What Color Granite Goes With White Cabinets?

Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

White cabinets are the definition of timeless. Not only do they go with everything, but they can transform any space to feel open and fresh. Choosing what color granite goes with white cabinets is a real treat because you truly can’t go wrong.

Virtually any color granite can go with white cabinets, but the most popular by far are white, black, and gray. That said, granite with greens and blues is very on-trend this season and really pops when paired with white cabinets. For warmer, more organic tones, ivory and beige granite with white cabinets give you a more traditional style.

Your home should always reflect your values: cozy, elegant, fresh, chic. With many of us spending more time at home, it’s more important than ever to have a comfortable space. The kitchen is where people come together to create memories, so let’s make them extra special this year.

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The Many Undertones Of White

Has anyone ever told you that all of your different white color swatches look the same? Well, let’s put an end to this argument once and for all: they’re wrong. Essentially every color of white on the planet is slightly different.

Choosing what tone of white you want for your cabinets can seriously affect the other color choices in your kitchen. One single shade of white can look different under natural light than it does under artificial lighting. This is why testing paint swatches in multiple areas of your home is so vital.

Undertones refer to the color that you cannot see. As confusing as that sounds, it’s actually a very simple concept.

Overtone is the color you perceive, such as blue, red, or green. The undertone refers to the general warmness or coolness of a color. For instance, white can have warm, green undertones, like moss, or cool, red undertones, similar to a soft purple.

What Color Granite Goes With White Cabinets?

White goes with absolutely everything, so as far as granite goes, the world is your oyster. There are so many opportunities to use new, exciting granite colors and patterns with white cabinets. Let’s explore some of the most popular choices for what color granite goes with white cabinets, both neutral and colorful, cool and warm.

1. White Granite

White on white is a very popular choice nowadays; it’s classic, it’s clean, what’s not to love? According to some, all-white kitchens are over and done with, but as we know, classics never go out of style. People classify this style in many ways: minimalist, Scandinavian, modern farmhouse, and more.

Depending on the undertones of your cabinets, cool or warm, your granite choices really are wide open. The most popular choice of white granite on the market today is marbled white granite. Marbled granite is characterized by long veins of color, each slab one-of-a-kind.

If your cabinets have cool undertones, opt for white granite with cool-toned veins, like gray. This will complement the cool undertones of your cabinets.

For cabinets with warm undertones, there are dozens of beautiful granite styles with gold and beige veins. It is important to note that your undertones don’t have to be a perfect match. Actually, having diversity with undertones is a good thing, as long as both colors are warm or cool.

2. Black Granite Goes With White Cabinets

Black granite is an absolute power play in the kitchen. A black and white color palette is always chic, very French, and never out of style. There are so many unique ways to use black and white in your kitchen, but black granite is the main character.

Black can typically go either way, warm or cold. Marbled black granite can come with brown veining. In this case, you would want to pair it with a white cabinet with warm undertones.

3. Gray Granite

Gray has had a major moment in the past five years, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of style. Gray comes in many shades, from slate to dove, so there are tons of options.

For a soft and warm style, opt for a lighter gray with beige veins. If you aren’t into stark white or ivory, this is a good alternative. Gray neutrals are super sleek and give your kitchen a very traditional look.

Darker grays, like slate, look incredible when paired with white cabinets with cool undertones. For marbled granite, dark, bold veins create a sleek flow to your kitchen.

4. Green Granite Goes With White Cabinets

Nature-inspired greens are the interior design move for 2022, and what could be more natural than green granite? Neutral kitchens have been in for the past decade, but with the shift to more decadent styles, color is king.

White cabinets are the ultimate blank canvas, and there are countless ways to use all shades of green. There is a green granite color out there for everyone, ranging from moss to forest green and everything in between.

For a softer, more cottagecore look, moss green granite with warm undertones will keep your kitchen bright and colorful. Pair this granite with either a white with warm green undertones or warm red undertones for the cabinets.

For a more decadent style, think Great Gatsby mansion, opt for a rich emerald green granite. From marbled to speckled, emerald green granite always looks elegant. Pair emerald green granite and white cabinets with cool undertones in red, green, or blue.

5. Blue Granite Goes With White Cabinets

Blue granite is wonderfully unique and packs a serious punch when paired with white cabinets. This is a very classic style, almost English countryside,

If you are going for a coastal style, blue granite is a great way to implement blue in an unexpected way. Beach houses are notorious for tacky decor, and granite is a great way to use natural materials in your design.

If you are going with blue granite for your countertops, choose a white cabinet paint with cool undertones. Try to choose a paint with high gloss; this will complement the blue granite and tie the whole room together.

6. Ivory Granite

Ivory granite is simply enrapturing and has a very traditional look to it. It’s a great alternative if white or gray granite isn’t your thing, but you still want to stick with neutrals.

Ivory has warm undertones and should be paired with white cabinets that have warm undertones. Instead of warm yellow undertones, which can look a bit dated, try warm blue or green undertones. This will keep the space from feeling too warm without being disjointed.

If the granite has enough marbling or speckles, it can appear darker and more beige. This would be considered a more traditional style and would work best against white cabinets with warm undertones.

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Related Questions

Is specked granite dated?

There are three patterns for granite: marble, speckled, and solid. Speckled granite was incredibly popular in the early 2000s with the rise of the Tuscan kitchen. You can still see this style granite in many homes today.Unfortunately, many people are moving past the dark and busy patterns of speckled granite and labeling it out of style. They’re replacing speckled granite with the more elegant marbled granite, less busy but full of style. It is always important to note, however, that natural materials like granite never truly go out of style.

What backsplashes go with white cabinets?

With white cabinets as your base, your options for backsplashes are absolutely endless. In 2022, we are seeing a lot more colorful and unique mosaic tiling, an homage to vintage styles. Another interesting take on traditional backsplashes is mosaic glass tiling. By using glass for your backsplash, you will get a high-gloss finish and the dreamy translucence of the glass. Solid slab backsplashes are one of the hottest trends happening in interior design today. Solid slab backsplashes create a sleek and almost endless space. Take this a step further by using the same material for the countertops that you do the backsplash. 

What color appliances look best with white cabinets?

There are lots of exciting things happening in the appliance world right now. For years, our only choices were white, black, and stainless steel, but times have changed. Retro-style appliances have been resurrected and are pairing flawlessly with the vintage furniture trend happening now.Another fun option that has been around but is now being produced at an affordable market price is paneled appliances. These panels can disguise your appliances and help maintain the kitchen’s design flow.Stainless steel is generally considered the Cadillac of appliances: sleek, clean, and easy to maintain. With white cabinets, stainless steel looks exceptionally fresh.Many people assume white kitchen appliances aren’t very chic; however, there are some incredible new takes on them for 2022. High gloss, white appliances with clean lines and gold handles are a great mix between retro and contemporary design.Black appliances can sometimes look awkward with white cabinets due to the stark difference in color. However, if done correctly, black appliances can appear elegant and chic, almost French. The key to making black appliances work is by creating a bridge between the white and black by using neutral detailing. 

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