What Curtains Go Well With Wood Paneling? (Find Out Now!)

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by Ossiana Tepfenhart

Wood paneling was once considered to be too dated to be used in most homes, but things are changing. People are starting to realize that it can be a stylish addition to most any home, and can be used in almost any style. The key to modernizing wood paneling is getting good curtains. But, what curtain colors go well with wood?

Greens, blues, and deep reds tend to be the best curtain colors for wood paneling. Neutrals like grey and beige can also work. If you want patterned curtains, tartan and plaid tend to be the best picks for a masculine touch.

Let’s face it. Wood will always be timeless. If you want to decorate your wood paneling well, then you can keep on reading. We found some great ways to update this look.

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What Color Curtains Go Well With Wood Paneling?

For the sake of this article, we are going to assume that your wood paneling is not painted a solid color like white or pink. We’re assuming that it’s a wood color or a stained wood. Let’s look!

1. Red

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If you have wood paneling (or in this case, faux wood walls) in a cabin, then you might want to go for something that has a “Lumberjack Chic” look to it. Golden wood stains like the one seen above tend to work well with red-based curtains. Here, we see a burgundy curtain in a cabin bathroom setup.

Red and golden wood paneling can give your home a warm, masculine, and at the same time, vibrant appearance. If you want to make sure to keep things looking gender-neutral, then this is a good option. It also can work well for people who want a ski lodge vibe.

2. Grey

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Do you have a more modern take on wood paneling, like the illustration above? If so, you might as well go “whole hog” and go for a modern and trendy curtain color. Grey is a great example of a wood-friendly curtain color that works as a trendy and light neutral.

As this illustration above notes, a light grey can work as a way to add depth to your room while reflecting light from outside. If you want to make your home look wide, open, and fresh, grab some light grey curtains and add white accents to it. You can thank us later.

With that said, it’s important to remember that grey can be a fickle neutral. Make sure you get a curtain shade that works with your interior. A little too much yellow or blue can wreck this look.

3. Green

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So, this picture has two different curtain colors. For the sake of this color, we’re going to focus on the green. Green curtains offer a nice way to add that classic “nature color” theme to any home. Here, we see a cabin with wood paneling balanced out by green. Since green and brown go together in nature, we tend to view this combination as calming.

People who want to play up the “woodsy, outdoorsy” look of their home will love to work a little green into their curtains. Heck, green accents, as a whole, are a smart move if you have a gorgeous wood-filled home like the one above. It’s classic.

4. Beige

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Beige is a neutral that is perfect for people who want to add warmth while they keep things earthy. Needless to say, this is one curtain color that is a smash hit with people who have cooler-toned wood paneling. Beige is a neutral color that works with almost any color you add to it.

If you choose this option, try to get a beige that offers a little bit of contrast to your paneling. A light beige with dark wood paneling is a good move. Dark beige with an ultra-light paneling color also works well. To add a dash of color, add turquoise, green, or gold for a complete look.

4. Taupe

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Taupe is the slightly purplish cousin of beige, and we’re all about it. It’s kind of a neutral, blending grey and beige into something that works with a very wide range of different colors. If you have light wood paneling like the photo above, then you might want to choose this color.

If you want to have something that’s a little edgy and modern, then you might want to choose taupe. For added elegance, you can also give your curtains a little extra boost by adding beige accents to them. With that said, taupe can look gloomy on darker paneling. Choose wisely.

5. Yellow

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Most people tend to overlook yellow when they are trying to pair their wood paneling walls with a curtain color. While this color doesn’t work with wood stains that are on the light yellow side (like honey oak), this color can bring in a golden shade of comfort to areas that have darker red-based or blue-based wood paneling.

Yellow has a good way of adding creamy warmth and reflecting light from the outside. If you have a small, cramped nook that you want to make larger, this is a good color choice. To add a little extra dash of Scandinavian charm, pair yellow curtains with blue accents. If you want to make this choice extra homey, add brass accents to your area.

6. Blue

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Blue is the non-neutral neutral, at least as far as colors for interior design goes. Everyone and their grandmother loves blue. When paired with a light brown wood panel wall, blue curtains can help brighten your room while giving your area a soothing look. Dark brown and light blue offers up a dramatic combination that makes your room look bold.

People tend to assume that blue will work with almost any color, and to a point, that’s true. You can get your “bluetral” look on point with the right curtain color. We suggest pairing this with brushed metals like silver and gold to complete your room’s look. It’s absolutely stunning.

7. White

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Do you want to see your room set up with bold color furniture? If so, your best curtain color is going to be white. White is the ultimate color matcher and the best possible neutral color for almost any room setup. It’s a good choice for both light and dark wood paneling, as the illustration featuring this wood accent wall shows.

If you want to open up a home’s look or just want to choose a safe option, white curtains are a good way to go. The best part of white is that you don’t have to worry about lighting with this color. All types of lighting, from warm to starkly cool, works well with white curtaining. It even pairs well with orange, for crying out loud.

8. Lavender

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Lavender is one of those colors that people rarely think of when they are trying to work on a home with wood paneling, especially on the walls. Here, we see a cool combination of lavender-blue painted walls and regular ol’ wooden paneling. It’s proof positive that lavender is one of the more unlikely colors that can still pull its weight with wood.

Admittedly, it takes a certain type of styling to get this combination to work well. However, if you want to make sure that you get a good result out of your curtain choice, stick to soft and breezy accessories that are heavy in texture. Here, purple and red accents helped add a layer of warmth to this room. Keeping an eye on your color palette is a good move here.

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Related Questions

Is wood paneling going out of style?

This all depends on who you ask and how you want to style it. If you are talking about the old wooden panel styles of the 1970s, then you might be out of luck. That look is crazily dated and should not be added to a new home. However, wood paneling that has a lighter color and wood paneling that has an “Ivy League” styling is totally timeless and looks amazing.When in doubt, work with an interior designer who has experience in modernizing wood paneling. It’s always smart to refresh things and having the wise counsel of a top designer will make sure that things stay relevant.

Is wood paneling a fire hazard?

Wood paneling might have a bad reputation for being flammable, but things have changed. If you use sheetrock behind your paneling and choose fireproof paneling, then you won’t have a problem with your paneling. People who are particularly worried about fire should consider going for a sheetrock or brick wall instead.

What is the best type of wood for wood paneling?

While real wood is going to be the best choice for people who can splurge, most construction crews will suggest MDF for your wood paneling. This is because MDF offers a similar density and durability to regular wood, but also offers up fireproofing. Moreover, MDF also happens to be a cheaper option.

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