What Color Should I Paint My Sunroom? (Find Out Now!)

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Sunrooms are one of the best possible investments for people who want (or need) a bit of daily fresh air. As a person who enjoys sitting in a sunroom at night, I know how important it is to have a nice ambiance there. That fresh coat of paint is what matters the most in setting the mood. But, what colors are good for sunrooms?

Neutrals like whites, greys, and beiges are all smart color choices for people who want to paint their sunroom. People who want non-neutral colors might want to try warm hues like yellow, or go for a more natural look like green.

Getting a good color for the (few) walls of your sunrooms is a must. Let’s take a look at some of the prettiest color picks that you can use.

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What Are The Best Paint Colors For A Sunroom?

Sunrooms have a lot of cool features that can be highlighted with the right paint. These paint picks below are the best of the best.

1. White

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White is the ultimate sunroom color, especially if you want to be able to see light reflect throughout the room. It’s the most reflective color you can pick, which is why white sunrooms tend to have the most light. If you have a sunroom in an area that has a lot of trees, this can give you a more bright and sunny look to your home.

The beauty of having white as a room color is that it’s incredibly versatile. You can pair it with almost anything and not have to worry about your room looking awkward.

2. Grey

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It’s that time of the article again! The time when we point out that grey is a very popular color for everything and that it is the trendiest neutral so far. As long as you choose a light grey, you can expect light to bounce off of it. This will give your home a trendy yet still sunshine-filled look that will always please.

If you want to make sure that your home has a nautical feel to it, a sunroom with grey walls can help. Just make sure to add some cute sailor-ready accessories to accentuate the look and drive home the point a little further. Beach homes love this vibe!

3. Beige

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Beige is our third pick for sunroom colors, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a super light-reflecting color that doesn’t have the potential for being cold like grey. Beige’s warming effects make it a great pick for sunrooms that act as a place for social gatherings. I mean, look at it. It’s welcoming as heck and also works with a very wide range of colors.

If you want to have a safe pick that isn’t white, then my suggestion would be to go with beige. A little golden ambient lighting can give you that classic “cottagecore” look that is so stylish. Just add some potted plants or fanciful artwork, and you should be good to go.

4. Light Green

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If you live in an area where the “woodsy outdoorsy” vibe is big, then you already know that green is a shoo-in for almost any sunroom design you could come up with. It matches your garden, but also gives your room an air of freshness few other paint colors can afford. If you like having a lot of plants in your sunroom, it’s even better.

Here, we see a room that was decked out with gorgeous rattan chairs and a nice light sage green paint job. While they might have chosen white trim, this pairing often does better with actual wood stain finish. Of course, it’s always up to you to make that decision.

5. Pale Yellow

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Yellow is a color that was bound to end up on this list. Think about how popular golden hour is as far as lighting goes. People love the way that sunlight hits during this time, and it should come as no surprise to anyone that yellow paint can reflect light in a way that enhances that golden glow.

Yellow will work well with homes that want to enhance their warm, inviting glow at night. If you have a fondness for oceany vibes or just want to get something that feels like a cottage, then this is going to be a good pick. The cool thing about yellow is that it’s almost a neutral color. So, you have a very nice array of different color pairings you can work with.

6. Violet

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Are you looking for a way to add a unique spin on your sunroom? If so, you might want to take some inspiration from this strikingly pretty violet-painted sunroom above. Violet is one of those colors that has a very powerful impact on any room that it graces, especially if it’s a bold and dark shade like the one above.

If you want to go for a dark shade, make sure that there is a lot of light entering your sunroom. This is ideal for a home that has a sunroom with floor to ceiling windows on at least one side of the room. The dark shade can make a room with even average levels of light look a little gloomy at times. Thankfully, pastel lavender can also look amazing here.

7. Pastel Blue

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Blue is one of the most popular colors to paint any room—your living room, bathroom, and bedroom might have been candidates for this cool color. Surprise! It’s also an ideal pick for your sunroom too. Light blue and pastel blue, in particular, can be a good choice for a sunroom since it can reflect light fairly well.

Using blue paint in a sunroom tends to give you a very “Miami” look. It’s oceany and perfect for nautical and coastal decor. So, if you want to feel like a beach bum or just want to feel like you’re ready to get on a yacht, the right pick here is going to be blue.

With that said, this is also a great color for people who want to make a home feel more ethereal. Use sheer curtains to give a room like this a breezy appearance.

Do You Need to Hire a Paint Contractor?

Get free, zero-commitment quotes from pro contractors near you.

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Are sunrooms a good investment?

If you want to get a good return on investment for your home upgrades, it’s hard to beat a sunroom addition. A sunroom has a fairly good ROI for home flippers. You can expect to recover as much as 50 percent of its cost on average, especially if you have a sunroom that acts as a major meeting point. Ideally, it’ll also have electricity hooked up to it.In most situations, the price of a sunroom will increase your home’s price proportionally. In a typical situation, you can get an increase between 4 to 6 percent of the price of your home tacked onto the price tag—or half the price of the room.

How much does adding a full sunroom cost?

A full sunroom is an extension of the home with real walls and a “stick” build rather than a prefabricated room. This means that it’s not unlike having a garage built up near your home. You should expect to pay between $74,000 to $100,000 for a full sunroom depending on the amenities you want to choose.

Does adding a sunroom increase your property taxes?

A sunroom will add square footage to your home. Any time that you add a little extra square footage to your home, you should expect to get a tax increase. How much your tax bill will increase depends on the state (and city) you live in, the size of your sunroom, as well as how large your home is as a whole. It’s best to talk to an accountant if taxes are an issue.

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