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Hyde Park Chicago is the home of many institutions of higher learning. Among them are the University of Chicago and McCormick Theological Seminary. The Museum of Science and Industry is among the most popular attractions located in the area. It received some national attention with the building of the Barack Obama Presidential Center.

Located south of the Chicago Loop, Hyde Park borders Lake Michigan. As the 41st community in the Chicago area, Hyde Park has official boundaries set as 51st Street and Hyde Park Boulevard on the north. On the south, the border is on Midway Plaisance between 59th and 60th. The west boundary is at Washington Park, and the east is Lake Michigan.

When it comes to exploring Hyde Park Chicago or moving to the city, many people may wonder how safe it is. Hyde Park Chicago is average regarding safety compared to the rest of Chicago. The city is geared toward professionals and students, but parts of it are still considered somewhat unsafe.

Below, you’ll learn more about the safety of Hyde Park Chicago, which might make it the next place you call home.

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What Are the Statistics?

Statistics point toward an area of Chicago where crime is higher than the national average. On the other hand, it’s safer than 58% of other cities in Illinois. Though violent crimes are showing 37% higher in Hyde Park Chicago than the national average, crime has been decreasing steadily year after year.

Though crime might sound high, when compared to the national average, there is a 1 in 37 chance of someone becoming a victim of a crime. It’s this statistic that gives the city an average rating.

Of course, not all of Hyde Park Chicago is dangerous, with more crime-ridden pockets throughout the city. Areas toward the south of Hyde Park Chicago appear to have more criminal activity as opposed to those toward the north, northwest, or toward Lake Michigan.

What Do We Think About Safety at Hyde Park Chicago?

A trick thing to be sure, but overall Hyde Park Chicago is considered by many as a safe location. Reviews from individuals who have past experience living in Hyde Park Chicago show a city full of diversity, great architecture, and excellent schools for raising children.

Whether you’re planning on a day trip to see the museum or would like to move into the city, Hyde Park Chicago is safe so long as certain precautions are observed. The same is true of many other cities. Hyde Park Chicago is no exception and should not get singled out as a result of some crime. In a city as large as this, with a population of almost 30,000, it’s no wonder that we find some crime in the area.

How Good are the Schools in Hyde Park, Chicago?

A quick search might reveal schools in and around Hyde Park, Chicago have high ratings, but delving deeper proves otherwise. Using the Hyde Park Academy High School as an example, schools in the area are not at all what they seem on the outside. With a one out of ten rating, statistics show the school has a graduation rate of 72% with the average SAT score at 811.

The assigned elementary school has only a three out of ten rating with mixed reviews by parents. A worrisome part of the ratings of this elementary school is that more students are found falling behind than they are in other schools and cities. The preparatory school and private schools in Hyde Park have higher ratings, showing that it would be the best route to go when moving into the city.

What are some Attractions in Hyde Park, Chicago?

Hyde Park, Chicago, is the home of various attractions for families both large and small. Located seven miles south of the Chicago Loop, Hyde Park is the home of diverse cultures and various historical landmarks. The original home of Barrack Obama, Hyde Park hosted many guests such as Mary Todd Lincoln.

Some of the attractions easily found in Hyde Park:

  • Jackson Park
  • Museum of Science and Industry
  • Promontory Point
  • Smart Museum of Art
  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House
  • DuSable Museum

Even home inspection in Chicago can be expensive.

How is the Job Market in Hyde Park, Chicago?

The median household income for Hyde Park, Chicago is statistically showing around $60,000 per household, right around the national average. Most of the jobs on the market in Hyde Park are related to white collar activities, with most of the residents having obtained at least a master’s degree.

Unemployment rate in Hyde Park, Chicago, is found at 4%, lower than the average for the rest of Chicago, Illinois, and the national rate. Though there are no statistics when it comes to the poverty level in Hyde Park, Chicago, it’s safe to say that most households earn a decent living working in Hyde Park. Compare Chicago to Philadelphia and see which is the better place to live.

Is Public Transportation Safe in Hyde Park Chicago?

Public transportation is well developed in all areas of Chicago, including Hyde Park allowing residents to move about the city with ease. The thing to remember when taking the bus or the subway is that there are more unsavory characters present, especially during the night. Taking the subway alone might be a little more dangerous than taking it with a group, but many make the trip day in and day out.

One aspect of public transportation to stay aware of is the homeless population which rides the buses and trains. The subway attracts many unwanted characters, which, when pushed, could turn any normal train ride into an unsafe situation. Always keep belongings as close as possible, and the less you carry, the better.

Taxis, though more costly, are a great alternative to buses and subways and generally considered much safer. Drivers and companies require a permit allowing them to operate in parts of Chicago, which means there is an oversight. Taking a taxi is also a great alternative to traveling somewhere by foot, not only for the mileage but safety concerns.

Where in Hyde Park, Chicago, Is It Safe to Live?

Hyde Park is a neighborhood of Chicago that ranks average regarding crime and above average when it comes to quality of life. The northern and western parts of the neighborhood are shown to exhibit more crime than the rest of the city, making settling in the south and east of Hyde Park more prudent.

With a booming home market, there are plenty of opportunities to rent of purchase a home or apartment, though the prices fluctuate and are on the higher end of the spectrum. A small studio apartment will run around $800 a month, quite a higher price jump than the rest of Illinois. Smaller apartments run a minimum of $200,000 for sale with prices reaching into the millions for homes.

One thing to keep in mind is that Hyde Park, Chicago, is one of the most densely populated communities along the Chicago Lakefront. Most of the homes on the market are considerably older, which adds to the charm of the area. Generally, Hyde Park is considered as the neighborhood that provides a more affordable alternative to other lakefront communities.

Is It Safe to Raise a Family in Hyde Park Chicago?

As a matter of fact, only around 14% of the families residing in Hyde Park Chicago have small children. Due to the proximity of different businesses and schools, raising a family would be difficult. Most people shy away from moving to Hyde Park, Chicago, with their children despite the schooling system.

The University of Chicago, as well as other institutions in the area, attract the attention of many young people who not only study but the party as well. Most of the area immediately surrounding the school and in Hyde Park as a whole are younger individuals who are always on the go as opposed to being family-oriented.

A younger population attracts more criminal activity into the area. Even if the crime isn’t necessarily violent in nature, there is the likelihood of an increase in traffic stops and accidents. These wouldn’t be good conditions for any young families with small children.

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So, Is It Worth Moving to Hyde Park, Chicago?

Yes, despite some of the crime in the area, Hyde Park Chicago is definitely worth making a home out of. The city has much to offer in the way of views from Lake Michigan or learning at the museum. With the right precautions, whether alone or with friends, exploring such an amazing city can be done safely. Hyde Park Chicago has many appealing attractions such as the museum or restaurants, which are mostly in the safer areas

Considering some of the pointers and remaining vigilant is the key to a safe trip into Hyde Park Chicago. Moving there with a family, on the other hand, might not prove as fruitful. Most of the individuals going into and residing in Hyde Park are professionals and students. Young people always on the go attract a higher paced life and more criminal activity not suited for children.

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