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Outfitted with a zoo, the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, and many other attractions, West Orange, NJ, beckons visitors. A place where Thomas Edison made his home, West Orange has a rich history worth exploring. Year-round activities are there for the enjoyment of visitors and residents, no matter the season.

West Orange is a suburb within Essex County of New Jersey, with the latest census showing a population of around 46,000. Located 5 miles from Newark and 12 miles outside of New York City, it’s considered a New York metropolitan area and made of four neighborhoods, each with a distinct housing type and eclectic mix of individuals.

Traveling to West Orange, NJ, draws many individuals, but many ask themselves just how safe it is to live there. Based on the latest statistics, the city is considered a safe place to visit and make a new home. In the 66th percentile, only 34% of U.S. cities are safer than West Orange, NJ.

Before traveling or moving into a new city such as West Orange, NJ, it’s best to learn everything possible. Different neighborhoods offer differing crime statistics as well as attractions and housing.

What Do the Statistics Say About West Orange, NJ Safety?

Deemed a safe city to live in and visit, the statistics speak for themselves. West Orange, NJ, comprises four neighborhoods: Downtown and the Valley, First Mountain, Pleasant Valley, and Pleasantdale, and Second Mountain. Each has distinct housing, residents, and of course, crime.

West Orange, NJ is in the 66th percentile for safety, making 66% of the U.S. cities more dangerous. Statistically, the crime rate is 20.90 for every 1,000 residents. The south neighborhoods are the ones most dangerous, with crime as high as 1 in 18. Northern neighborhoods of West Orange are safer, with crime rates as low as 1 in 107 residents.

On the whole, the most crime is located in the southern parts of the cities, with as many as 264 cases a year. However, the west part of West Orange is considered the safest, with only around 37 cases a year.

Is it Really Considered Safe?

The short answer to that question is yes, West Orange is safe for a visit and to make a home. Though areas of the city as considered less safe than others, there’s nothing to suggest the need to avoid West Orange.

Many residents, past and current, have commented about the safety they feel. People feel they’re able to walk about the city on foot without running into any trouble. With such low crime rates statistically, much lower than the national average, it is no wonder many feel comfortable visiting and living in West Orange, NJ.

Traveling safely means keeping a clear head and an understanding of where in the country the city lies. Some places, even within cities, are safer than others.

Can You Safely Travel Alone?

Again, the answer to this question is yes. Of course, traveling in a larger group always proves not only more fun but safer as well. There is nothing, however, that should stop someone from visiting West Orange, even if it’s only a day trip.

So long as precautions are taken while traveling alone, there’s no harm in visiting the city, even if it’s grabbing a bite to eat. Traveling alone always presents some risk, and that has to be understood, especially when taking public transportation. Using a car to get into the city, however, especially during the daytime, is a good way to stay vigilant.

Don’t hesitate to make friends out of the residents already in West Orange, NJ, that you’ll likely meet along the way. Staff at restaurants and bars will know the area well and can point you in the right direction or pointers on where to stay away from.

Is Public Transportation Safe?

Public transportation comes with an inherent risk. Many crimes happen on buses and trains as well as in the surrounding areas. Vigilance is key, no matter the city you’ll find yourself traveling to.

When coming in and out of West Orange, NJ, it’s important to understand the surrounding area as well. The city is only a couple miles outside of Newark and New York City, which also come with their own criminal activity. Whether passing through or on their way toward the city, those who would cause harm may also use public transportation.

Keeping eyes open is important during travels, as well as minding your belongings and items on your person. Homeless individuals also tend to congregate in such areas and might be inclined to take advantage.

What are Some Attractions in West Orange, NJ?

West Orange, NJ, a city that took part in the hit HBO series Sopranos, offers plenty of attractions for families of all sizes. Some notable places of interest to explore are:

  • Thomas Edison National Historical Park
  • Turtle Back Zoo
  • South Mountain Reservation
  • Eagle Rock Reservation
  • 9/11 Memorial

Of course, there are also various restaurants and smaller points of interest, but these are the things everyone should see upon moving into the city. The Thomas Edison National Historical Park preserves the memory and work of Thomas Edison, while Turtle Back Zoo has been around since 1963. Each offers a unique perspective into the N.J. world.

How is the Job Market?

Like the rest of the country, West Orange, NJ, has also been impacted by unemployment the past two years. With the current unemployment rate at 7.5%, it is higher than the national average of 6.0%. The job market is showing a decrease of a small .7% over the last year, but predictions show a potential growth of 22.6%.

The average income for a resident of West Orange, NJ, is around $43,000 a year, which is twice as high as the national average. The same is true of the household income, with an average income of $90,000, which is almost twice as high as the national average. Most of the population is employed in professional, scientific, technical, or healthcare services.

What Neighborhoods are Good to Move to in West Orange, NJ?

West Orange, NJ, includes a couple of different neighborhoods which are perfect for moving into the city. Whether unincorporated or not, the neighborhoods include:

  • Crestmont
  • Crystal Lake
  • Llewellyn Park
  • Pleasantdale
  • Saint Cloud

Of all of those, Saint Cloud is the most expensive and affluent part of West Orange, NJ. It has a median real estate of more than $500,000, which puts it as 77.7% higher than other neighborhoods in the West Orange, NJ, area.

Pleasantdale is made up of homes and townhomes on the large side, starting at three bedrooms. Most of the homes are already occupied with a vacancy of only 8% at any given time, showing exactly how popular of an area the city is.

How Good are the Schools in West Orange, NJ?

West Orange, NJ, schools hold high ratings along with great ratios of 11 students for one educator. According to statistics, the schools in West Orange, NJ, have amazing testing scores. Children show 53% proficiency in reading and 43% proficiency in math. High school students have an average score of 1150 on the SAT.

With average graduation rates of 90% and an average ACT of 26, the schools in West Orange, NJ provide a great education for all the children that attend. Kids that go through this type of education will have a very good chance of getting into a top-rated college in the hopes of getting a higher-paying career.

Is it Safe to Raise a Family in West Orange, NJ?

The West Orange, NJ school system consists of 12 schools that teach children from preschool all the way to Senior year of High School. Each school has been highly rated and focuses on what is best for the children, which is something most families look for.

West Orange, NJ is an average-sized city but has been deemed relatively safe by those that live there and have in the past. Statistics also point toward pockets of crime, but there is nothing that should deter a family from settling down and raising their children in the city. The city’s northern parts are much safer, and with the proper precautions, there’s no real safety reason to stay away.

So, Is It Worth moving to West Orange?

Whether you’re moving or visiting for the day, West Orange, NJ, is a safe city to explore. Unlike many of its counterparts, the city’s crime statistics point toward some crime, as expected in a large area but well below the national average. Even the buses

West Orange, NJ, a city not far from Newark and New York City, has much to offer, even on a day trip. As the home of Thomas Edison, it is rich in history rather than crime. Even traveling alone shouldn’t pose too big of a problem so long as common-sense pointers are observed.

The wonderful schools of West Orange, NJ also beckon parents who want their children in a great school system. With the lower rate of crime for a city of its size, it’s the perfect place to raise a family in an urban setting.

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