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West of the heart of Los Angeles and south is Hollywood, is Koreatown, also known as K-town. Roughly the size of 3 square miles, it’s the home of plenty of 24-hour business and entertainment. With one of the largest concentrations of nightclubs in the area, there is also something exciting to experience in Koreatown.

Koreatown includes Park Mile, Wilshire Center, and Wilshire Park and has many neighboring communities. As a trilingual neighborhood, Koreatown features a great blend of three different cultures: English, Spanish, and Korean. The vibrant experiences it offers, attract tourists and locals alike. As you plan a trip to Koreatown, L.A., the all-important question might be whether it’s safe.

K-town is considered as safe as any other city with a vibrant nightlife. Incidents of crime are unavoidable in areas where a large population of people comes together, which is the case in Koreatown. With some simple precautions, there is plenty to do and an exciting place to live without running into any criminal activity.

The guide below should paint a good picture of what to expect from Koreatown.

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What Are the Safety Numbers of Koreatown, LA?

As with many cities throughout the country, certain areas are better than others. Areas to the north and west, such as Wilshire Center, nicer than others. Heading toward the south side of K-town is not recommended since those areas are less than safe.

Koreatown has a large Hispanic gang presence which is the source of most of the crimes reported. There’s an average of 130 violent crimes committed for every 10,000 people. With roughly a population of 120,000 people, there is a 1.3% chance of becoming a victim.

Further statistics show:

  • 2020 has a total number of recorded crimes as 5062
  • 2019 has a total number of recorded crimes as 5579
  • With a total population of 107,316, this means there was a 9% decrease in crime.

2020 saw the rise of the coronavirus pandemic and the jury is still out on whether crime rates will hold, fall, or rise once again as more people are going about their pre-pandemic lives.

Do We Think It’s Safe?

Safety is relative and, in any city, there is a chance of falling victim to a crime. Koreatown is no exception, especially with as large of a population as it has. As an area with a vibrant nightlife, K-town attracts not only residents but tourists and individuals from neighboring towns.

With the proper precautions, Koreatown can be as safe as any other large city. Not straying toward the south of the city will keep someone out of the heart of the problem areas. It’s important to remember Koreatown is a diverse community with various types of people. Some parts are, therefore, more prone to crime.

What are some Attractions in Koreatown, LA?

As a hub of diversity, Koreatown, LA, has plenty to offer those who want to settle down in the city. Full of character, from the architecture to the music, there is something out there for everyone in Koreatown.

For some ideas on how to keep busy in Koreatown, here is a list of the most popular things to do:

  • The Wiltern
  • Korean American National Museum
  • Koreatown Plaza
  • Chapman Market
  • Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong
  • Soop Sok Karaoke

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Is it Safe to Travel to Koreatown, LA Alone?

Exploring Koreatown alone is all about the right amount of preparation. As with any large city in the country, there are chances for running into criminal activity, which means it’s imperative to know your surroundings.

With Koreatown’s ever-growing homeless population, walking on the streets alone might prove dangerous. The limited amount of space within the city is forcing the homeless people to live in tents in the streets and the alleyways in an effort to stay close to potential services. Certain portions of the city will hold an air of desperation that is hard to miss.

Remaining vigilant and traveling by means other than walking are some of the best ways to staying safe on a trip into the city. Stay within well-lit areas and travel only to well-known areas, restaurants, or nightclubs until you are familiar with the area. Since Koreatown is known for the largest amount of 24-hour entertainment, be aware of the hour when you’re out and about.

How Safe is Public Transportation?

Navigating public transportation changes from city to city, almost as if there were some unwritten code. Koreatown offers different options for public transportation such as buses and Metro. Whether you’re traveling alone or in a group, public transportation is deemed relatively safe in K-Town.

When traveling throughout the city using public transportation, it’s important to remain aware of your surroundings. The nature of public transportation always attracts all types of individuals, and you never know who you might run into, especially in a city with some criminal activity.

Don’t lull yourself in a false sense of security, instead, stay on the lookout and travel with at least one other person when possible. Remember that the schedule of public transportation can change between cities and even between days of the week, so don’t miss a bus or Metro. If you do miss a scheduled time, it would still prove safer to wait for the next one or call a taxi rather than walk alone in the street.

Is It Safe to Take a Taxi?

Koreatown, LA, offers different taxi services throughout the city with plenty sporting great reviews. Though they might prove pricier than an Uber or other means of public transportation, they are a safe and reliable alternative to getting around the city.

Apart from the safety of the taxi, you’ll find it’s beneficial to speak with the driver who is likely well-versed in all aspects of the city. The driver can point you in the direction of the best places to go and where to stay away from, especially if they’ve been driving for years.

What Neighborhoods are Good to Move to in Koreatown, LA?

Koreatown, LA, proves more affordable than the surrounding areas of Los Angeles. Though there aren’t many single-family homes in the area, there are plenty of rental options ranging from studios to multi-bedroom apartments. With the demand for places to live in the area, most families choose to rent their homes rather than purchase, though that is also on the rise.

The best place to settle down in Koreatown, LA, is the west and north side of the city, where there is less crime. Of course, this will also depend on the price of the apartments or homes available since there can be a wide difference. The safer part of Koreatown, LA, will likely have more affordable rental prices.

How Good are the Schools in Koreatown, LA?

The ratings of the schools in Koreatown, LA, range quite a bit, but they are mostly on the lower side of the ten-point scale. The schools with the best ratings and reviews are private schools within and around the Koreatown, LA, area.

Private schools provide a second option regarding schooling for children of all ages. They work to prepare the child for higher education and entering the workforce. Public schools are likely lacking because there is not a large population of residents who have children at only 22%, providing lower budgets for schools.

Is It Safe to Raise a Family?

The one aspect under contention is the safety of raising a family in Koreatown. Though plenty of families move into the area for various reasons, the school system usually keeps families with smaller children away.

Koreatown, LA, has the reputation of providing entertainment rather than a quiet place to raise a family. Though everyday living for adults who know safety protocols is not dangerous in the long run, kids won’t follow the same rules. Our smaller counterparts are more trusting than adults, making them easier targets in such a large city.

The cost of living in the area is also not as high as in surrounding communities. An average rental price is roughly $1,300 a month, which is not a terrible price in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

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So, Is It Worth moving to Koreatown, LA?

Koreatown, LA, is a vibrant city with many different ethnic groups contributing to the melting pot. As the years went on and more people flocked to the area, K-town became known for its vibrant nightlife. With many places open 24-hours, people from all over the country flock to experience this city that never sleeps.

Though, as with many other large cities, there is criminal activity, Koreatown, LA can be safe for families of all sizes to move to permanently. For larger families, it’s important to keep in mind that most of the housing options are apartments of various sizes, with less single-family homes on the market. The living might get cramped with enough people in an apartment, but can be offset with all that Koreatown has to offer.

Koreatown, LA, offers much in the way of entertainment and new experiences, and no amount of criminal activity could take that away.

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