What Are The 12 Best Kansas City Suburbs?

Ossiana Tepfenhart
by Ossiana Tepfenhart

Kansas City is one of the largest cities in Missouri, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always an easy place to live. Much of the city suffers from urban blight, low employment, and high crime rates. However, that’s not to pan the entire city. Truth be told, there are some suburbs around Kansas City that would make most people turn a little green with envy towards people who live there. But, which are the best?

Moving to Kansas City might not be advisable, but moving to the suburbs is a good idea for many families. These ‘burbs below tend to be the smartest choices:

  • Leawood, KS
  • Overland Park, KS
  • Kearney, MO
  • Liberty, MO
  • Prairie Village, KS
  • Gladstone, MO
  • Blue Springs, MO
  • Lenexa, KS
  • Platte City, MO
  • Olathe, KS
  • Merriam, KS

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The Best Kansas City Suburbs

Kansas City, MO, is one of the most popular cities for people who want to become homeowners on a shoestring budget. These suburbs below are great if you want to live near the city without the full hustle and bustle…

Note: These are in no particular order since every family will have their own best interests to look for. Some of these cities will only have crimes per 100K, since we were only able to find those statistics. It can be rough researching sometimes!

1. Leawood, KS

10 miles due south of Kansas City is the large, booming town of Leawood. A city in its own right, Leawood technically remains a suburb of Kansas City due to its proximity.

Leawood is noted for having a very low number of property and violent crimes. A favorite for people who want to give their kids the best future possible, Leawood boasts some of the best-rated schools in the region.

  • Annual Reported Property Crimes: 543
  • Annual Reported Violent Crimes: 27
  • School Grade: A+ 

2. Overland Park, KS

With over 190,000 people calling this suburb home, it’s clear that there’s a lot of pull for people to move to Overland Park.

This suburb is an economic powerhouse in its own right, especially when you take into account all of the museums, eateries, and recreational outlets this area has. This is one of the better places for people who want to enhance their career or schmooze with the “in” scene if you know what I mean.

  • Annual Reported Property Crimes: 3,739
  • Annual Reported Violent Crimes: 440
  • School Grade: A+ 

3. Kearney, MO

Missouri’s side of the border has its own fair share of goodies, especially if you’re a fan of down-home, small-town living. Kearney is a good example of what happens when luxury meets proximity to a major city.

This neighborhood is a good choice for people who want a small commute, luxury homes, as well as a low crime rate that is far below the national average.

  • Annual Reported Property Crimes: 1015.2 per 100,000
  • Annual Reported Violent Crimes: 46.6 per 100,000
  • School Grade: B+ 

4. Liberty, MO

Another good example of a great area to live in would be Liberty. This sleepy little town is practically made for raising a family. Plenty of cul-de-sacs for kids to play in, world-class schools, and a very tight-knit community make this extremely kid-friendly. If you’re looking for an affordable area that has good schools and low crime, this is it.

  • Annual Reported Property Crimes: 511
  • Annual Reported Violent Crimes: 93
  • School Grade: A 

5. Prairie Village, KS

Prairie Village…even the name sounds pleasant and quiet, doesn’t it? With an average commute time of under 15 minutes, a nice range of different home styles to choose from, and plenty of pedestrian-friendly areas to peruse, it’s easy to see why people love this Kansas City suburb. A strong community presence and close proximity to everything you need make it a great home for anyone, really.

  • Annual Reported Property Crimes: 1079.5 per 100,000
  • Annual Reported Violent Crimes: 128.8 per 100,000
  • School Grade: A+

6. Gladstone, MO

Gladstone is one of those small towns where everyone knows everyone, in the best way possible. People just get it here. Quaint yet modern homes, a great school system, and low annual crime reports make this a good place to live. While it is one of the better school systems on our list, families need not worry about being priced out. Home prices here are quite affordable, with a median price around $139,000.

  • Annual Reported Property Crimes: 660
  • Annual Reported Violent Crimes:  226
  • School Grade: A

7. Blue Springs, MO

With a name like Blue Springs, you can already tell that you can find homes in the area that are close to freshwater. With dozens of nearby parks and nature preservation, it’s safe to say that people who want to get a bit of fresh air in will be able to do so. The schools in Blue Springs are incredibly well-funded, not to mention bolstered by a positive peer-pressured environment.

  • Annual Reported Property Crimes: 1,599
  • Annual Reported Violent Crimes:  134
  • School Grade: A+

8. Lenexa, KS

Most people who have searched up the best Kansas City neighborhoods might have noticed that this suburb ends up in EVERY SINGLE LIST. Well, there’s a reason for that, and it goes beyond the great schools, too.

Lenexa has a little bit of everything up for grabs. The homes are fresh and new. There’s ample shopping and restaurants to enjoy. It even has a decent nightlife accessibility rating. What’s not to love?

  • Annual Reported Property Crimes: 838
  • Annual Reported Violent Crimes:  107
  • School Grade: A

9. Platte City, MO

While it’s definitely the smallest town on our list, it’s important to remember that Platte City is still a good option to take. This is especially true if you’re trying to get the most bang for your proverbial buck.

This area is so small, they couldn’t actually calculate the crime rates. What we can tell you, though, is that the median home price is around $201,000 and that schools are dedicated to meeting your kids’ needs.

  • Annual Reported Property Crimes: N/A
  • Annual Reported Violent Crimes:  N/A
  • School Grade: A

Note: Part of Platte City isn’t within Kansas City limits, meaning it’s part of an unincorporated city/county area.

10. Olathe, KS

With over 2,800 different amenities, Olathe is one of the better-stocked suburbs that you can pick on the Kansas side of Kansas City. This is a larger city-suburb that has a slightly higher home price than the norm—around $238,100.

People move here in droves because the amenities are great, the people are friendly, and the schools are some of the safest in the region.

  • Annual Reported Property Crimes: 1134.6 per 100,000
  • Annual Reported Violent Crimes:  205.2 per 100,000
  • School Grade: A

11. Merriam, KS

The people of Merriam have a lot to brag about. The average local here has a commuting time of only 18 minutes, which is well below the national average. The homes here are spacious, available in a wide range of different styles, and affordable.

Despite it being affordable, the school system here scores well and the streets are safe. These kinds of towns are exceedingly rare these days, which is why the homes in this area are starting to be snapped up by investors.

  • Annual Reported Property Crimes: 341
  • Annual Reported Violent Crimes:  44
  • School Grade: A+

12. Parkville, MO

Parkville is the type of suburb that will eventually become known as a pillar of the Kansas City area. Palatial homes, award-winning school systems, and median home value above the $400,000 mark means that it’s also one of the priciest picks on this list. It’s a nice way of saying that you live on a “bougie” side of town.

  • Annual Reported Property Crimes: 1862 per 100,000 people
  • Annual Reported Violent Crimes:  84 per 100,000 people
  • School Grade: A+

Additional Suburbs

SuburbAnnual Reported Property CrimesAnnual Reported Violent CrimesSchool Grade
Gardner Kansas




Grain Valley Missouri




Raymore Missouri




Independence Missouri




Leavenworth Missouri




Lansing Kansas




Belton Missouri




Ottawa Kansas




Excelsior Springs, Missouri




Grandview Missouri




Raytown Missouri




Kansas City Kansas




Shawnee Kansas




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Is Kansas City, MO, a dangerous city?

There’s no way to mince words. Currently, Kansas City is ranked as the fifth most dangerous city in the United States. The city, as a whole, has a serious violent crime issue.Gang affiliation is on the rise, and police are starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by the presence of criminal activity. The city has a long way to go before it could be considered safe by most people. Moving to the suburbs is a smart idea here.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Kansas City, MO?

It depends on the size of your family as well as your definition of comfort. Most studies suggest that a person would need to earn at least $68,000 to be comfortable as a homeowner.Renting can reduce the amount of money you need, while having kids or dependents will change things for the worse.

What is considered to be a good salary in Kansas City?

In terms of average, the average salary worker will make around $75,000 a year in Kansas City. The range is between $19,2000 and $338,000 per year for salaried employees.Most people will tell you that an above-average salary is good enough for most purposes. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you will always get the exact lifestyle you want at that wage.When in doubt, take a look at what you’d need to have a comparable quality of life.

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