What Color Granite Goes With Oak Cabinets And Black Appliances?

Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

With everyone spending more time at home, it might be time to update your counters and modernize your favorite room. Oak cabinets are one of the most popular woods for kitchen cabinets, and black is a popular choice for appliances. So what color granite goes best with oak cabinets and black appliances?

The granite countertop colors that go best with oak cabinets and black appliances are white, black, gray, ivory, and beige. When using light-colored granite, like white or ivory, dark details will help tie in the black appliances. For dark granite, choose brighter details, such as a white backsplash, to help the space feel larger.

Updating your kitchen is an exciting process, so don’t let the stress of choosing granite discourage you. No room in the home receives as much foot traffic as the kitchen, so let’s make sure it brings you joy.

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Designing With Oak Cabinets

Many people often underestimate interior design, assuming that the process simply consists of picking colors and materials. This idea could not be further from the truth. Understanding the elements of design can transform your space from awkward to sleek in one fell swoop.

When it comes to oak, classic is the word that comes to mind. For years, oak cabinets have been a staple in kitchens but had a specific spike in popularity in the 90s. While some may consider oak cabinets outdated, there are lots of ways to update them to look chic and modern.

While grain type may vary slightly between species of oak, in general, people consider oak a modern wood. Oak itself has a beautiful grain, characterized as straight-grained and is a hardwood. Red oak is regarded as one of the most elegant grains, and many hail white oak as sleek and clean.

The Many Colors Of Oak Cabinets

The most common type of oak that you will find in cabinetry is honey-colored oak. This is characterized by warm undertones and gentle grains. With this type of oak, you will want a granite countertop that reflects those warm undertones.

Another popular color of oak is a richer brown with a warm red grain. While the colors may be more diverse, red oak touts warm undertones, and your granite choice should reflect this.

Designing With Granite Countertops

Deciding to use granite for countertops is always timeless; however, it is quite an investment. One single square foot of granite can cost as much as $300, though $50-$100 is the national average.

In the same way that wood has a grain, granite has veins. You can separate these veins into three separate classes: speckled, marble, or solid.

Speckled granite looks exactly like it sounds. Coming in a range of colors, speckled granite is a very popular choice among homeowners. While some may consider speckled granite as dated, the reality is that granite never goes out of style.

Marbled granite is certainly the most trendy choice today, and of course, timeless as ever. Each slab of marbled granite is unique, exhibiting a range of long, colorful striations. During 2022, we are seeing a rise in white, black, blue, and gold as the most popular choices for homeowners.

Unlike its name, solid granite actually contains slight patterns. Granite is an igneous rock formed in the earth’s crust by combining many types of stones together. Solid granite looks similar to speckled granite but will contain less diverse colors.

How Black Appliances Affect Your Kitchen

In interior design, creating a flow is the most critical element. By creating a flow, your kitchen will feel larger, calming, and open. This is especially important if your kitchen is smaller and enclosed.

Black appliances are a common choice for homes today. But if you use them incorrectly in the design, they can severely disrupt your kitchen’s flow.

Adding dark accents, such as a black backsplash, will help connect your dark appliances and create a flow. This said, using dark and light elements, like the lightness of oak paired with dark appliances, can create depth and drama.

What Color Granite Goes With Oak Cabinets And Black Appliances?

Now that you’re familiarized with the various components of oak, granite, and black appliances, let’s explore a bit further. Here are some of the best options when it comes to what color granite goes with oak cabinets and black appliances.

1. White Granite With Oak Cabinets And Black Appliances

White granite is always timeless. Throughout history, white granite has transitioned from trend to trend seamlessly dubbing it the ultimate classic.

Coming in hundreds of color combos and patterns, your options are truly endless. Undoubtedly, white marbled granite is the most popular choice on the market today.

In order to create a flow between the warm oak and the black appliances, your countertops should have warm undertones. You can find several warm colors in white granite, including beige, gold, and brown. These tones will help tie the cabinets into the counters.

2. Black Granite With Oak Cabinets And Black Appliances

Black granite is always a statement piece when it comes to countertops. Dark colors in the kitchen should be approached with caution because they tend to make rooms appear smaller. In a large, open space, black countertops will produce a dramatic and almost gothic look.

Black granite countertops are a great way to tie in your black appliances. By choosing black granite with warm undertones, like gold, you’ll be able to tie in the warm oak cabinets. Adding a bight backsplash, light paint, and ample natural lighting will create the illusion of a larger space.

3. Gray Granite With Oak Cabinets And Black Appliances

If you are unsure of what color countertops to get, gray granite could be the answer. While gray can come in many shades, like slate or taupe, it is generally considered an appropriate middle ground.

As with any granite paired with the warmth of oak, you will want those warm details in the granite. Speckled gray granite has been a popular choice for decades because of the wide variety of colors it comes in.

For a more modern look, marbled granite will add more dimension and elongation due to the veins. In reference to black appliances, the gray granite can create a bridge between the appliances and cabinets.

4. Ivory Granite With Oak Cabinets And Black Appliances

If white granite feels to stark, ivory could be a great choice for you. The softer tones can blend well with the oak cabinets, but can create a disconnect with the black appliances. If you’re using ivory for countertops, adding dark details, like black hardware or a dark backsplash, will tie them together.

5. Beige Granite With Oak Cabinets And Black Appliances

Beige granite paired with oak might seem dated, reflecting the rustic Tuscan style of the early 2000s. However, both granite and oak are classic choices, and if you pair them correctly, can be an updated, fresh look.

Choosing a marbled granite with strong veins in a contrasting color, like black, can create a stronger dynamic. The black in the veins will help tie in the black appliances and create a flow to your kitchen.

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What is the difference between granite and quartz?

Using natural materials, like stone, for your kitchen will always be timeless because nature never goes out of style. Both granite and quartz are popular choices for kitchen counters, but what is the difference between them?Some similarities between granite and quartz are that they are both scratch and heat-resistant and made of polished stone. These similarities make them difficult to differentiate, but there are a few ways to tell the difference.Real granite is a natural stone mined directly from the earth, making each slab unique. Granite ranges in price and depends on the product’s availability, not the origin. Unfortunately, this natural stone is very porous and is susceptible to staining if you don’t seal it frequently.Quartz, on the other hand, is a manufactured stone, and because of this, it has some very attractive qualities. Most notably, quartz is non-porous, which means that it is stain-resistant because it repels liquid. Quartz is criticized for having predictable patterns because it is manufactured, which is reflected in the price.

How to tell if granite is fake?

Granite is quite the investment, and being able to spot a fake can save you a lot of heartache. Manufactured granite is considered fake, though it is still a lovely choice for your counters. Thankfully, there are lots of ways that you can check to see if your granite is fake. If you take a hammer and tap the surface, fake granite will make a click, but real granite will ring. This is because manmade granite consists of nonporous materials, like quartz, so the sound cannot travel.Another way to tell if granite is fake is to check the seams. Real granite will always have seams, so it is undoubtedly fake if you can’t find any. If you check the other side of the seam and find that the pattern is different, then your granite is real.The water test is one of the best ways to check if your granite is real. As previously discussed, real granite is porous and will absorb spilled liquid. Fake granite uses resin, and fluid isn’t able to permeate it.

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