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As soon as you start shopping for a new accent table in your home, you quickly learn there are dozens of styles with all sorts of names. There are the classic coffee tables, end tables and dining room tables of course. But there are also more specialty shaped and aptly named tables like sofa tables and console tables.

But when you spot some sofa tables and console tables, they might seem similar. So, what exactly is the difference between a sofa table and a console table?

A console table is typically the same height as a standard table (around 33 inches high). It is usually slender and may vary in length, but is often flushed against a wall.

Sofa tables are usually placed directly behind a sofa or couch. They are normally shorter than console tables, but if you flush a console table against your sofa, you would call it a sofa table.

If you are wondering if your space would benefit from adding a sofa or console table, you also are probably trying to figure out exactly what the difference is between the two, and what type of table is better for your specific space.

In this article we will go over the key differences between these two table types and also when a console table is better than a sofa table, and vice versa.

Are Console Tables And Sofa Tables The Same?

Sofa tables and console tables share some similarities and their silhouettes might even look the same from afar. Also, if you place a console table behind a sofa and it fits properly, then you would consider it a sofa table.

But just like a square is always a rectangle but a rectangle isn’t always a square, console tables are not always sofa tables and vice versa.

Like with many things that are similar, these two table names are sometimes used interchangeably. But they are, in fact, two different types of tables.

You will find they are often different sizes and serve slightly different purposes in different locations in the room. The best way to understand why these two table types are not the same is by going into their three major differences.

Three Differences Between Sofa Tables And Console Tables

Sure, sometimes a console can be called a sofa table. But in many instances, a console table means something a bit different than a sofa table. Let’s look at three ways these two table types often differ from each other.

Table Height

The most noticeable difference between a console table and a sofa table is usually the height. A console table is typically the same height as a standard table, at about 33 inches. This makes it the same size as a dining table or desk. It also puts things within reach. It’s great for a lamp, a place to put keys and even something to act as a buffet of sorts.

Sofa tables can be as high as a console table, but their height is dictated by the sofa they rest behind. The sofa table should not be taller than the sofa height, meaning that sofa tables, in many instances, are shorter than console tables.

Table Length

The length of a console table can vary. In many instances, however, they stretch a long way. This is particularly true for those using a console table along a wall that was previously dead space. Sofa tables, on the other hand, should always be at least half the length of the sofa, and no longer than the sofa itself.

Location Of The Table In The Home

The other major difference between console tables and soda tables is the purpose they serve in the home and their location. A sofa table, not so surprisingly, is found behind a sofa. A console table, on the other hand, can reside in many areas in the room. In most cases, however, they are located along a wall, in an entryway or in hallways.

When A Console Table Is A Great Option For Your Home

A console table is a great way to provide some storage. It is also a great way to give a bit of flavor to a room. It can even make the most of narrow spaces. Console tables work great in long hallways, as they can be narrow, and are some of the only practical furniture pieces to fit in these tricky narrow spaces.

They are also great at entryways, as they can hold vases, lamps and other statement-piece decorations. In general, a console table is a great way to display and store some items without taking up a ton of real estate in the room. So, if you are looking to maximize space, consider a console table.

When You Should Use A Sofa Table In Your Room

A sofa table is a smart and often under-utilized piece of furniture. These tables are great when you have a sofa in the middle of the room. This is especially true when you want to maximize the space around it.

You might find that having a sofa in a large room gives it the appearance that it is floating in space. The use of a sofa table behind it helps anchor that table.

Sofa tables are also a great storage option. If you get a sofa table with built-in storage, you can use it for all sorts of items. Kids or dog toys, board games, electronics and extra blankets and pillows are all great things to have available by your sofa. Best of all, a sofa table only needs to take up a few more feet in depth than simply having a sofa by itself.

Final Thoughts On Sofa Tables Versus Console Tables

Sofa tables and console tables are both great options for anyone looking to add furniture to a room in the home. Sometimes, a console table is also a sofa table — such as when you put it (and it fits) behind your sofa. In most cases, however, a console table and sofa table serve different functions.

Sofa tables rest behind a sofa, and are between half the size to the entire length of the sofa. The height should not be taller than the sofa itself.

You can find console tables in entryways, hallways and along walls. They are usually 33 inches high, similar to a desk or dining table. This makes them great not only for storing some items, but also displaying things like lamps, decorations and vases.

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