How Much Does A Wrought Iron Fence Cost?

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Many homeowners love the elegant aesthetic of wrought iron fences. Besides, a wrought iron fence is also safer and more durable compared to traditional wood fences. However, how much does it cost to install a wrought iron fence?

The average cost of a wrought iron fence is $3,850 for materials and installation. Plain black wrought iron costs $24 per linear foot, and pre-built wrought iron gates cost $200 per linear foot. Homeowners spend an additional $110 on permits, $500 on a land surveyor, and $900 on labor. It costs another $1,400 to paint a wrought iron fence, on average.

Many factors will affect your final cost, such as the type of fence you use and who you hire. We will cover everything you need to know about wrought iron fence costs in the following sections.

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Benefits of Wrought Iron Fences

There are a lot more benefits when it comes to having iron fences at home. The most commonly spoken advantages of iron fences are their enhanced security and hardness. Other advantages include:

  • Low maintenance: Iron fences are sturdier, and therefore they don’t break or wear down as quickly. In return, wrought iron fences can save you a lot on maintenance costs.
  • Weatherproof: Wrought iron fences can stand through most extreme weather conditions like storms or heat.
  • Elegant aesthetics: Standard wrought iron fences come in black and have a minimalist, refined look. Compared to other types of fences, iron fences scream better tastes.
  • Security: Iron fences are slippery. Therefore, they are hard to climb. You can also customize your wrought iron fences with sharp caps or other protective accessories.
  • Lower Risk: You don’t need to worry about pest infestation, rotting, or warping. With wooden fences, inspection for organic deterioration could cost quite a bit.

Weaknesses of Wrought Iron Fences

Everything comes with pros and cons. Luckily, wrought iron fences only have a few weaknesses you should keep in mind.

  • Higher cost: Naturally, because of the many advantages wrought iron fences have, they fall into a higher price tier.
  • Requires more technical maintenances: Wrought iron fence maintenance typically needs to be done by a professional. You need to hire someone for inspection and upkeep at least twice a year.
  • Oxidization risks: If you’ve painted your iron fence, the metal may be susceptible to oxidation and rust.
  • Less private: Since you can see through wrought iron fences, they don’t quite serve the purpose of ensuring privacy.

How Much Does a Wrought Iron Fence Cost?

On average, a wrought iron fence costs $24 to $34 per linear foot, fences only. However, the final cost could easily fluctuate.

The key element that determines the cost of a wrought iron fence is the type. We’ve created a general pricing comparison chart for different types of wrought iron fences in the market.

Wrought Iron Fence Costs By Type (Per Linear Foot)

Cost (Low)Cost (High)
Plain black iron$24$30
Ornamental $27$34
Pre-Built Gates$200$7,000

Each type of fence has its pros and cons.

  • Plain black iron fences are the most basic option in the market. Although they have the word “black” in the product name, they also come in gold, bronze, maroon, and a few other colors. Plain black iron fences prioritize functions over style.
  • Galvanized fences come with a protective zinc layer. They are more durable and rust-resistant. Therefore, you save more on maintenance costs down the road.
  • Ornamental fences usually come with a stylish post topper. Some also have curves in the iron or other design elements. They have the same level of functionality compared to the plain posts but focus more on aesthetics.
  • Gate panels or pre-built gates are necessary if you want to be able to leave the property through your fence. Single-person gates are the most affordable and commonly adapted option. A large security gate could easily cost you $8,000 or more.

Wrought Iron Pool Fences

Fencing in a pool with wrought iron cost $2,000 to $4,000. The pricing is mostly determined by material costs. Since the fence will be in a moist area with direct exposure to water, you could only use galvanized materials for the waterproof effect.

You can also pair pool fences with wrought iron railings. Some contractors will offer a combined deal for railing and fencing. Wrought iron railings typically cost $500 t $3,000, installation not included.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Wrought Iron Fence?

On average, installing a wrought iron fence could cost somewhere from $2,440 to $10,100, fences, posts, and tools included. If we only look at the labor cost, it’s usually at $600 to $1,300 without installing a gate or $900 to $3,300 with gate installation.

In reality, however, the quote you receive may be higher than the above ranges. That is because the final quote from a contractor includes the following parts:

  • Surveying
  • Permit costs
  • Installation costs

If you are trying to save, it’s better to work on the above items instead of saving on materials. We also don’t recommend you to purchase any tools for your contractors unless you are DIYing part of the installation.

Landscape Surveying

The first step of a wrought iron fence project is surveying the land. This is to mark out the boundaries of your property. A land surveyor charges $330 to $670 for the job.

You can always ask your contractor for a referral. Sometimes the contractor provides surveying at a lower rate. Other times, they often have a collaborating surveyor who will offer referral discounts.

Permit Costs

Most places will require a permit to allow you to start the construction. The permit itself costs from $20 to $200, and your local courthouse should have the best information on the details.

Of course, if you need help with filing, then there will be an additional one-time charge based on who you hire.

Labor Costs

Naturally, the main compartment of the quote will be labor costs. Labor costs vary depending on your geographical location and the contractor you choose. Fencing ranges between $600 and $1,300 per project.

It is very rare that a contractor charges fencing by lineage or hours. Therefore, be extra cautious if you receive an hourly bid.

Factors Affecting the Wrought Iron Fence Installation Cost

Like all other fencing projects, there are two main conditions that affect the final quote you receive:

  • Project size, and
  • Landscaping condition

Although a fencing professional usually charge by project, these two items significantly affect the final estimate he or she will provide.

Yard Size

Yard size is a key factor in wrought iron fence installation costs. Precisely, it is not the size of your yard that matters but the size of land that needs to be enclosed.

For example, many homes have a front and a back yard. In most cases, only the back yard is fenced. In other situations, the homeowner might be building a pool fence instead of full fencing. The lineage of fences needed, or the square footage of land that needs fencing will affect the final estimate.

Landscaping Conditions

The second factor is landscaping conditions. It’s quite self-explanatory.

For example, fencing on a hilly golf course will cost more than fencing a flat playground. The more complicated the landscape conditions, the more work is required to complete the project.

Metal fencing works best on flat grounds. Slopes and other difficult landscapes will increase your total cost.

Wrought Iron Fences vs. Other Types of Fences

As we mentioned, wrought iron fences are one of the pricier fencing options. If you are only going for the metallic look, there are a few other options you may consider. You can even mix wrought iron fences with other types of seclusion like brick walls for increased privacy.

Wrought Iron vs. Cast Iron

A popular substitution for wrought iron fences is cast iron. Many homeowners have mistaken them to be the same thing, whereas, in fact, they are quite different.

Differences Between Wrought Iron and Cast Iron

Wrought IronCast Iron
Installation Cost (Fences Included)$2,500 to $5,200$1,500 to $4,000
Manufacturing MethodShaped from full piece of iron with hands and toolsMelted and poured into a mold
DurabilityHighly durable and weatherproofLess stable and tends to break sooner
AestheticsModern look with decorative accessories and customizations availableMetallic look but less decorative as the molds are standardized

Clearly, cast iron fence is a more affordable option if you are only looking for metal fences. It is less durable and cost more on maintenance and repair down the road.

Wrought Iron vs. Aluminum or Steel Fences

Two other alternative are aluminum fences and steel fences. Both are metallic and both provide a similar look compared to wrought iron fences. However, due to the differences in material, there are a few other factors you should consider.

Wrought Iron vs. Aluminum vs. Steel

Wrought IronAluminumSteel
Installation Cost (Fences Included)$2,500 to $5,200$1,000-$3,500$3,000-$3,500
DurabilityExtremely weatherproof and rustproofFairly good corrosion resistance, but vulnerable to strong pressureStrongest fence possible, but is more suitable for dry environments due to lower rust resistance
Lifespan100 years or more50 years or more35 to 75 years or more
AestheticsModern look with decorative accessories and customizations availableComes in a variety of styles since aluminum is easy to shapeHas a heavier look and are less customizable

In general, wrought iron fences are more durable, decorative, and flexible. Although the other options may cost less upfront, long-term maintenance will fill in the pricing gap.

If you are looking for resell value or simply plan to pass the house down through generations, wrought iron fences are a great long-term investment compared to other fencing materials.

Mixing Wrought Iron Fence With Bricks

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have is that wrought iron fences don’t provide enough privacy. Therefore, it is common practice to mix wrought iron fences with brick walls.

This also creates a more sophisticated visual complexion. A brick wall costs $2,000 to $7,000 to build depending on the size. There may also be additional charges to fix the wrought iron fences to the wall.

Wrought Iron Fence Repair Cost

One of the best features of wrought iron fences is durability. However, they do wear and tear as time passes by.

There are a few visible signs that your fence may need a repair.

  • Leaning is a severe condition. If you notice one or multiple panels of your fence leaning either in or outward, try to schedule a repair as soon as you can. This will avoid any further, permanent damage to your fence.
  • Rust. While wrought iron fences are relatively rust-resistant, some painted fences are more susceptible to rust.
  • Breakage calls for rewelding or even replacement. This is usually the most expensive repair task.

In general, the wrought iron fence repair cost falls between $250 to $750. Inquire a local professional for more detailed pricing.

Cost to Paint Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences come in gold, bronze, or black in most cases. Some homeowners will prefer to paint the posts to fit in the overall decorative style of their homes. Painting the fences around an average-sized yard could cost $800 to $2,000.

A few factors that decide the painting cost include:

  • The condition of your posts and fences
  • The type of paint you want to use
  • Additional services

It is best to paint your wrought iron fence right after installation. Otherwise, your contractor will need to prep the fence surface first, which could lead to additional costs. General preparation includes sanding, rust removal, and pressure washing.

Most wrought-iron fences require multiple coats of weather-resistant materials. Sometimes it’s a good idea to purchase the paint yourself to save on the overall cost.

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Related Questions

Does it cost the same if I want a wrought iron fence around my pool?

No, it doesn’t.While the pool area is much smaller, you may surprisingly realize the final quote is quite similar to a full fencing project. This is because of the environmental conditions. Wrought iron fences are rust-resistant, but not rust-proof or waterproof unless galvanized.Therefore, you either need to go with pre-galvanized posts, or seal the fences yourself at the end. Either way, the need for waterproofing naturally increases the total cost of installing wrought iron pool fences.

Can I combine a wrought iron fence with other types of separation?

Yes. Combining a wrought iron fence and other types of separation is recommended by many landscaping professionals. Since wrought iron fences come in posts, they naturally don’t provide much privacy.A few popular combinations include

  • Wrought iron with one side of wooden privacy fence
  • Wrought iron combined with brick sections
  • Brick or wood seclusion on the outside, wrought iron fence on the inside around the pool or for decorative purposes
  • Privacy fencing with wrought iron railings

Some homeowner also uses different metal fencing options across their home. However, for better reselling value, we recommend you to stick to wrought iron fencing, then add in brick or wood for complexity.

Can I DIY wrought iron installation?

Wrought iron fences need to be worked with hands and tools. Therefore, they are highly customized by nature. We don’t recommend anyone without training to attempt the installation by himself.

Wrought iron fence installation is extremely complicated and heavy-duty. Hiring a fencing professional is the best option for you to get the results you want.

How can I maintain and care for my wrought iron fence?

Another popular option is to remove grass around the fence to reduce any damage done to the bottom. This also creates a clean look around your fence.

In the meantime, you can hire independent contractors for small maintenance tasks instead of asking for the help of a landscaping contractor. For example, you can hire a blaster or even get a powerwash for regular cleaning and maintenance.

You can rent a pressure washer from Home Depot or Lowes for $35 to $125 per day.

What are some good tips for wrought iron maintenance?

There are a few things you should do on a regular basis to keep your wrought iron fence in good condition.

  • Check for overgrown weed and plants. You may want to spray a layer of car wax to prevent anything from intruding.
  • Keep your wrought iron fences clean as much as you can. Clean with warm, soapy water and always wipe dry afterward. 
  • Conduct regular inspections at least once a year. Focusing on finding loose footings, cracks, leaning, and rust. Crackings may happen on any painted post but can be repaired by the homeowner alone. If you see leaning in your fence, call a professional. 
Can I fence in a driveway?

The quick answer is yes. However, fencing in a driveway is often a costly project because you will also need a gate large enough for your vehicle to go through.

If you want other functions, such as a clicker switch installed, you could easily be looking at $9,000 or more in total costs.

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