Why Are Quilts So Expensive? (Find Out Now!)

Jalin Coblentz
by Jalin Coblentz

Quilts are large, thick blankets and coverings with unique patterns, colors, and materials. You can use them decoratively to hang on a wall or practically to keep you warm. Quilts are genuinely unique and beautiful blankets of art that are sure to be the envy of your home.

Quilts are so expensive because they’re handmade, and it can take several days or weeks to make one. Quilts are also huge, and many different materials go into their design and construction. Aside from the time and material that goes into making a quilt, there also aren’t many of them in the world.

Some think that quilts are more expensive than they should be. However, when you understand the process of making one and all the work that goes into it, you might change your mind. In this article, we’ll look at the price of quilts and whether or not they are appropriately priced.

Why are Quilts so Expensive?

Quilts are specialty items priced according to the work that goes into them and their limited availability. Quilts are made of various yarns, strings, and colors of fabric, some of which are more expensive than others. Most of all, however, quilts take a great deal of time to make, and labor time is the main reason for their high price tag.

The Amount of Time It Takes to Make a Quilt

Most quilts can take anywhere from a day to several weeks to make, depending on how many hours you work per day. Quilts are unique because they’re handmade, often by a single person or by a group of people. Quilts are also quite large compared to other blankets. They’re usually at least the size of a bed comforter and sometimes even larger.

The average size of a quilt is 90″ by 108,” and the average size of a mattress is 60″ by 80.” While this is the average quilt size, they can be much larger. The bigger and more complicated the quilt, the longer it takes to make.

The Cost of the Material

The materials that quilts are made of are another considerable factor affecting their price. Here is a list of different materials and costs that professional quiltmakers run into. Here is a list of standard material prices for a typical 90″ by 100″ quilt.

  • Fifteen yards of fabric for the top of the quilt costs a total of $194.
  • 8 1/2 yards of backing fabric costs around $110.
  • 3 1/2 yards of fabric for binding and batting of the quilt costs around $45.
  • Pattern fabric usually costs around $10 or so.
  • The total cost of fabric alone comes out to right around $350. This total doesn’t include any taxes or markup on materials which means that fabric could quickly end up costing $400 to $450.

Keep in mind that these material costs are for a standard queen-sized quilt. More complicated and more extensive quilts will increase in price according to their size.

Where They are Sold

Quilts also aren’t available everywhere on demand unless you purchase one off of Amazon or an online retailer. When you do this, however, likely, you aren’t getting a handmade one from a quilting professional. If you want the real deal with a handmade quilt, you’ll have to travel to where the quilt is made.

However, with advancements in technology and the world of business, many quiltmakers have started selling their merchandise online. Places like Etsy and other online retailers are great places for quiltmakers to distribute their goods.

Otherwise, quilts are handmade and shipped to your home. This means that you’ll likely have to pay for shipping and handling costs on top of your quilt. For this reason, the limited number of retail options plays a massive role in the price of a handmade quilt.

There Aren’t Many Quilts Available

Aside from where they’re sold and the labor and material that goes into making a quilt, their availability is also an issue. Handmade quilts take a long time to make, and there are very few skilled quiltmakers in the world. Unless you’re ok with purchasing a mass-produced, machine-made quilt, there simply aren’t many available.

There are very few stores or factories that make quilts by hand and sell them. Most quilt operations are one person or a family of people, and they can only make so many quilts in a week or month’s time. Supply and demand are the cornerstones of economics. There’s simply a much higher demand for quilts than there is a ready supply of them.

Prices of Quilts

Now that we’ve looked at why handmade quilts are priced the way they are let’s dig into some of the actual prices. If you want a quilt from an antique or craft store, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,000. This price tag covers a large quilt that’s hand-stitched and made with love and care.

Prices for handmade quilts can even reach beyond $1,000 up to $1,500. While this might sound outrageous, keep in mind the reasons we just listed for high-priced quilts. The materials alone can cost around $400. A quilt takes an average of 40 to 50 hours to make. The labor cost alone comes out to about $700 if the employees make $25 per hour.

This means that quilts can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,500 to make. An experienced quilt maker or quilting company might be able to purchase materials in bulk and save some money, but there’s no way to get around the labor costs. Quilts simply take a long time to make by hand, and their price reflects that fact.

Are Cheaper Quilts an Option?

There is another option if you have your heart set on a quilt but can’t afford the steep price. You could opt not to purchase a handmade quilt and choose a mass-produced and machine-made one. These types of quilts are available at Wal-Mart, on Amazon, or other online stores like Poshmark.

Remember that you’re not getting the quality or durability that a handmade quilt provides, but you’re also spending less money. Buying this type of quilt is similar to buying furniture from Wal-Mart or Big Lots. You’re not getting the quality of solid, handcrafted furniture, but it will get the job done in a pinch.

If you want a handmade, quality quilt made by a professional, there’s no way around the steep price. The cheapest quilt of standard size that you’re likely to find will still cost at least $300 to $400.

Are Amish Quilts the Most Expensive Kind?

Some of the most expensive and quality quilts that you can buy are Amish-made. You can expect to pay a minimum of $500 to $2,000 for a quality Amish quilt. The Amish community is known worldwide for its ability to make incredible furniture, houses, quilts, and other feats of construction from scratch. The Amish don’t usually make things out of cheap materials, either. They take pride in their work and in how long something they make lasts.

The Amish community is truly unique in this respect. From the time that they’re just young children, their mothers teach them how to sew and knit. Hand-stitching fabrics and materials together are the cornerstone of quilting. Because they learn these skills at such a young age, they can produce their own quality quilts by the time they’re teenagers.

Are Quilts More Expensive Than Comforters?

Almost without fail, quilts are more expensive than comforters or other bedspreads and sheets. Quilts are thick, plush, and artistic blankets. Comforters, on the other hand, might be thick and artistic, but they usually aren’t handmade. Like all things in production and distribution, the price of something is determined by supply and demand. It’s also determined by the cost of producing something.

In both cases, quilts win out. There is a larger demand for quilts than there is a supply, and they also take longer to produce. Comforters are often produced en-mass, and they’re not handmade, which means they take less time to create. For both of these reasons, quilts are usually much more expensive than comforters.

Related Questions

How much does an average comforter cost?

The average comforter can be purchased online or at most retail stores for under $100. Sure, there are specialty comforters that are made by hand out of expensive material, but this is rare. Quilts are renowned for their hand-stitching and unique patterns, which makes them more expensive.

Could I make my own quilt to save money?

If you have the proper sewing and stitching skills and the materials you need, there’s no reason why you can’t make your own quilt. You’d better prepare to be in it for the long haul, however, as making a quilt by yourself with no experience can take several weeks or months.

Are there different kinds of quilts made of different materials?

There are many different kinds of quilts, and you can use whatever material you want. I’ve even seen quilts made out of repurposed denim jeans! The sky’s the limit when it comes to quilts.

Final Thoughts

Quilts are some of the most unique and beautiful kinds of blankets that you can buy. Their high price tag is for a good reason, and if you want a quality quilt, you should be prepared to pay top dollar. Hopefully, after seeing all the reasons listed in this article, you now have a better understanding of how quilts are priced. They’re handmade, unique, and made of quality materials. Each of these factors plays a role as to why quilts are so expensive.

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