What Color Blinds For Grey Walls?

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante

It can be difficult to pair the right color blinds with grey walls in many cases. Sure, grey is a neutral color, but some colors simply look better with grey and it’s best to get it right the first time. So, what color blinds for grey walls?

Brown, white, red, and black blinds pair well with grey walls. Green and yellow blinds are bold and create a contrast to grey walls that can immediately draw eyes. Cream and beige blinds are the best soft and neutral options to pair well with the gentle nature of grey walls.

You can even pair grey blinds with grey walls if you pick the perfect shade to match them. Blinds don’t need to match grey walls perfectly, and some homeowners prefer to create a contrast for effect. Follow along as we explore what color blinds for grey walls are best in your home.

Should Window Blinds Match Wall Color?

Window blinds don’t need to match the wall color, but that can be a good look. Monochromatic rooms are more popular than ever because they look modern. However, it ultimately depends on how well you continue the color them throughout the room.

For example, blinds and wall colors that match won’t look great if there are clashing colors in the nearby art or furniture. Grey walls look great with grey walls as long as they are the same tone. However, it may look strange if you have furniture in the room that is dark grey when the walls and blinds are a lighter shade.

What Color Blinds For Grey Walls?

Several colors of blinds go well with grey walls ranging from brown and yellow to white and beige. Grey is a neutral color that allows you to pair your walls with several colors without clashing.


Brown and grey are both neutral colors, so they naturally go together perfectly. Grey walls won’t clash with brown blinds because neither color is overbearing. Another benefit to brown blinds is that they are particularly useful if the room gets too much sunlight and you want to dim it.

You can add earth tones to the room depending on which shade of brown you choose. Both dark and light brown or tan blinds go well with grey walls.


White blinds can either create a contrast to your grey walls or complement them. It all depends on what shade of grey your walls are. The combination of dark grey and white creates a bold contrast that draws the eyes right away.

However, white blinds with a lighter, more neutral grey can blend and create a subtle look. White and grey are a popular color combination because they both go well with just about any tone. Eggshell white and off-white, in particular, go well with dark grey walls.


Red blinds are bold to pair with grey walls, but the combination works well. Grey is neutral enough to lighten the red blinds, but not enough to take away its unique appearance. Tomato red goes especially well with grey walls because of its vibrant nature.

Red blinds look great whether they are sheer or in a classic Venetian style. It is best to use red sparingly in interior design, so red blinds are only ideal if there isn’t a lot of red in the space. However, you can make a statement with red blinds that draw attention to both the blinds and the grey walls.


Much like brown, black blinds are bold yet practical and pair well with grey walls. Black can easily contrast most colors because it is always the darkest in any room. The one downside to black blinds is that they will surely block out most of the sunlight.

However, that is what some homeowners look for in blinds and in that case, black is perfect. Black blinds with spaced-out slats can still easily allow enough light into the room. As they say, black goes with everything, and that applies to any shade of grey.

Take advantage of black blinds and spread flourishes of color throughout the room. Subtle bright decorations in the room will make the black blinds stand out more. The grey walls can also easily go well with flourishes of color in the space.


Not all shades of green go well with grey, but teal and mint are perfect. Light green blinds go well with dark grey and they can help lighten up the walls. Darker shades of green look great against light grey walls because of the vibrant contrast.

However, both light and dark grey are neutral so you can’t go wrong with whatever shade you pick. The main thing to consider with green blinds is what color of furniture and accessories are in the room. For example, green blinds don’t pair well with nearby orange accessories and furniture.


Any interior designer will tell you that cream is a soothing color that lightens up any room. Much like grey, cream can go with just about any color without drawing too much attention. Cream is a soft color, and it will look even softer as the sunlight shines through the blinds.

Grey and cream are both soft colors but they look completely different from one another. Cream blinds are unique in that they stand out in a much different way than white or brown. It looks completely different from grey which creates a contrast, but both colors are subtle and soothing.


Beige and grey are so similar in appearance that they go together perfectly. Both colors are subtle, and beige blinds can perfectly complement grey walls. Grey and beige are both neutral colors that help keep a room light and comfortable.

Another key benefit of beige blinds is that they allow the sunlight to fully shine into the room. You can mitigate the sunlight if that is what you prefer by choosing a darker shade, however.


A grey top and bottom don’t go together as far as fashion goes, but that’s the only time that rule applies. Yes, you can pair grey blinds with grey walls to great effect, particularly if you want to achieve a modern style. Monochromatic color schemes evoke a contemporary style and create interesting opportunities for art and accessories in the room.

Contrast is still possible if the blinds are a different shade of grey than the walls. However, a grey and grey combination works best between blinds and walls if they are the same shade.


Vibrant colors like yellow look great on blinds, especially with grey walls. The bright and bold nature of yellow contrasts with the grey walls in a memorable way. Guests will immediately notice the yellow blinds just before they see the grey walls.

Neutral colors like grey pair well with vibrant colors like yellow and they help to tame them. Yellow blinds make quite a statement, and the grey walls help balance them out. The best shades of yellow to pair with grey walls are mustard and lemon.

Summing It Up

The best color blinds for grey walls are brown, black, and cream. All three colors are simple, neutral, and can complement or contrast your walls depending on what shade of grey they are. Vibrant colors such as yellow and red blinds go well with grey walls as well, but they can be overpowering.

Grey blinds pair well with grey walls if you want to evoke a modern, monochromatic aesthetic. This has become more popular over the years and is a unique way to make a room look clean and professional. Even green blinds go well with grey walls, but it is ideal to choose a lighter shade such as mint, lime, or teal.

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