The Safest Neighborhoods In Nashville: 2022's Ultimate List

Jessica Stone
by Jessica Stone
Nashville is a diverse, unique, and culturally significant city in Tennessee, and despite the crime, there are many safe neighborhoods. The safest neighborhoods in Nashville include South Hampton and Green Hills. Whether it be Brandywine Farms or West Meade Park, let’s take a look at the safest places to live in Nashville.

Best known for its booming music industry, Nashville has also become one of the best places in the country to start a career and raise a family. The city is home to nearly 700K residents and continues to grow each year. According to U.S. Census statistics, about 95 new people move to Nashville every day. Since Nashville continues to blur the lines between big city and small town, it is able to maintain much of its charm and draw in visitors and potential future residents from all over the country.

The safest neighborhoods in Nashville are Poplar Creek Estates, Edmonson-Cleveland, Hermitage Hills, and West Meade Park. Areas such as South Hampton, Sheffield on the Harpeth, Donelson Hills, and Belmont-Hillsboro are safer than most of Nashville. Green Hills and Brandywine Farms are in the top 10 safest neighborhoods in Nashville.

If you’re considering relocating to Music City, U.S.A., we can assure you that you are not alone. Those who make the jump, enjoy the luxury of Nashville’s many appealing and amenity-filled neighborhoods. Follow along as we explore the safest neighborhoods in Nashville.

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What Are The Safest Neighborhoods in Nashville?

While the city itself might be considered dangerous if you looked at its crime rates in relation to national averages, this does not mean that Nashville doesn’t have safe communities. Unfortunately, though, just like most populous cities across the United States, Nashville does have pockets of high crime. Most of the reason for such high reported crime rates has to do with run-down areas across the city that attracts a bit of a bad element.

The key to staying safe in Nashville, whether you are a visitor or a resident, is avoiding places that are considered dangerous and sticking to the safe communities. When moving to a new city and looking for a place to settle down, safety is often at the top of most people’s priority lists. Choosing a safe community gives you peace of mind and allows you and your family to enjoy life in Nashville.

In order to determine the safest neighborhoods in Nashville, we took a look at raw FBI crime statistics. While you can certainly seek the opinion of long-time residents of the city, analyzing neighborhoods for their violent crime, property crime, and total crime rates allows you to draw an unbiased conclusion.

After examining each of the Music City’s distinct regions, those with the lowest number of crimes per 100K people earned a spot on our list of the top ten safest neighborhoods in Nashville, Tennessee:

  • Poplar Creek Estates
  • Edmondson-Cloverland
  • Hermitage Hills
  • Southeast
  • West Meade Park
  • Hoggett Ford Road
  • South Hampton
  • Sheffield On The Harpeth
  • Donelson Hills

Let’s dive in and explore each of these communities in detail, along with their characteristics, amenities, crime rates, and livability.

1. Poplar Creek Estates

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 34
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 240
  • Population: 1,011

Located in Nashville’s southwest corner, Poplar Creek Estates is a quiet, peaceful neighborhood that is home to roughly 1,011 residents. This area is the ideal choice for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, as it is just minutes away from the 3,180 acres of Percy and Edwin Warner Parks, the trailhead of the six-mile-long, paved Harpeth River Greenway that attaches to Warner Parks, and the end of the lovely Natchez Trace Parkway.

Residents of Poplar Creek Estates also enjoy convenient access to the Bellevue YMCA, along with a number of shopping and dining options just less than a half-mile away. A large portion of this community is bordered by fields and woods, allowing locals many opportunities for wildlife viewings. Although the cost of living is relatively high for Nashville, Poplar Creek Estates schools are top-rated and crime is very low.

With a total crime rate that is a staggering 95% lower than the city average, Poplar Creek Estates tops our list, earning the title as the number one safest neighborhood in Nashville. Violent crimes per 100K people come in at 34 and the property crime per capita is 240 for 2020.

2. Edmonson-Cloverland

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 42
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 243
  • Population: 2,497

The Edmonson-Cloverland area is a relatively small neighborhood that is situated about fifteen miles outside of the Nashville city center. Home to approximately 2,497 residents, the community is almost entirely residential, made up of large single-family homes. The Montessori Academy is located in the neighborhood’s northern section and is one of the largest Montessori schools in the nation.

Though Edmonson-Cloverland doesn’t have much in the way of commercial amenities, it is only a short drive to the shopping and dining in neighboring communities. Based on our calculations, Edmonson-Cloverland is the second safest neighborhood in Nashville. It earns this designation due to a violent crime rate of 42 and property crime rate that comes in at 243 for 2020.

3. Hermitage Hills

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 195
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 452
  • Population: 1,610

Hermitage Hills, a small section of the larger Hermitage community, is a quiet neighborhood in northeast Nashville that is home to around 1,610 residents. The area is named after its main landmark, a 1,100-acre plantation where President Andrew Jackson lived from 1804 to 1845. This is a very popular tourist location, as costumed guides give tours of his Greek Revival mansion, and visitors can step inside the slave quarters, and explore the gardens.

Residents of Hermitage Hills can enjoy canoeing and fishing in the neighboring Hunter State Park, which also offers twenty miles of hiking trails. The community’s main thoroughfare, Lebanon Pike, is dotted with fast-food joints, pizzerias, and shopping centers. Though the cost of living is higher than the Nashville average, it is 9% lower than the national average.

With a total crime rate that is 75% lower than the national average, and 87% less than the city average, Hermitage Hills earns the third spot on our list of the safest neighborhoods in Nashville. Violent crimes per 100K come in at 195 and property crime is 452 for 2020.

4. West Meade Park

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 155
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 811
  • Population: 449

A community of just 449 residents, West Meade Park is a small neighborhood located in the southwest portion of the city of Nashville. It is entirely residential, except for the Westmeade Elementary School. The neighborhood’s location allows residents to enjoy the neighboring Percy Warner Park, for miles of hiking trails and scenic views.

West Meade Park is also a close proximity to the Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery, which features a Greek Revival-style plantation house and grounds that date back to the 1840s, along with a winery and event spaces. This area can be considered a particularly affluent area as homes are large and prices are well above average, with the median home price being $455,100.

Based on our calculations, West Meade Park is the fourth safest neighborhood in Nashville. Violent crimes per 100K people come in at 155 and property crime is 811 for 2020.

5. South Hampton

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 192
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 894
  • Population: 1,086

South Hampton is approximately fifteen miles southwest of Nashville, bordered by Harpeth River to the east, Poplar Creek Estates to the south, Bellevue Park to the north, and Rolling River to the west. It is a relatively small community of just 1,086 residents. Homes in South Hampton are primarily mid-sized single-family dwellings and are slightly above the Nashville average, with a median home price of $233,300.

This community is well-established and continues to attract buyers who are looking to settle down in the Nashville area. The South Hampton schools are moderately rated and residents enjoy easy access to many nearby parks and green spaces for endless outdoor recreation opportunities. If safety is of concern for you, South Hampton can be a great place for you and your family to call home.

With a total crime rate that is 58% below average and an astounding 79% below the city average, South Hampton can be considered the fifth safest neighborhood in Nashville. Violent crimes per 100K people come in at 192, while property crime per capita is 894 for 2020.

6. Sheffield On The Harpeth

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 434
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 756
  • Population: 321

Established in 1986, Sheffield on the Harpeth is a small community of just 236 homes west of Nashville along the Harpeth River in the Bellevue area. Homes in this neighborhood are a mix of single and two stories, ranging from about 2100 to 3600 square feet. It is a well-established community, with a beloved diverse collection of single-family households.

Residents of Sheffield on the Harpeth include singles, growing families, families with grown children, multi-generational families, and retirees. Those who reside here get to enjoy a number of amenities including a scenic lake with a paved trail and benches, a playground for kids to play, a swimming pool and baby pool for young residents, tennis courts, a beach volleyball court, and basketball courts.

Though the violent crime in this area is slightly higher than the national average, Sheffield on the Harpeth is safer than 83% of the cities in Tennessee. Based on our calculations, Sheffield on the Harpeth earns the sixth spot on our list of the safest neighborhoods in Nashville. Violent crimes per 100K people come in at 434 and property crime is 756 for 2020.

7. Donelson Hills

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 571
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 678
  • Population: 1,342

With a population of approximately 1,342 residents, Donelson Hills is a fairly small neighborhood that sits just six miles east of the Nashville city center. Although it is almost entirely residential, the community’s location offers easy access to all the amenities of the big city. Donelson Hills is a quiet community with well-maintained lawns, mid-sized homes, and all the convenience of being situated near major highways.

The communities that neighbor Donelson Hills offer plenty of recreational opportunities. Two Rivers Park is a 374-acre park that is situated right in the heart of the larger Donelson neighborhood. This area is home to more recreation activities than any other park in Nashville such as a golf course, wave-action swimming pools, skate park, disc golf course, and dog park.

Although Donelson Hills is separate from Donelson, it is a quick drive into town for grocery stores, a number of dining options, a bowling alley, thrift store, and so much more. Based on statistics, Donelson Hills takes the seventh spot on our list of the safest neighborhoods in Nashville. Violent crimes per 100K people sit at 571 and property crime per capita is 678 for 2020.

8. Belmont-Hillsboro

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 203
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 1,573
  • Population: 6,516

Located south of downtown Nashville, the Belmont-Hillsboro neighborhood is a relaxed community with hip eateries, eclectic cocktail bars, and cozy cafes along Belmont Boulevard and in Hillsboro Village. The area is home to roughly 6,516 residents who enjoy proximity to three universities, including Vanderbilt University and Belmont University. Belmont-Hillsboro also offers easy access to suburban as well as downtown working, dining, and shopping options.

Residents of Belmont-Hillsboro experience a desirable urban lifestyle while enjoying some respite being located outside of the city center. Its presence on the National Register of Historic Places, the neighborhood features a lot of older homes, most notably early 20th century bungalows, Tudors, and four squares. Overall, it is a picturesque community that is characterized by its history and offers a lot of character to residents and visitors.

Crime is also low in this area, and rates are significantly less than both national and city averages. Belmont-Hillsboro earns the eighth spot on our list of the safest neighborhoods in Nashville. Violent crimes per 100K people come in at 203 and property crime per capita is 1,573 for 2020.

9. Green Hills

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 238
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 1,571
  • Population: 24,013

Green Hills is located south of downtown Nashville and is considered one of the most desirable places in the city. It is also one of the city’s most affluent areas, often selected by residents who want a short commute to downtown businesses and the three neighboring universities – Belmont, Lipscomb, and Vanderbilt Universities. Known for its upscale boutiques and brands, the neighborhood is centered around a major retail section.

The Mall at Green Hills is a high-end enclosed shopping center that attracts not only Green Hills residents but others from all over the Greater Nashville area. The Hill Center is another popular shopping center in the community that features big-name brands such as Shake Shack, Lululemon, Whole Foods, and California Pizza Kitchen. Homes in this area are primarily single-family dwellings, with the majority selling for slightly less than $1 million.

When it comes to safety, the statistics show that Green Hills takes the ninth spot on our list of the safest neighborhoods in Nashville. Violent crimes per 100K people come in at 238 and property crime per capita is 1,571 for 2020.

10. Brandywine Farms

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 292
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 1,527
  • Population: 596

Home to a mere 596 residents, is a small community located on the banks of the Cumberland River, eighteen miles northeast of downtown Nashville. It is a single-family home development with relatively large properties that enjoy spectacular views of the river. While the neighborhood itself contains few, if any amenities, it is a short drive to Hermitage for all the necessities. The nearby Old Hickory community is just five minutes away and is host to a number of diverse dining options, and quaint small businesses.

Housing prices in Brandywine Farms tend to be almost double the Nashville average, however, you’re paying for the views, seclusion, peaceful nature, and safety that comes with this small community. Brandywine Farms closes out our list of the safest neighborhoods in Nashville, securing the tenth slot. Crime rates are well below both city and national averages, with violent crime per 100K people coming in at 292 and property crime per capita sitting at 1,527 for 2020.

Safest Neighborhoods in Nashville for 2020

RankNeighborhoodPopulationViolent Crime (per 100K)Property Crime (per 100K)
1Poplar Creek Estates1,01134240
3Hermitage Hills1,610195452
4West Meade Park449359764
5South Hampton1,086192894
6Sheffield On The Harpeth321434756
7Donelson Hills1,342571678
9Green Hills24,0132381,571
10Brandywine Farms5962921,527

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Is Nashville Safe?

Regardless of where you are relocating to, safety is almost always a concern. When you look solely at crime rates, one might draw the conclusion that Nashville is an unsafe city. Total crime rates are 99% higher than the national average, while violent crime is a staggering 192% higher. However, just like with any city, when you look at the neighborhood’s individual crime rates, they tend to be higher in and near the downtown area than in the suburbs.

Safety in Nashville exclusively depends on where you are. As much as the city contains pockets of high crime, there are also communities with significantly low crime. So long as you are aware of which neighborhoods to stick to and those to avoid, you will enjoy your stay in Music City.

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