What Are The 8 Richest Neighborhoods In Seattle, WA?

Richest Neighborhoods In Seattle

Seattle is one of the cultural epicenters of Seattle, and there’s no shortage of things to do. With that said, this northwestern city is known for its high cost of living. As expensive as Seattle is, what are the richest neighborhoods in the city?

Broadmoor and Denny-Blaine are the two richest neighborhoods to live in Seattle. Neighborhoods such as Laurelhurst, Madison Park, and View Ridge also boast high median home values. Montlake, Madrona, and Windermere are also full of wealthy residents and expensive homes compared to the rest of Seattle.

Seattle is expensive as is, but some neighborhoods have wealthy residents with expensive homes. Let’s take a look at which neighborhoods in Seattle are home to the richest population.

8 Richest Neighborhoods In Seattle, WA

1. Broadmoor

  • Median Home Value: $3,126,792
  • Home Price Per Sq. Ft.: $783
  • Population: 1,508
  • Average Household Income: $188,646

Broadmoor is one of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle, and it’s also one of the wealthiest. Only 1,508 Seattle residents live in Broadmoor, and that’s due to the high cost of living. You need to earn at least six figures to afford to live in Broadmoor, and the median income is $188,646.

The housing market is steep in Broadmoor, and the average homeowner spends $783 per square foot on a house. Luckily, Broadmoor is the safest neighborhood in Seattle, and it’s certainly worth the cost of living. Broadmoor is a hot destination for many couples without children, as well as many retirees.

That is because of the laid back, subdued, and quiet nature that Broadmoor boasts. Both violent and property crime rates in Broadmoor are low, so you can rest easy and feel safe in this neighborhood.

2. Denny-Blaine

  • Median Home Value: $2,214,411
  • Home Price Per Sq. Ft.: $698
  • Population: 6,857
  • Average Household Income: $186,066

Denny-Blaine is home to one of the wealthiest populations in Seattle, and housing costs are quite high.  The median home value in Denny-Blaine is $2,214,411, and home values have increased in the last year by over 7%. Living in Denny-Blaine affords Seattle residents a sense of luxury, safety, and most importantly, leisure.

With that said, Denny-Blaine is quite exclusive due to the high $698 per square foot average home cost. Because of that, only 6,857 of Seattle’s 753,675 residents can call Denny-Blaine their home. Denny-Blaine is home to many beautiful sights, such as the Denny-Blaine Lake Park and Viretta Park for residents to enjoy.

This neighborhood is in east-central Seattle which puts Denny-Blaine residents near every hot spot in the city. Consider the move to Denny-Blaine if you value a calm, quiet, safe, and luxurious neighborhood in the heart of Seattle.

3. Madison Park

  • Median Home Value: $1,774,337
  • Home Price Per Sq. Ft.: $792
  • Population: 7,539
  • Average Household Income: $168,926

For such an expensive neighborhood, Madison Park has a high population density, and that’s not such a bad thing. For example, there are currently 7,539 residents in Madison Park, but it is spread out and well developed. Condos, apartments, and homes are all equally commonplace in Madison Park, and they are all generally expensive.

Prepare yourself to spend the average $792 per square foot to purchase a home in Madison Park. When you weigh the pros and cons of living in Seattle, the high cost of living generally falls into the con category. However, in Madison Park that means that you are afforded a safe, spread out, and generally quiet place to live.

The average selling price for a home in Madison Park is $1,774,337, and that excludes many residents from living there. Because of that, you are left with a population of high-earning Seattle residents, and those are good neighbors to have.

4. Laurelhurst

  • Median Home Value: $1,365,439
  • Home Price Per Sq. Ft.: $570
  • Population: 6,897
  • Average Household Income: $170,046

Laurelhurst boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in Seattle and one of the richest populations. Only 2.3% of Laurelhurst residents are unemployed, and the rest of them earn an average of $170,046 per year. Because of that, the vast majority of Laurelhurst residents are homeowners, and they spend an average of $570 per square foot on a home.

That brings the median home value to $1,365,439, and that is expensive for Seattle. Laurelhurst puts you right by the iconic Seattle Japanese Garden, Green Lake Park, and Snohomish Balloon Rides. There is no shortage of fun activities and access to gorgeous natural sights in Laurelhurst.

It also doesn’t hurt that Laurelhurst is ideal for growing plants, and many homeowners take advantage of that. Laurelhurst may be an expensive neighborhood, but it’s worth every penny for the quality of life.

5. View Ridge

  • Median Home Value: $1,144,704
  • Home Price Per Sq. Ft.: $478
  • Population: 4,205
  • Average Household Income: $687,960

The average income in View Ridge is higher than the previous neighborhoods on this list, but homes are reasonably priced. Homes sell for a median price of $1,144,704, and that’s reasonable for such a high-income neighborhood. Households earn an average of $687,960 in View Ridge, and that’s much higher than most Seattle neighborhoods.

Houses generally sell for $478 per square foot in View Ridge, but it can be much higher. View Ridge is known for its breathtaking and memorable views of the water, and that’s part of its main appeal. Property values are so high in View Ridge due to the average income, views, and local amenities.

Located in northern Seattle, View Ridge is home to golf courses, country clubs, and hiking trails. Living in View Ridge won’t only get you a beautiful home, but also a relaxing and comfortable lifestyle.

6. Montlake

  • Median Home Value: $999,817
  • Home Price Per Sq. Ft.: $549
  • Population: 2,009
  • Average Household Income: $148,077

Montlake is a small, albeit expensive, neighborhood located in central Seattle with a wealthy population. It is located along the Lake Washington Ship Canal, and that means that residents have access to beautiful views every day. Of course, these beautiful views come at an expensive cost, and the average home costs $549 per square foot.

The median home value in Montlake is just under $1,000,000, but houses vary in cost. Households earn less than other wealthy Seattle neighborhoods, on average. Your average household in Montlake brings in $148,077 per year, and many residents have jobs in tech.

East Montlake Park is one of the best attractions in Montlake, and it boasts beautiful views. Montlake is a family-friendly community with many restaurants, escape rooms, and parks for the whole family to enjoy.

7. Madrona

  • Median Home Value: $1,193,512
  • Home Price Per Sq. Ft.: $551
  • Population: 4,296
  • Average Household Income: $123,935

Owning a home in Madrona is a worthy investment as it’s easy to flip a profit when it comes time to sell it. On average, homes sell for $200,000 more than they were purchased for in Madrona, and that is a generous profit. The median home value in Madrona, Seattle, is $1,193,512, but houses are often resold for $1.3 million or more.

Madrona is situated in east-central Seattle, and it’s a convenient neighborhood for daily commuters. You can find many parks in Madrona, such as Lake Washington Boulevard, Madrona Park, and Howell Park. Homeowners in Madrona are never too far from Lake Washington which is a jewel of the American northwest.

The average income in Madrona is $123,935, and that’s well above the $59,835 average throughout Seattle. Madrona is quite expensive, but households that earn six figures with their combined income are ideal for this quiet neighborhood.

8. Windermere

  • Median Home Value: $775,207
  • Home Price Per Sq. Ft.: $508
  • Population: 1,616
  • Average Household Income: $127,762

Windermere is an upscale, safe, and beautiful neighborhood in Seattle full of gorgeous green views. Luckily, Windermere is more affordable than the rest of the neighborhoods on this list, but it’s still pricey. The median home value in Windermere is just over $775,000, and homes sell for $508 per square foot.

Windermere residents earn high incomes, and the average household brings in $127,762 per year. There is no shortage of jobs in Windermere, and that accounts for the low unemployment and poverty rate. There are only 1,616 residents in Windermere, and that allows for a small-town vibe and haven within Seattle.

You have access to the Windermere Park & Beach Club, as well as the Warren G. Magnuson Park in Windermere. This all adds up to a comfortable, albeit expensive, an oasis in the heart of Seattle.

Related Questions

What is the safest neighborhood in Seattle?

The safest neighborhood in Seattle is Hawthorne Hills, and it beats out 100 other neighborhoods. There are only 1,273 property crimes per 100,000 residents in Hawthorne Hills, and that is low. Violent crime is even less common, and it only affects 23 in 100,000 Hawthorne Hills residents.

What is the most dangerous neighborhood in Seattle?

Sand Point is the most dangerous neighborhood in Seattle in terms of violent and property crime. South Park, Rainier Beach, and Beacon Hill are also among the most dangerous places to live in Seattle.

Summing It Up

The two richest neighborhoods in Seattle are Broadmoor and Denny-Blaine. Both neighborhoods have high median home values and average household incomes. Other neighborhoods, like Montlake, View Ridge, and Windermere also boast high housing prices.

The safest of these rich neighborhoods is Broadmoor, and that makes the high cost worth it. Neighborhoods like Laurelhurst and Madison Park are just as gorgeous as they are expensive. Notably, each of these rich neighborhoods in Seattle is located near bodies of water or beautiful parks.

Seattle is an expensive city, and neighborhoods like the one on this list take the cake for the priciest. If you earn over six figures per year, any one of the aforementioned neighborhoods could make a great home.

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