What Size Should A Sofa Table Be?

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by Stacy Randall

A common furniture item in many houses is a sofa table (or console table), but they’re not always behind a sofa. These two furniture items are often used interchangeably depending on your available space and how you use them. Thanks to their typically slim design, they also make great entryway pieces. Therefore, when deciding on your sofa table dimensions, knowing how you plan to use it first is essential.

Sofa tables come in many sizes, but the standard size is between 41 and 53 inches long and 12 to 20 inches deep. The average height of a sofa table is 30 to 35 inches. If placing the sofa table behind your sofa, it should be no taller than the sofa’s height and at least half the length.

But sofa tables come in smaller sizes, extra long styles, and super slim designs, so you have plenty of options. If you’re shopping for a sofa table, familiarize yourself with the basic guidelines, then go with what you feel looks best in your space.

What Size Should A Sofa Table Be?

The size of your sofa table depends on how you plan to use it. We’re going to focus on if you actually plan to use the sofa table behind your sofa. In this case, you have a few more guidelines to keep in mind. Primarily, you need to consider your sofa size to determine the size of the sofa table.

How Tall Should A Sofa Table Be?

Typically, the height of the table should be no taller than your sofa. Remember, you’re going to have decor items like lamps and plants on the table. So, if the table is taller than the sofa, this would look very awkward.

Many designers suggest making the table the same height as the sofa back but consider what you plan to put on the table. It might work and look much better if the table is a couple of inches lower than the sofa’s back.

That way, when you put a tall lamp and other items on it, it doesn’t suddenly look off-kilter. However, if going shorter, don’t go any more than two inches below your sofa’s back.

How Long Should A Sofa Table Be?

When it comes to length, a table behind your couch should be a minimum of half the length. However, longer typically looks and works better. So, aim to leave only about six inches of space on either side of the table if space allows. (In other words, make sure you won’t bump into it every time you round the corner of your sofa).

Applying these concepts to some actual measurements might look like the following.

  • Your sofa is 84 inches long and 33 inches tall. In this case, you should look for a sofa table that’s 31 to 33 inches tall and approximately 42 to 72 inches long. Again, the longer you can make it within this spectrum, the more balanced it will look.
  • If you have a small 70-inch long sofa that’s 32 inches tall, you need a smaller sofa table. Look for one that’s 30 to 32 inches tall and between 35 and 58 inches long.

How Deep Should A Sofa Table Be?

Standard sofa tables are usually between 12 and 20 inches deep. Narrower options under 12 inches are available if you have a tighter space. A depth of at least 10 inches allows you to fit things like picture frames and a small lamp without looking too cluttered.

You can also find deeper tables that are over 20 inches. However, the deeper the tabletop, the less likely it functions as a sofa table.

When the table looks almost as deep as your sofa, it can appear awkward. Therefore, these deeper styles are more likely to work as a console table in your entryway. (Or anywhere else you want to put them, just not behind the couch.)

What Are The Average Dimensions Of A Sofa Table?

On average, a standard sofa table is between 41 and 53 inches long, 30 to 35 inches tall, and 12 to 20 inches deep. You can also find longer styles that are 53 to 75 inches long. And if you have a supersized sofa, look for extra-long sofa tables that measure over 75 inches.

As mentioned above, you can also find deeper or slimmer sofa tables to accommodate your available space. Likewise, you can find them at various heights.

A shorter table might be necessary if you have a low-profile sofa. There are shorter sofa tables available for under 30 inches (usually roughly 28 to 30 inches). If you have a couch with a higher back, seek out a tall sofa table.

A taller sofa table can also be necessary if you have plush couch cushions that add significant height to your sofa. You can find taller sofa tables that are over 35 inches, usually around 36 or 37 inches tall.

What Can I Do If My Sofa Table Is Too Short?

If you have a sofa table you love, then get a new sofa; suddenly, your once-perfect sofa table might be too short. Maybe it’s not quite tall enough or not quite long enough.

If this happens, you have a few options.

  • You can replace the sofa table entirely with one an appropriate size.
  • Style the top with some taller items to offset a table that’s an inch or two too short.
  • Get two smaller sofa tables and double them up side by side behind the couch.
  • Help balance a table that needs more length by placing a decorative basket or ottoman next to one side of the table. If you do this, ensure your chosen item has a similar depth to your sofa table.

Many of these tips can help visually trick the eye, making it appear like your sofa table is a perfect size.

What Sofa Table Size Works For You?

If you’re adding a sofa table behind your couch, make sure you choose the right size table. Start with your sofa size and go from there. It’s best to find a sofa table the same height as your couch and at least half the length.

Average sofa table dimensions are between 41 and 53 inches long, 12 to 20 inches deep, and 31 to 35 inches tall. However, you can find smaller styles and extra-long ones to accommodate different-sized sofas.

Don’t forget to factor in how you plan to style your sofa table. The objects you put on top of it can visually change how small or large your sofa table looks.

Therefore, once you make your choice, play around with some different accessories to find the look that fits best. Ultimately, you want your choice to look good, feel balanced, and, above all else, make you happy.

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