What Are The 8 Safest Areas Around Pensacola, FL?

Paige Hanawalt
by Paige Hanawalt

Pensacola, Florida is a waterfront city with a population of 53,250. Located along the Pensacola Bay, there’s more to Pensacola City than just beaches. There’s no end to activities for history buffs, families, and outdoorsmen alike. With mild weather year-round, it’s a popular tourist destination no matter the season.

If you are relocating to Pensacola, living directly in the city may not be exactly the fit for you. Other surrounding communities have an amazing quality of life and a variety of attractive things to offer residents. Safety is always a top priority and there are many communities surrounding Pensacola that offer wonderful, safe places to live.

The top 4 safest places to live around Pensacola, Florida are Tiger Point, Oriole Beach, Woodlawn Beach, and Gulf Breeze. These communities have high median household incomes, low crime rates, and low unemployment rates. Crime in Pensacola has decreased in recent years, and these cities have low crime rates that are less than half of the Pensacola average, making them very safe places to live.

These 8 communities have the lowest crime rates in the Pensacola Bay area. We have laid out how each of these places compare in terms of cost of living, income, and employment as well.

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8 Safest Places To Live Around Pensacola, FL

The crime rate in Pensacola City is greater than that of the state of Florida and the United States. Though crime rates in the city are high, it has decreased by 4% in recent years. There are several cities in the surrounding Pensacola Bay region along the waterfront, with all of the same great benefits. They boast high livability and low crime rates, making them great options for a temporary visit or a permanent stay.

1. Tiger Point

  • Population: 2,845
  • Median Income: $86,109
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: 589 (estimate)
  • Unemployment Rate: 4.1%

The #1 safest city in the Pensacola area is Tiger Point. Across the bay to the Pensacola Dog Beach and Beach Park East Snorkeling Reefs, it’s a great option for tourists and individuals who love the water and the outdoors.

The crime rate in Tiger Point is significantly lower than the Pensacola, Florida, and national averages. Those in Tiger Point have only a .5% chance of becoming a victim of any crime.

Tiger Point is an economically prosperous city. The median household income in Tiger Point is $86,109, much higher than Pensacola, Florida, and U.S baselines for household income.

The cost of living, therefore, is consequently steep. The median home value and rental prices are a whopping $243,400 and $1,373, respectively.

2. Oriole Beach

  • Population: 1,675
  • Median Income: $66,536
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: 716 (estimate)
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.1%

Oriole Beach is a coastline city in close proximity to public schools, houses of worship, and shopping centers. Considering this along with its low crime rates, Oriole Beach is a great choice for families looking to relocate to the Pensacola area.

Your odds of becoming the victim of a crime in Oriole Beach are 1 in 140. It’s much safer than the surrounding city, state, and even the rest of the country.

Average household income for the area is $66,536. The unemployment rate is also a low 2.1%.

While real estate costs are high, rental prices actually fall below the national average at $870. The median home value is $212,500, higher than typical for Pensacola, Florida, and the U.S overall.

3. Woodlawn Beach

  • Population: 2,391
  • Median Income: $78,164
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: 726 (estimate)
  • Unemployment Rate: 6.0%

The #3 safest place in the Pensacola area is Woodlawn Beach, a small city just south of the Gulf Breeze Zoo. Closer to East Bay than Pensacola Bay, it is less than 30 minutes away from Pensacola City.

The crime rate in Woodlawn Beach is low. It is safer than 78% of cities in the United States, including Pensacola. The chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Woodlawn Beach is 1 in 921, an extremely low .1%.

The median household income in Woodlawn Beach is very high. However, the unemployment rate is 6%, higher than the Pensacola, state, and national baselines.

The cost of living is also above average. Median home values are $232,900. The median rental price is $1,811.

4. Gulf Breeze

  • Population: 6,205
  • Median Income: $387,300
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: 1,111
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.5%

Only 4.4 miles from Pensacola City is Gulf Breeze, a larger community of over 6,000. Home to a plethora of public parks, family attractions and activities, public schools, and other amenities, it is a popular choice for putting down roots and visiting tourists alike.

Though Gulf Breeze is more populous, it still lands at #4 on our list. The crime rate is 1,111 per 100,000 people, giving you a 1 in 91 chance of becoming a victim of a crime. It is still safer than 76% of cities in the U.S.

Though the median household income in Gulf Breeze is $98,308, the cost of living is very high. The median home value in this area skyrockets to $387,300.

5. Pea Ridge

  • Population: 3,801
  • Median Income: $44,148
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: 1,483 (estimate)
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.0%

Pea Ridge, Florida is located inland, less than 30 minutes northeast of Pensacola City. It is conveniently located near shopping centers and schools while still in close proximity to the water.

All crime types in Pea Ridge are lower than national averages. Those in the area have a 1 in 68 chance of becoming the victim of a crime, and it is safe by both Pensacola and Florida standards.

The average income for families in Pea Ridge is $44,148, which is relatively low for both the area and for the U.S. The unemployment rate is low as well.

However, the cost of living is also low. The typical cost of a home in Pea Ridge is $118,400 and the median rent price is $921.

6. Bagdad

  • Population: 3,843
  • Median Income: $45,027
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: 1,593 (estimate)
  • Unemployment Rate: 5.8%

Further inland is the city of Bagdad. It is surrounded by rivers and hosts several outdoor recreational areas, including state parks, museums, and water activities.

Crime in Bagdad is less common than the surrounding metropolitan area. Additionally, crime in Bagdad is decreasing every year. The city is safer than 50% of cities in the U.S.

The median household income in Bagdad is $45,027, similar to incomes seen in Pensacola City but still slightly lower than those typically seen in Florida.

The cost of living is below average as well, especially compared to the more expensive cities on this list. Median home value is $107,200 and the median rental price is $1,016, slightly higher than the national average but low for the area.

7. Garcon Point

  • Population: 461
  • Median Income: $117,552
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: 1,855 (estimate)
  • Unemployment Rate: 7.4%

Garcon Point is a very small city located along the water at the intersection of Escambia, Pensacola, and East Bays. It lacks amenities but boasts natural beauty and serenity. It is home to the Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park and the Garcon Point Water Management Area.

Those in Garcon Point have a 1 in 54 chance of becoming a victim of a crime. Property crime is also far more common than violent crime, of which is estimated to occur 278 times per 100,000 people.

Residents enjoy an above average median household income of $117,552. As a result, the cost of living is high with average home costs of $229,200. The community is so small that there is no data on the median rental price.

8. Avalon

  • Population: 541
  • Median Income: $63,672
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: 1,916 (estimate)
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.5%

The #8 safest area in the Pensacola Bay region is Avalon, a small city of 541 located a little over 10 miles away from Pensacola City. Home to Avalon Beach and accommodating of many water sports, it does not have much in terms of shopping, public education, or other conveniences families might seek.

Crime in Avalon is, like the other entries here, more commonly property related rather than violent. Overall, you have a 1.8% chance of becoming the victim of a crime.

The unemployment rate is a low 3.5%. Median household income is higher than average, and the poverty rate for the area is also below the national average.

The cost of living is also low in this area with a median home value of $118,900.

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Our Conclusion

Pensacola City, Florida has a higher than average crime rate for the state, though crime has been decreasing year by year. However, there are several cities and communities in the area that are very safe even by national standards. Any of these 8 places are great choices for those looking to move or just take a visit, and all of them give you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful Pensacola any time of the year.

They are each within close proximity to Pensacola, but offer an even greater level of quality of life and of course, safety.

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