Wood Vs. Glass Dining Tables: Which Is Better For Your Home?

Ossiana Tepfenhart
by Ossiana Tepfenhart

If there’s one thing I love, it’s interior design. This is especially true in my favorite room of the home, the dining room. That’s why I understand the debate between having a wood dining table versus a glass one. People always seem to fall into one school of thought over the other. Are you wondering which one is usually the better option? You’re not alone.

Glass dining tables are better for reflecting light, but wood tables are easier to move and more durable. Wood tables are safer than glass tables and require less cleaning. You can achieve a modern, airy look with glass tables, whereas wood tables can be timeless or rustic.

Obviously, there will be people who will disagree with me on this, but hear me out. There’s a reason why wood tables remain perennially popular, and it’s about time we discuss it.

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Wood vs. Glass Dining Tables

In order to understand why wooden tables are so popular, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of both materials. So, let’s discuss them both, shall we?


Glass dining tables have their fans and foes, which is why you can find them in almost every furniture store. Here’s what you should expect if you buy one of these…


  • Glass dining tables are excellent for a modern, sophisticated look. This is why you usually see them in contemporary homes and mid-century homes.
  • They are lightweight and also add an airy look to your home. For petite dining rooms, this is a huge perk. This is also a major plus for young couples that regularly find themselves moving from place to place.
  • Glass tables also are fairly sturdy. Despite the reputation, they are scratchproof and won’t usually shatter if they’re knocked. They also are heat-resistant and water-resistant.


  • Glass dining tables need near-constant cleaning. A single smudge can wreck your home’s look if you have a glass tabletop. Moreover, you also will need to clean under the table daily since it’s easy to see.
  • Owning a glass table means that you better have good flooring. You can see through the glass, so if you’re stuck with shoddy carpeting, it’s going to look fairly awful.
  • If they shatter, they are not repairable. It’s glass, so that’s a pretty difficult and expensive replacement. Shattering is rare, but it can still happen, especially when you’re moving.
  • Most glass tables are not appropriate for homes with children or pets. This is because kids are prone to breaking them. If they are broken, they can pose a risk to the safety of both children and small animals.


A timeless choice, wooden dining tables have been around for ages. They are remarkably popular and are generally considered to be the standard due to their widespread use.


  • Wooden dining tables are ideal for people who want a traditional or timeless look. Most wooden tables have that classic look that complements almost every home. Of course, if you need to have a more modern appearance, there are companies that now make sleeker tables.
  • They are easy to restore and repair. If you end up with a scratch, a little finish can help. It’s easy to repair a broken table or even restore an antique to a “good as new” status.
  • Many wood tables can also be adjusted in size. This is something that glass tables generally are incapable of doing, and if you want versatility, this is a huge perk. They’re called expandable dining room tables, and they’re amazing.
  • They last for ages. It’s not uncommon to have dining tables that are handed down from generation to generation. In historic homes, it’s possible to see dining tables in use for well over a hundred years.


  • Wooden dining tables are expensive when compared to their glass counterparts. This is just a generalization, but it’s still something worth considering. Due to the materials and labor used, you should expect to pay extra for a wooden table.
  • The materials in these tables make them far heavier than a typical table. Heavy wood tables are a major pain to move, which is why many people are starting to avoid them when they’re still “hopping around” from apartment to apartment. Even with smaller standard dining room table dimensions, you’ll have a hard time moving it around due to the sheer weight.
  • Wood is prone to water damage, scratches, as well as mold. If you live in an area known for flooding and high humidity, you probably are going to get annoyed with how many repairs you may need to make.

Which Is Better?

That depends completely on personal taste. Wood tables are easier to repair and have a timeless look that goes well in most rooms. However, you may want to choose a glass table if your dining room has a modern style.

It is much easier to maintain wood tables, however, whereas glass tables require frequent cleaning. Glass can smudge easily, and wood tables are the best low-maintenance option. Ultimately, you can weigh the pros and cons of each and see how they stack up against your home aesthetic.

Should You Get A Wooden Table?

For the most part, you really can’t go wrong with a wooden dining room table. With that said, both table materials can be the perfect touch to your home. Every person’s needs will be unique, especially when it comes to their interior design. So if you’re feeling a little let down by my personal take on the matter, don’t shy away from a glass table. It can still be the right pick for you.

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Related Questions

How do I choose a dining room table?

There are several guidelines you should use aside from choosing a table that is appropriate for your serving size. It’s best to go for a table that’s slightly larger than what you’d expect and to look for a table that is made of highly durable material.Round tables tend to be the best if you are short on space, meanwhile, glass tables are good for dark apartments that do not have young children in them.

What are the most popular woods for a tabletop?

There are plenty of excellent, highly durable woods that you can use to create a tabletop that will last a lifetime. The most popular woods used in table creation today include pine, oak, teak, mango, and cherry. With that said, almost any type of genuine wood will give you years of wear without much tear.

How do I prevent my wooden table from getting scratched?

The easiest way to prevent scratches on a wooden table is to invest in a cover that can prevent items from directly scratching the table’s surface. While tablecloths can be excellent picks here, the best way to prevent scratches is to put a glass top over your dining room table.With that said, how you use the table matters too. We suggest using coasters, avoiding any type of cutting directly on the table, and making sure not to use materials with a rough bottom directly on the table.

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