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Hammond, IN, is loaded with exciting attractions and is a wonderful place to settle in as a new forever home. With a rich history dating back to the 1800s, the city has plenty to offer families and visitors. Hammond, IN, home to Purdue University, is a part of the Rust Belt that industrialized the area.

Hammond, IN, is located at the Illinois border, running along Lake Michigan from north to south. On its southern end, from east to west, Hammond meets the Little Calumet River. Hammond is adjacent to cities in Illinois, such as Burnham and Chicago, and Indiana, such as Gary and Munster. The city even has places that made the National Register of Historic Places.

When moving to a new city, the biggest question is whether it’s safe to do so. Hammond, IN, is considered a safe city to move to so long as certain pointers are followed. Vigilance is key in a city of almost 80,000 residents. When it comes to transportation, eating out, and enjoying all entertainment activities, watchfulness is what keys you safe.

Whether only visiting, or planning to move into Hammond, IN, there are a few tips to review for safety. A city that large is bound to attract some trouble, but that doesn’t mean it’s not safe to visit.

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What Do Statistics Point To?

A larger city, Hammond, IN, has a population of over 76,000 people as of the last census. The median household income is roughly $46,000 a year, with a median home value of more than $91,000. There’s also an average unemployment rate of 9.10%, with most people seeking work and are able to find it.

Though these statistics paint a magnificent picture of the nature of the city, there is still a crime to look through.

  • As of 2020, the total amount of crimes is 4,131 per 100,000 residents.
  • Residents have a 1 in 25 chance of becoming a victim of crime
  • Crime is shown at 66.82% higher than the national average
  • Hammond, IN, is 17% safer than other cities in the U.S.
  • Crime increased year over year by 4%.

Statistics speak to a city that carries with it quite a bit of risk. Having a 1 in 25 chance of becoming the victim of a crime does not bode well for those who travel to the city.

How Is Hammond, IN, Really?

Though the city has a higher crime rate than the surrounding towns, they also have significantly more residents. The more people are living close to each other, the higher the likelihood of crime taking place.

Hammond, IN, boasts a 1 in 25 chance of a person becoming the victim of crime. That is not true of the entire city, however. Southern parts of the city show more statistics of crime and along the Illinois border. It’s important to remember Hammond is flanked by Gary, IN, and cities are bordering Chicago, IL, which are all more prone to crime.

Statistics, however, don’t paint a complete picture. Plenty of residents who lived in Hammond, IN, most, if not all, of their lives speak highly of the city. People boast about the opportunities, the experiences, and the residents who make up Hammond, Indiana. There’s no doubt with a couple of pointers, there’s plenty to do in Hammond, IN, safely.

How’s Travelling to Hammond, IN Alone?

Hammond, IN has many unique attractions to offer, such as a brand-new casino called Horseshoe, as well as bars and restaurants. It’s no wonder, being just a stones-throw away from Chicago, many visitors think to make their way toward Hammond, IN.

The city proves to be a pleasant day trip for those who live in the Chicago, IL or Gary, IN area. Relatively safe, there’s plenty to do, from getting some excellent food to purchasing fireworks and even cheaper cigarettes. Of course, with the infestations of gangs in the area, it’s prudent to go with someone and exhibit caution at every turn.

What are some Attractions in Hammond, IN?

The close proximity to Chicago provides Hammond, IN, a unique opportunity when it comes to different attractions. The diverse climate of Hammond, IN, and Chicago provides attractions for a family of any size, no matter the day of the week.

Some unique attractions within the limits of Hammond, IN, include:

  • Paul Henry’s Art Gallery
  • Hammond Lakefront Park and Bird Sanctuary
  • Hammond Sportsplex
  • Horseshoe Hammond

A short distance away, other family-friendly attractions include:

  • Shoreline Sightseeing
  • Wateriders Kayak Tours
  • Wendella Tours and Cruises
  • Jak’s Warehouse

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How is the Job Market in Hammond, IN?

The job market in Hammond, IN, is projecting future job growth of around 27.8%. According to the latest federal statistics, the unemployment rate in Hammond, IN, was at 7.6% as of April 2021 and hasn’t shown change since then. Of course, this showed a remarkable improvement over the 20.3% unemployment rate as of April 2020.

On the other hand, Lake County, where Hammond, IN, is located, has a higher unemployment rate than the state’s rate of 4.2%. With a larger population and a steady stream of new job openings, there is always work available on the market for those looking to move into the area.

What Neighborhoods are Good to Move to in Hammond, IN?

As in many cities, certain neighborhoods are described as better or safer than others. Hammond, IN, is no exception to this rule. The northern part of Hammond is the one statistically prone to higher crime rates, which means South Hammond is the likeliest choice to settle down.

The areas around Purdue University and the district of Kenwood, Edison, and Jefferson Elementary schools are also described as some of the best to settle down. Neighborhoods directly linked to Hammond High School are prone to drugs and other gang-related crimes, and it is best to stay away from those areas.

In general, most people who live in Hammond, IN, explain they feel much safer living in various parts of Hammond rather than directly in Chicago. The area present in some of the neighborhoods is the same as in many other larger cities, but most of the neighborhoods in Hammond, IN, are a safe place to put down roots.

How Good are the Schools in Hammond, IN?

The public school system in Hammond, IN, leaves a little bit to be desired from the parents, landing squarely in the average toward the lower range of ratings. With a 33% rate of proficiency and 26% math proficiency, Hammond, IN schools do not place themselves among the highest rated schools.

With the public schools individual rating ranging from as low as one on a ten-point scale to only five, private schools might prove a better option for a good education. Reviews show schools are attempting to improve their scores and provide their students with the best education possible. There is hope that with enough time, the improvement will also improve their ratings, drawing more funding and families to the area.

On the other hand, college students have a series of different wonderful colleges in and around the city. Purdue University has a campus within the city limits, but other options are close by, such as Indiana University, Ball State University, and Valparaiso University. Hammond, IN, provides a good chance to stay close to great college opportunities for families with older children.

Is it Safe to Raise a Family in Hammond, IN?

Though the home market is hot right now in Hammond, IN, there are questions about safety. Raising a family in Hammond might prove to be as dangerous a task for anyone looking to moving into a larger city. Certain areas of the city will always have higher crime rates, especially in a city with a larger population.

Hammond, Indiana, has gangs, drugs, and various shootings that happen almost daily—raising a family in such an area, no matter how great the housing, is hard. Undoubtedly, parents would worry day in and day out about their children and their exploits the older they get. This means it might be prudent to look elsewhere if there are children involved.

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So, Is It Worth moving to Hammond, Indiana?

Moving somewhere new and exciting is always fraught with unknowns. The biggest thing most people worry about is the safety of the area and what it has to offer. Hammond, IN, is no different in that regard, but safety needs to be reviewed carefully. Statistics point toward a higher crime rate than the national average, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good place to settle the family.

A city still considered a part of Chicagoland and not far from Gary, it brings with it some problems. Gangs, drugs, and shootings are commonplace in Hammond, IN., especially in the wrong parts of the city as they spill over from other parts of the south side of Chicago. Though the city has a higher than average cost of living than the rest of Indiana, there are plenty of opportunities for families.

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