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Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

It’s the start of a new year, and that means lots of resolutions, like more exercise, getting organized, and home renovations.

Perhaps you’re about to revamp your existing space completely, or you’re moving somewhere new. If you’re picking out paint colors, the 2023 color trends are a great place to find inspiration.

In 2023, paint colors lean more toward warmer tones and dramatic hues that make a statement.

Some top picks include reds and oranges, bright magenta, dark teals and browns, rosy pinks, and unexpected greens. Warm neutrals are also on trend, like creamy browns and beiges, greige, and warm whites.

Of course, the colors you ultimately pick are entirely up to you. It’s your house, after all. So, if you adore a color that isn’t on the list, don’t let that stop you.

But if you’re looking for what’s on trend in the world of home design, this list will steer you in the right direction.

The Top Color Trends Of 2023

The great thing about the color trends of 2023 is it offers a pretty diverse selection of hues. Bright, bold colors certainly take center stage. But if you prefer to stick with neutrals, there are plenty of options.

Whether you prefer bright, vivid colors, dramatic tones, or more subdued shades, there’s a little something for everyone. The common theme among them all is more warmth and out with the cool, icy tones.

1. Warm Reds And Oranges

After years of neutrals and grays taking the helm at the color-trend wheel, color experts are moving toward bold, saturated tones. Reds and oranges are moving to the top of the list for their daring nature and energizing effects.

It’s precisely what we need right now. Colors that help push us out of our comfort zones and make a statement. So, if you’re feeling a bit daring, choose a bright crimson or bold terracotta.

2. Earthy Browns

If you’re not ready to go so bright, go with a shade like C2 Paint’s Color of the Year, Tiramisu (C2-600).

Another color trend for 2023 is to continue to pull inspiration from nature. However, it focuses on earthy shades that mimic warm woods and similar tones.

Warm browns are a great way to ground a space, providing a backdrop that works well with many colors. Bright blues and corals pop against the shade, adding an unexpected twist to this organic tone.

3. Unique Greens

Green has seen lots of attention over the years, thanks to its association with nature and ability to double as a neutral.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that it shows up on the list of 2023 color trends. But this year, look for some more unexpected shades of green, like chartreuse, instead of the usual sage and emerald.

The proper use of unique greens, like Benjamin Moore’s Savannah Green or North Sea Green, opens the doors to lots of design possibilities. You can create a sophisticated space with a playful edge, ooze elegant drama, or stay calm and neutral.

4. Vivid Magenta

If you’ve declared 2023 your year to shine and be unabashedly you, then a bold color choice is the perfect way to make your mark. And you don’t get much bolder than a bright, vivid magenta on your walls.

Magenta mixes shades of red and purple to create a rich, jewel tone that sets the stage for many different designs.

Pair it with metallics for an elegant, glam vibe, or pop it into an earthier palette for a more grounded look.

5. Daringly Dark Shades

Black undoubtedly creates lots of drama in a space and serves as a daring neutral to show off various other tones. But if you want the same overall sense of drama without going all black, choose dark, rich alternatives.

Think dark purple, chocolatey brown, deep navy blue, or colors like Benjamin Moore’s Essex Green that appear almost black. These options are a hot choice for 2023 that are likely to stick around for many years to come.

6. Rosy Blush

Not feeling the dark side? A rosy blush keeps things light, bright, and neutral without going cool and bland.

The Sherwin Williams Color of the Year, Sherwin William’s Redend Point, is a warm neutral with rosy undertones that creates a cozy, inviting space.

You can pair it with lighter colors to keep things fresh and bright. Or use it as a backdrop for darker, warm grays to add some beautiful contrast.

7. Anything But Boring Neutrals

Several of the colors in the above picks include a different spin on the typical neutral. Gone are the days of all-white kitchens and cool gray living rooms. (Although if that’s your jam, go for it.)

Instead, 2023 bends more toward warm undertones and earthy neutrals that maintain a sense of contentment and relaxation.

For example, Behr’s Color of the Year, Blank Canvas, is a warm, off-white that invites you to start fresh. Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee is another popular off-white option that adds warmth to a room.

So, choose a unique neutral as your backdrop and keep things calm. Paint the trim a warm white against a bright wall. Or pepper in some of the bolder colors on this list to add your personal flair.

What Is Pantone’s 2023 Color Of The Year?

Each year, color experts at Pantone ™ choose a color to guide design decisions that represent the current times. They also highlight various colors that have a global influence on fashion, interior design, graphic design, and more.

The Pantone™ 2023 Color of the Year is Viva Magenta (18-1750), a bright, vibrant color rooted in red and nature that speaks to strength, energy, and being bold.

What Are The Other Colors Of The Year For 2023?

Pantone isn’t the only one that picks a color of the year. Top paint companies also present their picks for what shades will pave the way for interior design trends. Here is a snapshot of the winning colors for 2023.

  • Krylon – Spanish Moss
  • Benjamin Moore – Raspberry Blush (2008-30)
  • Dunn-Edwards – Terra Rosa (DE-5096)
  • Sherwin Williams – Redend Point (SW-9081)
  • Behr – Blank Canvas (DC-003)
  • Glidden – Vining Ivy (PPG 1148-6)
  • Valspar – Valspar picked 12 colors for their color of the year, including Everglade Deck (5011-3), Gentle Violet (4002-3A), Ivory Brown (6006-1C), Cozy White (3008-10C), Blue Arrow (5001-3C), Desert Carnation (2005-7C), Flora (5004-2C), Green Trellis (5006-3C), Rising Tide (4008-3A), Holmes Cream (3004-10B), Southern Road (1006-9C), and Villa Grey (6005-1B)
  • C2 Paint – Tiramisu (C2-600)
  • Better Homes and Gardens – Canyon Ridge

You’ll notice that these top colors reflect the color trends mentioned above. For some manufacturers, reds and oranges take the lead, while others go with neutrals or bold shades.

When you look at different paint companies, you’ll discover that they all have similar shades to each other’s colors of the year. So, if you have a specific paint brand you can’t live without, there’s probably a match.

Tips For Choosing The Best Colors For Your Home

Before you decide on your colors, make sure they work well in your specific space. Just because a color shows up on a top trends list, it doesn’t mean it’s a winner for your home. You still should test it out with a sample before taking the plunge.

Make some large swatches using poster board and hang them with painter’s tape on the wall you want to paint. Using a poster board enables you to easily move the sample around the room.

When you move it around, you can see how the paint looks in various places and in different lighting.

Also, take note of how the color looks during the day and at night. Lighting can completely change the look and feel of a color. Once you’re satisfied with your choice, you can head to the paint store to get what you need.

Time to Color Your World

When it comes to choosing colors for your home, you have endless options. Therefore, scoping out the upcoming trends for the year is a great way to narrow down your choices.

For 2023, things are getting warmer, with reds, oranges, earthy browns, and vivid magenta.

Colors inspired by nature are still a go but think of more unexpected greens instead of the typical tones seen in the past. Neutrals feature warmer undertones instead of keeping things cool. It’s time to step out and be you; no more playing it safe.

So, go ahead and make a huge impact with an all-magenta room or chartreuse walls that make you smile. Go all out with your home’s color palette, and don’t hold back.

Choose colors that make you happy, energize you, and make you feel right at home.

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