Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Leaving Residue On Clothes? (Fix It Now!)

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When people want a quality washing machine, they often make a beeline to the Whirlpool section of their local appliance store. Whirlpool washers are famous for being great at washing clothes, not to mention highly durable. So, what happens when your Whirlpool washer doesn’t live up to its spotless rep? Once in a blue moon, you might hear of a Cabrio leaving residue on your clothes. Yikes!

Believe it or not, the white residue that you’re seeing on your clothes isn’t a byproduct of a bad Cabrio. In fact, it has nothing to do with your washing machine at all. Rather, the residue that you’re experiencing is a result of using too much detergent for the specific laundry load you have.

If you want to learn more about using fabric softener with your Whirlpool, refer to How To Add Fabric Softener To Whirlpool Washer Without An Agitator.

Doing your laundry right is something that you should learn as soon as possible. It helps you avoid issues with your clothing and can even prevent acne from detergents. This guide will give you the scoop on residue.

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Why Is My Laundry Coming Out With Residue?

Does your laundry feel a little sticky? Maybe it has an oily or white sheen to it? If so, what you’re seeing is an excess of detergent. Whirlpool washers are good, but they are made to be energy-efficient. This means that their rinse cycles are not always going to have enough water to rinse off excess detergent by default.

If you recently changed washing machines and started to notice this issue, then that’s why. It’s a matter of energy efficiency and water conservation.

How Can You Fix This Problem?

While seeing all the residue on your clothing can be alarming, there’s no reason to panic. This issue is a remarkably quick fix, especially since it doesn’t require you to repair your washer. You can rectify the situation by running the same batch of laundry through a second (or even third!) spin cycle. The Cabrio also has an “Affresh” cycle that works wonders for this issue.

To prevent this from happening again, you should use the *real* amount of laundry detergent that is right for you. Unfortunately, chances are high that you’ve been misled about the real amount of laundry detergent each load needs.

The Real Amount Of Detergent You Are Supposed To Use

There are lots of things that change, but one of the few things that always seems to stay stable is the size of the cap you get for laundry detergent. If you think back, you might have noticed that laundry detergent regularly gets advertised as extra concentrated. On the back of the laundry detergent bottle, it always states that the “suggested” dose is a capful.

Think rationally. If the detergent keeps getting increasingly concentrated but the doses remain the same, you’re going to eventually add too much detergent. This is an intentional act from detergent companies. More specifically, it’s an effort to get people to buy more detergent. It works, too.

According to the most recent studies, you can start to see residue with as little as two teaspoons of highly concentrated laundry detergent. Most standard detergents will work best with one to two tablespoons. If you’re skeptical, try to find a more diluted laundry detergent or do a little trial and error to find the optimal amount of detergent for your load size.

What Type Of Detergent Is Least Likely To Leave Residue?

This is a pretty loaded question, since there are literally hundreds of different specific laundry brands. However, we were able to whittle down some of the more important guidelines that can help you cut down your residue problems significantly.

  • Powdered detergents and “Tide Pods” are the most likely to still leave a residue. This is because these products don’t always fully dissolve in the wash. While dissolution is not that big an issue with Cabrios, it still is good to keep in mind.
  • Adding vinegar to your laundry can help. You know how people talk about bleaching clothes with vinegar or washing it with vinegar? It legit works and has been proven to reduce the incidence of residue without damaging clothing.
  • When in doubt, try to go for a washing routine that has extra rinsing. The more water you have, the more dilution will occur and the less likely it is that you will have to deal with residue stuck to your clothing.
  • Don’t go for ultra-concentrated options. As much as it may sound like it’ll get your laundry cleaner, it won’t. If anything it just means you should use even less detergent. Ultra-concentrated formulas don’t work well with HE machines, and can actually be too much for some of the equipment to handle.
  • Whirlpool Cabrio is an HE washer, and therefore needs HE detergent. HE stands for “High Efficiency.” Detergents that are graded as HE are capable of delivering cleanliness without causing residue. They also tend to be more environmentally-friendly, making it a doubly awesome detergent choice.

Important Notes To Remember When You’re Doing Laundry

Doing your laundry right isn’t just about knowing how much detergent to put into your load, or even what setting will work best on your designer duds. Having a good grip of laundry skills can help prolong your Whirlpool Cabrio’s life and also extend the life of your clothing. These tips below can help with both.

  • Bad as it may sound, skip out on the “natural” and DIY detergent trend.  Studies show that these types of detergents are high in alkalinity, which means that they tend to corrode both clothing and the actual washer itself. They also tend to cause residue buildup on both the clothing and the washer. What this means is that they are *really* bad for your clothes and can even damage your washing machine.
  • Do not try to wash clothes that say they’re dry-clean only. This not only increases the chance of having residue that can’t be removed, but also will probably wreck your clothing. Dry-clean only clothing can grip onto residue harder than regular clothing. Protect those threads, man!
  • Do not ignore the advice on the label. While HE detergents can have a high level of bleach, that doesn’t mean you should use them. Read the label on your clothing to find out the optimal method for washing your gear. Otherwise, you might end up with some wrecked clothing.
  • Believe it or not, you’re not supposed to wash denim regularly.  It’s true. Washing your denim too much makes the indigo dye wash away, and can also harm the fibers of your jeans. The truth is that you should only wash denim if you’ve spilled something on them or if they’ve gotten into serious damage.

When Should You Call A Repairman?

For the most part, there is no reason to worry about calling a repairman with your Whirlpool Cabrio, especially if this is the only issue you’re having. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. If you are getting excessive amounts of residue even when you are putting in minimal detergent, then you may have a problem when it comes to your machine.

It’s important to emphasize that having a washer problem that only has residue as a symptom is rare. In most cases where a mechanical failure is present, you’ll also notice other issues, such as slow draining, leaks, or even a strange grinding noise. So while it can happen, chances are that you would have noticed other issues alongside it that would have made you tackle the problem sooner rather than later.

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Related Questions

How long does a Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine last?

While Whirlpool does have a series of washing machines famous for lasting upwards of 15 years, the Cabrio is not one of them. The Cabrio line is considered to be the standard level of durability. This means you can expect your Cabrio to last approximately 10 years before you need to replace it. Properly maintaining your Cabrio and using the right type of detergent can help prolong its lifespan.

Which brands make the most reliable washing machines?

This is a little tough since the reliability ratings can change from year to year. However, there are three primary brands that tend to get the highest ratings year after year: LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool. Though these three brands have a great reputation, there are others that come in at close seconds in most years.Other popular brands that you can consider include Maytag, Kenmore Elite, and GE. When picking your refrigerator, don’t be so concerned about the brand. Instead, focus on the model of the machine instead as that may be a better indicator of your machine’s durability.

What are the most common problems for a Whirlpool Cabrio?

There are a couple of very common problems associated with the Cabrio line. The most common include a washer that doesn’t spin, a washer that doesn’t fill correctly, bearing problems, as well as specific error messages on the computer board. While there are problems that come with the washer, the truth is that the Cabrio line isn’t prone to problems. If anything, it’s actually a reliable model.

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