How Much Does a Pool Fence Cost?

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The swimming pool that serves as the centerpiece of your yard should be a constant source of fun for your family. Unfortunately, accidents can happen near the pool and the people involved can get seriously hurt. You must keep that area safe at all times and building a new pool fence will help with that goal.

Similar to conventional fencing you install around the perimeter of your property, pool fences can be made from different materials. You can also adjust the size of your new fence to ensure that it properly suits your swimming pool. Apart from the size and material composition of your new pool fence, you should also think about how much it may cost.

Building a new pool fence that measures 100 linear feet will cost an average of $4,500. The material cost per linear foot is $40 and labor expenses cost $100 to $500. Adding a gate to your new pool fence will tack on $350 to the total. You can also get a removable pool fence for $3,000.

A new fence is not necessary for enjoying your swimming pool, but it is a great addition from a safety standpoint. How much will installing your preferred pool fence ultimately cost? You’ll find an answer to that question and other relevant queries by reading on.

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Cost of Pool Fence by Material

Material UsedCost Per Linear Foot
Black Chain Link$8
Tempered Glass$200
Wrought Iron$28

The average material cost for pool fencing is around $40 per linear foot. That’s the estimate based on the materials commonly used for this type of structure.

If you aren’t familiar with those material options, now is a good time to start learning more about them. Check out detailed breakdowns of those pool fencing materials in the section below.

Black Chain Link Pool Fences

Your first material option for your new pool fence is black chain link. At just around $8 per linear foot, it’s also the cheapest material you can use for this particular application.

Using a standard chain link fence around your pool would not be wise since it will rust over quickly. A black chain link fence does not present that same kind of problem because it features a protective coating. You can count on that coating to maintain the look of your new pool fence.

Even if rusting over is no longer a concern, black chain link fences still have some drawbacks. Chief among them is the flimsiness of that material. If you’re after superior protection, you probably won’t be satisfied with what you can get from black chain link fencing.

Mesh Pool Fences

Mesh fences are just slightly more expensive than black chain link fences. The average cost per linear foot for mesh fencing is about $8.50.

You can argue that mesh fencing is the best option if you have young kids using the pool. Mesh fences are difficult for kids to play around with because it’s not very sturdy. They won’t be able to climb on your mesh fence, jump around, and potentially injure themselves.

Kids will also avoid injury even if they run into a mesh fence. That may not be the case with other commonly used fencing materials.

Metal Pool Fences

Compared to the first two options, metal pool fences are significantly more expensive. Expect to pay approximately $20 per linear foot if you want to use metal for your new pool fence.

Installing a metal pool fence makes sense if you want something that will last for a long time. You can even use the look of the metal fence to highlight your pool.

The problem with metal pool fences is how dangerous they can be. If your child slips and hits the metal fence, they could end up seriously injured. You have to be very careful when choosing a location for your metal pool fence if you want to prevent those accidents.

Plexiglass Pool Fences

Next up, we have plexiglass pool fences. The price tag for a plexiglass pool fence is about $25 per linear foot.

New plexiglass fences look fantastic next to swimming pools. For some reason, the look of plexiglass just works next to that clear water.

Unfortunately, plexiglass is not a material that ages well. Aside from being susceptible to scratches, plexiglass also develops a cloudy appearance over time. The yellowish appearance of the plexiglass fence will no longer complement your pool at that point.

Tempered Glass Pool Fences

Homeowners can also choose to install a fence made out of tempered glass around their pool. However, doing so will be very expensive. The average price of tempered glass pool fencing is around $200 per linear foot.

Is tempered glass fencing worth that enormous price tag? Remarkably, there’s a case to be made that it is.

In many ways, tempered glass is the ideal material for pool fencing because it’s durable, child-proof, and you can see through it. Still, no one would blame you for balking at the cost and looking at other fencing options instead.

Vinyl Pool Fences

Vinyl pool fences cost about $17 per linear foot. You should take a longer look at them if you’re trying to keep your costs down.

The main selling point of vinyl fencing is its versatility. Different designs are available for vinyl fences so you can just choose the one that suits your outdoor landscape best. Vinyl fencing holds up reasonably well and it’s also easy to maintain.

Unfortunately, is not the safest option if you have kids around. This type of fence is easy to climb and it doesn’t have a lot of give as well. If you can manage those risks, vinyl fencing can still be a good addition to your yard.

Wooden Pool Fences

Wooden pool fences are probably the most traditional option available. If you’re interested in building one, the material cost will be approximately $16 per linear foot.

This is another material option that gives you a good amount of flexibility. You can paint the wood to customize its appearance, cut it into different shapes, or even decorate it with patterns.

Maintenance will be crucial if you’re opting for a wooden fence. Sealing it regularly is the only way to keep it protected from the pool water. Frequent repainting will also be important if you want the fence to maintain its appearance.

A wooden pool fence can be a great addition to your backyard. Still, you may want to avoid it if you’re not interested in a high-maintenance addition.

Wrought Iron Pool Fences

Finally, we have wrought iron pool fences. They’re not as expensive as tempered glass, but they’re still up there at about $28 per linear foot.

Wrought iron is rarely used for pool fencing because it’s not a very safe option for kids. Maintaining its appearance will also require a good amount of effort on your part.

If you’re interested in wrought iron pool fencing, that’s probably because you have a particular look you want to achieve. You can mold that wrought iron into different shapes to create some stunning décor for your outdoor landscape. Wrought iron fencing is not for everyone, but there are reasons why it’s worth considering at the very least.

Labor Cost to Install Pool Fence

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$100
Mid-Range Estimate$250
High-End Estimate$500

The cost of installing the pool fence is another expense you have to keep in mind. On average, labor expenses for this type of project often end up around $250.

Most professionals who specialize in installing fences charge by the hour. The average rate is about $50 per hour so that should give you an idea of how long the installation will take.

Metal and wrought iron fences typically take the longest time to install. They often take a full day to install. The workers may even have to put in a bit of overtime to complete the project.

Wood, vinyl, and glass fences are easier to install. The workers may be able to install them in about five to six hours.

Cost of Pool Fence Gate

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$200
Mid-Range Estimate$350
High-End Estimate$1,000

Adding a gate to your new fence makes accessing your pool easier and more convenient. You will likely have to pay about $350 if you want a gate added to your new pool fence.

$350 is the average cost if you’re building the gate out of materials that aren’t glass. If you want a glass gate, the cost jumps up to around $1,000.

Take a moment to check with the laws in your area before you proceed with adding a gate. They may have something to say when it comes to how your pool gate should function. It’s better to know about those rules early on so your gate is compliant right from the day it’s first installed.

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