What Color Rugs Go With Brown Couches? (Find Out Now!)

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If you walk into most homes in suburbia, you’ll see at least one couch in the living room. Chances are, that couch will be some shade of brown. It’s true. America loves having brown couches, almost as much as we love apple pie or arguing about politics online. If you want to make your brown couch look great, you are going to have to get a rug that works with it. But, what color rug should you buy?

Brown is a solid neutral color that works with an exceptionally wide variety of colors, especially other neutrals. If you want to style a brown couch, choose one of these popular options below:

  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Red
  • Grey
  • Light Green

Most people assume that brown has to go with brown. In many cases, that’s actually a major style mistake. Let’s talk about how you can jazz up your couch with the power of a good rug.

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The Best Rug Colors For A Brown Couch

Brown is a color that gets a bad rap for being boring. As you can tell from these color combination examples, that’s just not true. These color choices will add pizzaz to any seating setup.


If it seems like we’re a little bit crazy about beige at UpgradedHome, it’s because we totally are. Beige is the ultimate neutral, which means it pairs well with everything. When you pair a brown couch with a beige rug, you tend to make the couch look larger. Since beige is also in the same color family as brown, it also gives you a slight monochromatic look.

Beige is warm, homey, and soft. That’s why it works well as a great complement to a brown couch. The best part about it is that this pairing works with every style from the modern to the rustic.


There are few colors that can help open up a room like cream. It’s a light, airy color that also happens to be warm enough to add a certain cozy touch to a room. All things considered, it’s easy to see why room decorators are hooked on this rug color. An ideal choice for people who want modern or Scandinavian room decor, cream is a universal neutral that won’t steer you wrong.

The one issue that people might have with cream rugs is the fact that they can be hard to clean. If you’re willing to learn how to remove stains from a cream rug, then give it a shot.

Dark Blue

It’s no secret that dark blue finds itself in a lot of different decoration palettes. When it comes to the case of nautical and coastal themes, dark blue is a must-have…especially if you have a brown couch. Together, brown and shades of deep blue immediately make people think of old school boating, surf, and maybe a little bit of driftwood, too. It’s not a bad look.

If you want to go for a more modern look, then pick a slightly greyish blue. That’s what the designer in this photo did, and they made it look amazing. Want to avoid the nautical theme? Opt for black metal and cream accents instead of gold and white.

Dark Red

Brown is a warm color, at least when it comes to most of the shades that are used in making a couch. This means that you can theoretically pair it with any other warm color out there. In practice, though, deep reds tend to be the best pick. Oranges can be a little too 70s, while yellows can remind people of a toilet bowl. Pinks are cute, but don’t always go with decor too easily.

A deep red, or even burgundy, can help bring out the richness of brown leather. Besides, is there anything cozier and cuter than a living room filled to the brim with fall colors? We think not! To get the best look possible, we suggest using a Persian rug. Those patterns work wonders with a brown sectional.


Grey and brown might be counterintuitive, but hear us out. These two neutrals work pretty well together, especially when they have contrasting undertones. Grey’s cool undertones tend to help bring out brown’s warmer undertones. The end result is a sophisticated look that’s artsy yet approachable.

The most interesting thing about this color combination is how homey it can be with the right accessories. The blue-grey striped carpet in this photo above worked to give this living room a masculine, sporty look. Who’s to say you can’t do the same for your home?

Light Green

Green is a color most people wouldn’t expect to see on this list, especially when you’re talking about a light sage green or mint green. However, it’s hard to deny how pretty it looks when paired with a brown couch. Light greens work with brown furniture for one major reason: it subconsciously reminds us of the great outdoors.

Because our minds are wired to see brown and green as a good combination, rooms with this pairing tend to feel open, fresh, and happy. Since sage green is now trendy, we suggest that it’s a good time to jump on that bandwagon. The beautiful crisp look of this room is proof enough of why it rules.


Orange is a rug color that can be a good choice, but only if you are looking to go bold. It’s worth noting that orange and brown are a classic combination. In fact, this dynamic duo was pretty hip back in the 1960s and 1970s. Though they often work out as a deeply retro pairing, the truth is that it doesn’t have to be hackneyed.

The trick to making sure that your combo doesn’t look like it was pulled from a page in a 70s magazine is to modernize the pieces you bring into your room. Better still, make sure that you add a third color here and make it the primary color. Ideally, your primary color will be a light neutral, like cream or white.

Is Brown Furniture Making A Comeback?

It depends on who you ask. Some interior designers would tell you that the answer is an overwhelming yes. Others might tell you that brown furniture never really left. To a point, both answers are right in their own ways. Brown furniture, particularly leather couches, remained popular throughout the decades. For example, no one would ever point out how “retro” one of these is in a home.

However, there was a short period in time where brown furniture was more or less relegated to the realm of rustic and woodsy-outdoorsy homes. (Or, at the very least, that’s the only time you would see it featured in an interior design magazine!) Those days are over, and people are beginning to embrace the look of rich woods once more.

So, it all boils down to how much people want brown furniture and what venues are celebrating it. If you’re talking about typical homes, brown couches are timeless. If you’re discussing interior design magazines that are noted for showing the edgiest and latest in trends? Well, that’s where we’re starting to see the love boomerang back.

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Related Questions

Should a rug be lighter or darker than the couch?

Both lighter and darker rugs have their roles to play in interior design. Your ideal rug shade depends on what look you’re trying to accomplish. Having a darker rug will give you the vibe of a cozier, more intimate room. Meanwhile, getting a lighter shade will brighten up a room and give it a more open vibe.On a similar note, if you want to give the impression of having a sofa that ‘spills’ out onto the floor, try to match the shade of your brown rug to the shade of your brown couch. It’s a very surreal look!

What is the most popular color for sofas?

While many people assume that brown is the most popular color for sofas, there is one color that tops this earthy hue. According to the most recent polls regarding sofa sales, the most popular sofa color is blue. It’s easy to see why blue is so popular. Blue offers a calming yet bright ambiance to any room.If you want to go with the crowds, invest in a blue couch. If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, a black or brown couch would be a better pick.

What are the most popular colors for a living room setup?

There are several colors that are considered to be the top picks for a living room. In terms of neutrals, beige, cream, and browns tend to reign supreme in the living room. These neutral colors are warm and inviting, giving your living room the homey vibe that helps bring people together.If you want a “color” color, then the best option would be to choose blue or red. Both of these colors are extremely popular for living rooms, with blue edging out red by a slight margin.

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