Red Light Is Blinking On York Furnace? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

Emily Carr
by Emily Carr

When your York furnace’s red light starts blinking, it’s time for a proper POA. The problem may be as easy to fix as a blown fuse or something more complex that requires professional help.

If your York Furnace red light is blinking, the machine is going into “lockout mode” due to an internal malfunction. The number of times your furnace blinks will dictate where the problem lies. Occasionally, you’ll be required to replace the entire control board, which costs around $500.

Continue on if you’re interested in finding out what causes your York furnace light to blink red and what the possible solutions are.

If you have no idea where to start, don’t worry- we’ve got you covered!

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Why Is My York Furnace Light Blinking Red?

So, you notice a blinking red light on your York furnace. Now what?

In the furnace world, this red light has a name. It’s called the “lockout light,” and it essentially means something is wrong internally, so now your furnace is automatically shutting down.

This is a protection mechanism not only for the York furnace parts but also for your own safety.

There are several red error codes that all mean different things on a York furnace. They are:

  • 1 red blinking light
  • 2 red blinking lights
  • 3 red blinking lights
  • 4 red blinking lights
  • 5 red blinking lights
  • 6 red blinking lights
  • 7 red blinking lights
  • 8 red blinking lights
  • 9 red blinking lights
  • Continuous blinking red lights
  • Solid red light

And that just covers the red codes! There are a plethora of error codes on a York furnace, so we’ll get into the details of each below.

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York Furnace Red Light Blinking Error Codes (& Their Meaning)

Most York furnaces have an LED light in the lower door of the furnace. Flashes occur in a sequence of orange, green, or red light blinking to indicate normal function or technical difficulties.

The blinks happen every quarter second, with a two-second pause in between. Pay attention to the number of times your furnace flashes. Here are the specifics of a York furnace’s red light blink codes.

York Furnace Error Code: 1 Blinking Red Light

A York furnace will blink red once when no power is provided to the gas valve, and a fire is still present. The most common cause for this is a leaky gas valve.

To remedy this, allow for the furnace to cool down. The machine has a fan intended to lower the temperature when overheating occurs. Check the gas valves for any leaks and use caution as things can get hot and dangerous.

You may need to call a technician to repair the gas valve so as not to leave an ongoing fire hazard unattended. It could be as easy as slapping on some Teflon tape.

York Furnace Error Code: 2 Blinking Red Lights

The pressure switch is stuck in the closed position when 2 blinking red lights appear on your York furnace. Possible reasons for this include damaged pressure switch wires or rusty parts.

To remedy this, see if your pressure switch has visible signs of wear. If so, replace it immediately. Using a professional, the average cost to replace this part is around $150- much cheaper than buying an entirely new furnace!

York Furnace Error Code: 3 Blinking Red Lights

Your York furnace will blink red 3 times when the pressure switch is stuck in the open position. The most common reason this happens is due to warped parts if your furnace hasn’t been used in some time.

It could also be the result of incorrect pressure reading. If the inducer is on, the pressure switch should be activated.

To remedy this, troubleshoot the inducer and make sure the boiler pressure is between 1.5 and 2 bar. If these parts are fully functioning, your pressure switch will need to be replaced.

York Furnace Error Code: 4 Blinking Red Lights

When your York furnace blinks red 4 times, take a look at the high-limit switch (similar to a pressure relief valve on an air compressor). In this case, it’s usually open.

This is often the result of a blown fuse, a malfunctioning pressure switch, or a dirty air filter.

To remedy this, replace your air filter. As a general rule of thumb, this should be done once every 3 months to keep your furnace in good working order. Check out the fuses and troubleshoot the furnace’s pressure switch to ensure neither of these is to blame!

York Furnace Error Code: 5 Blinking Red Lights

Five blinking red lights usually signal that a rollout switch or an auxiliary limit switch is open. A faulty inducer or an issue with the burner can cause this.

To remedy this, look for a red rollout reset button on the side of your York furnace. Pressing this will reset the entire system!

York Furnace Error Code: 6 Blinking Red Lights

If your York furnace blinks red 6 times, the modulating gas valve is experiencing a failure. This can be detrimental to the entire system because this part allows propane or natural gas to flow into your unit.

The only way to remedy this is by replacing the modulating gas valve. This can be pricey and cost around $400 for the parts and labor.

York Furnace Error Code: 7 Blinking Red Lights

When your York furnace blinks red 7 times, it is in “lockout mode.” Your furnace tried to ignite a flame three times and, unfortunately, was unsuccessful. At this point, the furnace will be locked down for 60 minutes.

Once that time is up, it will attempt to start a flame again. This process will repeat until a flame is sensed.

To remedy this, wait an hour until the lockout mode ends. If your York furnace is stuck in this perpetual cycle, call a technician to override this mechanism and fix the problem.

York Furnace Error Code: 8 Blinking Red Lights

The flame is lost 5 times during the heating cycle of your York furnace when the eight-red-light blink code is displayed.

Insufficient gas pressure, dirty flame sensors, or a broken gas valve can all contribute to this. The furnace will once again enter “lockout mode” for 60 minutes.

To remedy this, wait for the lockout mode to end. Call a technician if the problem persists.

York Furnace Error Code: 9 Blinking Red Lights

Nine red blinking lights on your York furnace let you know the machine is experiencing a grounding issue.

To remedy this, call in a technician to properly handle the problem. Oftentimes, the causes are unknown and could require an entirely new furnace.

York Furnace Error Code: Continuous Blinking Red Lights

If your York furnace is blinking red continuously, there is a twinning error, and you have an issue with your thermostat wiring.

To remedy this, turn off your furnace and connect the leads on the R and W terminals of your thermostat. After that, power the furnace back on.

York Furnace Error Code: Solid Red Light

When your York furnace exhibits a solid red light, the control board has blown.

To remedy this, you must replace the entire control board. This will set you back around $500.

Related Questions

Why does my York furnace have a green blinking light?

If your York furnace blinks a green light once, it means that it is in normal operating mode. Essentially, everything is perfectly fine. Two green flashes indicate there are no error codes stored in the memory of your machine.Quick green blinking only occurs when a factory test is ongoing.

Why does my York furnace have 4 blinking orange lights?

Four blinking orange (or amber) lights on your York furnace signal that the air circulation system isn’t operating properly. When this occurs, your furnace won’t be able to produce adequate heat.Other blinking orange codes are as follows:

  • 1 Orange Blink: normal function; furnace entering cooling mode
  • 2 Orange Blinks: normal function; furnace entering heating mode
  • 3 Orange Blinks: normal function; furnace is ending its cycle due to the thermostat temperature being reached
  • 5 Orange Blinks: an error with the ventilation or combustion air system resulting in loss of heat
  • Quick Orange Blinking: an improperly placed or broken low flame sensor rod is detecting a low flame
What’s causing my York furnace to overheat?

The most common reason your York furnace is overheating is due to its placement in a hot location with poor air circulation. Basically, the air flows too quickly over the heat exchanger and does not allow the machine to cool down.

Make sure your furnace isn’t against a wall or in an enclosed space with bad ventilation.

If you find your furnace overheating again after taking steps to resolve the issue, call York customer service for assistance.

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Final Thoughts

York furnaces are designed with a safety mechanism that will cause a red light to blink if there is an issue.

York furnace red error codes range from 1-9 and indicate what might be going on in your heating system. For example, 9 blinking lights indicate a grounding problem, while 8 blinking lights mean you have a flame sensor malfunction.

Consult the troubleshooting steps above to restore the function of your furnace. Always call a York technician if you don’t feel equipped to handle the problem!

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