our Petro to get through the day, and the drink to help us relax before we go to sleep. Don’t worry, we know it sounds strange, but it’s a coffee-lover thing.

You don’t have to be passionate about coffee, however, to know the difference between a good cup and a bad cup of coffee. And that leads us back to our original conversation. So, don’t waste your good coffee in a subpar coffee maker, and only brew with the leading Italian coffee machine brands.

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1. De’ Longhi

It is unlikely that the founder of one of the leading Italian coffee machine brands, De’ Longhi, ever imagined even making coffee machines when they began in 1974. The De’ Longhi company, a global Italian coffee machine brand today, started by manufacturing electric radiators. Yes, that is a far cry from coffee machines, but a lot has changed in nearly 50 years. Those changes have also been good, not only for the De’ Longhi brand but for their customers and coffee drinkers everywhere.

The De’ Longhi brand today is recognized for being a leader in creating products that offer both amazing styles and recognized performance. Today, the De’ Longhi also makes products for essentially every area of the home. That includes products to improve cleaning and provide comfort, along with valued appliances like coffee machines. And yes, De’ Longhi doesn’t only make coffee machines, but coffee machines from one of the most popular Italian coffee machine brands available.

Those familiar with the De’ Longhi brand might recognize such iconic products as the Rot-Fryer, Tasciugo, and the Pinguino. And everyone who recognizes a good cup of coffee will also recognize De’ Longhi as one of the top Italian coffee machine brands. Sleek designs, easy to use, and always a great cup of coffee are also a few reasons many people start their day with a cup of Joe with their De’ Longhi coffee machines.

2. Gaggia

The Gaggia name has been synonymous with Italian coffee since 1930. This leading Italian coffee machine brand is also one of Italy’s most iconic coffee and espresso machine brands. That is also a long history of delivering quality coffee products to bars, restaurants, and homes. Specifically, it was Achille Gaggia who was the impetus behind making Gaggia a recognized Italian coffee machine brand.

Working at the family café, Achille recognized a need for a change, and those changes have resulted in what we know as the Gaggia brand today. The Gaggia brand is recognized for not only products that are driven by design and fashion but led by our culture. Those driving factors are also a big part of the popular dual coffee and espresso machines from Gaggia today. People wanted coffee quicker. People wanted quality coffee they could make at home and espresso options. And these are the types of needs expressed by coffee connoisseurs that Gaggia has strived to meet.

Gaggia has recently reverted back to its historic brand logo, GAGGIA MILANO. That change reminds customers of the history, tradition, and quality that has been the heartbeat of the Gaggia brand for more than 90 years. And these are also the traits that continue to make Gaggia one of the most popular Italian coffee machine brands. If it is a great cup of coffee, and easy to use, reliable, and attractive coffee machine you want, then Gaggia delivers.

3. Saeco

The Saeco brand began with a very simple premise. The goal of its founders was to start a company with the purpose of making a better coffee machine for home use. For the founders of Saeco and the Saeco brand, that looked like a quality cup of coffee that could be brewed easily and quickly. Now forty years later, that goal has been realized, and Saeco is recognized as one of the leading Italian coffee machine brands on the market.

Saeco is defined by thoughtful application of the latest technologies and by making some of the most reliable quality coffee machines on the market. That included push-button, multi-brew, and other coffee machine advances as a result of technology. Combine that with the company’s experience in the coffee industry and with their Italian heritage for making great coffee, and the result is one of the top Italian coffee machine brands today. Saeco also affords a wide line of coffee and espresso machines for every taste, home, and business.

With the Saeco brand line of GranAroma series machines, customers can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee anytime. And they can get that quality cup of coffee with the touch of a button. In addition to delivering fast and cafe-quality coffee, Saeco coffee machines also offer a variety of premium coffee flavors and brewing options. So, if you are looking for one of the most popular Italian coffee machine brands, Saeco makes the list.

4. Nuova Simonelli

With a company history that dates back to the early 1900s, the Nuova Simonelli brand, like many other leading Italian coffee machine brands has been around for a while. That longevity also represents a company that has been doing coffee right for a long time. The Nuova Distribution USA company division is also more evidence of the popularity and growth of this popular Italian coffee machine brand. That tradition and history, however, haven’t prevented the Nuova Simonelli brand from continually innovating and making better coffee machines.

Not only have the company founders been recognized for a long history of manufacturing reliable and quality coffee machines, but the brand is also renowned for producing the first ergonomic espresso machine. These are also only a few of the accolades this leading Italian coffee machine brand has garnered in its over 100-year history. That history, just like today, is defined by quality, reliability, and innovation.

Nuova Simonelli coffee and espresso machines can be found in a wide range of businesses and service industries and many homes and kitchens all over the world. From grinding machines to Panini grills, and of course one of the top Italian coffee machine brands, Nuova Simonelli is a name people trust. If you want one of the most popular and reliable Italian coffee machine brands, then Nuova Simonelli is a name to remember. And the Nuova Simonelli coffee machines will make a cup of coffee you won’t soon forget too.

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5. Lavazza

The Lavazza brand started more than 100 years ago and has the same mission today as it had then, to continually strive to make the best cup of coffee possible. It was the idea of founder Luigi Lavazza that has been passed down generation after generation and remains a family business and mission today. The result of those efforts, all those years of work and experience, is the Lavazza coffee machine. And also one of the most popular Italian coffee machine brands today.

Those results look like coffee and espresso machines that are compact, easy to use, and always good for a great cup of coffee. The sleek designs and quality workmanship behind the Lavazza brand are also obvious, and another reason Lavazza has been successful for more than a century. It is also worth noting that the Lavazza brand is an environmentally conscious company. Lavazza is also continually working to reduce its carbon footprint, give back to the environment, and be a leader in social responsibility.

When it comes to starting your day with a good cup of Joe, Lavazza is a good bet to deliver, every cup and every time. Lavazza is also a customer-oriented business, and there are many tips and guides on their site for coffee drinkers. These include tips on how to brew the best cup of coffee and other helpful coffee-related information. Lavazza is not only one of the leading Italian coffee machine brands but is also a great addition to any kitchen.

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