The 3 Best Patio Swings That Convert To A Bed

Dennis Howard
by Dennis Howard

We all have thoughts of spending a lazy summer afternoon sitting in the shade in our yard. There is nothing more enjoyable than a late afternoon summer nap outdoors. Unfortunately, many of us don’t enjoy a large enough yard or patios to enjoy a hammock successfully. Most patio furniture is not meant for summer naps. However, you can have a comfortable place to snooze if a patio swing that converts to a bed is in your future.

Porch swings that convert to a day bed usually come complete with a stand designed to support both the weight of the swing and its occupants. The swing design allows the back to be folded down flat to make a bed. Even when folded flat, the swing still operates to provide a gently rocking motion to the daybed.

Several manufacturers are making a variation of their porch swings that will convert to a daybed option. The size and complexity of these convertible porch swings offer many options, from simple units designed to sit on a patio or the lawn to much larger structures that resemble a pergola with screen walls and a larger day bed assembly.

Finding that Perfect Convertible Patio Swing/Bed

Finding the right patio swing bed may be more of a challenge than you think. There are several factors to consider as you begin your selection. We considered these criteria as we prepared our list of convertible patio swing beds.


In some cases, purchasing a convertible patio swing represents a considerable investment. You want to get years of use from your patio swing as possible. As we searched for our choices of the best convertible patio swings, we wanted top-quality materials and construction to ensure that long life.


By design, convertible patio swings are meant to be outside. In some cases, the patio swing may be protected by a patio cover or other structure. However, most convertible patio swings include an awning or cover to protect you from the sun.

Unfortunately, these large awnings can become a problem if you live in areas prone to high winds. A large awning can easily become a sail sending your patio swing airborne toward probable destruction.

Design and Style Considerations

Design and style must always be considered when choosing expensive furniture, even for the patio. Meeting your expectations for your patio furniture is a big part of picking any furniture for your home. We have tried to find a variety of designs and styles that we feel represent the best the patio furniture industry offers.

Our Choices for Patio Swings that Convert to Beds

The following are our choices of patio swings that convert to beds. This list is certainly not exhaustive but should give you an idea of what is available. In most cases, the companies represented on our list have multiple styles and colors of patio swings.

Best Budget Convertible Patio Swing – Aoxun Patio Swing Chair with Canopy and Stand

If budget is a consideration as you shop for a convertible porch swing, you should look at the Aoxum Patio Swing Chair. This stylish patio swing converts to a comfortable day bed quickly and easily. When converted to a seat swing, there is enough room for three adults to enjoy the easy rocking motion comfortably. The conversion to a day bed provides ample room for two adults to enjoy a lazy afternoon in the shade of the generous canopy.

Functional Features

Lay Down Design

The Aoxun convertible patio swing easily goes from a comfortable upright sitting position to a large flatbed orientation. Pulling two spring-loaded pins at the lower side of the swing allows the back to tilt down to a fully horizontal position.

Easy Assembly

Your new Aoxum convertible patio swing ships disassembled. Assembly is straightforward with the included parts kit and the tools provided with the swing. Easy-to-follow instructions are included with a free instructional video.

Sturdy Construction

These convertible patio chairs are alloy steel with a powder coat finish. These convertible swings are rated for three adults with a maximum recommended total weight of 530 lbs.

Removable Cushions

The seat and back cushions are readily removable for cleaning or storage. The upholstery material is a tough and rain-resistant polyester. The cushion foam material is 3 inches thick to provide comfortable seating or napping.

Adjustable Canopy

The generously sized canopy can be adjusted to provide shade no matter the time of day. The canopy can also be removed for cleaning or storage.

The Pros and Cons

Surveying the comments of purchasers of the Aoxun Convertible Patio Swing reveals that the vast majority are pleased with their purchases. Among the categories of comments from Aoxum customers are these

The Pros
  • The assembly process was easy. The instructions were fairly clean, and the video was very helpful
  • When assembled, the Aoxun patio swing looks like a much more expensive item. The quality of the construction is excellent. The upholstery on the cushions is comfortable.
  • This convertible patio swing is much heavier than it appears in the ads. The frame is solid, and the finish is excellent. I expect years of service from this item.
  • The swing mechanism is smooth and glides easily. One good push to start, and the swing will continue for a while before needing another push.
The Cons
  • This convertible swing bed is great in many ways, except the swing mechanism locks when the swing is converted to a bed.
  • As heavy as this swing frame is, with the big canopy open, it will move and turn over if the wind gets up

Best Overall Convertible Patio Swing – Outsunny 3 Person Patio Swing Chair Bench Outdoor Convertible Hammock Bed

Most homeowners want to add a bit of elegance with comfort to their patio and landscape. The Outsunny 3 Person convertible patio swing brings both to your environment. This well-designed and well-crafted patio swing will enhance any patio. With space for three people, you can enjoy the company of your friends in a comfortable and pleasing atmosphere.

Functional Features

2- 1 Conversion Option

This Outsunny patio swing features a conversion from a settee-style patio swing to a day bed configuration that provides a new dimension in comfort and relaxation. You can stretch out for a relaxing bit of rest to enjoy your patio and landscape.

Comfortable and Stylish

With this three-person convertible patio swing, Outsunny brings style to patio living. The swing includes lattice-style cushions, two additional pillows, and extra-wide armrests. The styling is modern and contemporary to fit well into your patio décor


The adjustable canopy easily repositions to provide shade to the swing or the day bed throughout the day. No more moving the entire swing assembly to find a bit of shade as you try to relax.

Top-Notch Construction

The ultra-stable design of this convertible patio swing is based on a quality steel frame and durable powder coating that will provide years of enjoyment without worrying about corrosion. Each Outsunny convertible patio swing is rated for 528 lbs.

Durable Outdoor Upholstery

The canopy and the cushion upholstery are outdoor polyester materials designed for years of outdoor use. The fabrics are fade-resistant and stain-resistant.

The Pros and Cons

Users of the Outsunny convertible two-in-one convertible patio swing quickly point out how much they like their Outsunny patio swing. Every product has some downside or feature that some people don’t appreciate. This swing from Outsunny is no exception.

The Pros
  • The best feature is the two-position back that allows a full upright back position or a fully flat position as a day bed for a quick afternoon nap. An intermediate position is great for lounging, reading, or just being lazy.
  • The assembly of the convertible patio swing is relatively easy. However, be prepared to be confused more than once. When you finally get done, this is a beautiful piece of patio furniture.
  • The upholstery and canopy a very luxurious. Water beads up on the fabric and rolls off without soaking into the cushions. The same goes for the canopy.
  • The weight of this convertible patio swing is hefty enough to remain stable in most winds easily.
The Cons
  • The packaging of these patio swings is not up to the job. Many users complain that the packaging arrives torn, broken, or open with parts missing.
  • Assembling this patio swing is a two-person job. Just moving the box takes two people.

The Ultimate Convertible Patio Swing – PURPLE LEAF 3 Person Outdoor Patio Porch Swing Gazebo with Netting & Gazebo Curtains

Sometimes you want to enjoy nature and your landscape from your patio. Other times you may crave a bit of privacy as you try to relax. The Purple Leaf 2-person outdoor patio porch swing could be your answer to both situations. Imagine adding what amounts to a bonus room to your patio without the expense and trouble of construction crews.

The Purple Leaf 3- person outdoor patio swing includes a stand-alone gazebo that offers you options, including privacy when you want to relax in solitude. The features of this convertible patio swing with an included gazebo are almost too good to believe.

Functional Features

3 In 1 Design

This convertible patio swing from Purple Leaf offers you three times the comfort and relaxation. Adjust the back to a fully upright position to accommodate three adults on the swing. The back can be adjusted to a half down position for relaxation and into a fully down position to convert the patio swing into a day bed.

Upholstery Designed for Outdoor Living

This convertible patio swing kit includes a two-tier roof design with a full-size gazebo. Heavy-duty polyester material covers the roof and the upholstery. The material is water-resistant and treated to repel water quickly. This UV-resistant fabric will resist fading for years of trouble-free performance.

Like Adding Another Room to your Home

Imagine adding another unique living space to your home without a lot of construction hassle. The Purple Leaf gazebo and convertible porch swing package give you this versatility. Each pavilion and swing kit also includes nylon mesh screen and privacy curtains. The screens protect you from insects, and the curtain gives you privacy when needed.

Stability and Durability

This gazebo and convertible porch swing frame are made from steel and coated with a powder coat finish that resists weather and wind. The assembled kit is heavy enough to remain stable in all but the highest winds. No need to worry about stakes to keep your gazebo and swing in place

Comfort with Style

In addition to the stylish design of the gazebo and swing, Purple Leaf also looks to your comfort. Each kit comes with a full set of upholstered cushions. In addition, the kits include two pillows and two neck rolls in matching upholstery to make your convertible swing as comfortable as possible.

The Pros and Cons

Overall, the Purple Leaf Convertible Patio Swing and Gazebo combination get rave reviews from users. Most of the negative comments about this product concern shipping and delivery problems unrelated to the swing and gazebo quality.

The Pros
  • The quality is above reproach. The design is elegant and compliments our patio d├ęcor beautifully.
  • The construction of this swing and gazebo makes assembly easy. Everything fits well, and the holes line up without a problem.
  • This gazebo with a swing has survived some good thunderstorms and winds without a problem. We keep the side curtains in place and secured to protect the swing, which seems to help with winds.
  • The customer service from Purple Leaf is as good as it gets. The packaging on our swing was ripped, and some of the small parts were missing. We got them replaced promptly without any problems.
The Cons
  • This swing and gazebo came in several packages over several days. The packaging suffered during the shipment, but the parts in the boxes were undamaged.
  • Find some help to assemble the parts. As the parts are put together, they can get heavy, and a second pair of hands helps.

Finding the Convertible Patio Swing that Fits Your Needs

These convertible patio swings represent our choices for the best options in these categories. You may have other needs and expectations, which should figure into your decision. We think that these convertible patio swings offer the best compromises in features and cost.

Dennis Howard
Dennis Howard

Dennis is a retired firefighter with an extensive background in construction, home improvement, and remodeling. He worked in the trades part-time while serving as an active firefighter. On his retirement, he started a remodeling and home repair business, which he ran for several years.

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