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A gorgeous getaway, Prospect Park is the second-largest public park in Brooklyn with around 526 acres of land. Opened to the public in 1867, it’s undergone many transformations and expansions, making it the space known to people today. By 1980, the park reached such infamy it was included in the National Register for Historic Places.

Providing recreational ideas for the neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Prospect Park includes a 90-acre Long Meadow, the Picnic House, and the Prospect Park Zoo. There is also the Boathouse, Concert Grove, and a lake, just to name a few of the amazing attractions.

Apart from the popular attractions, the park is surrounded by neighborhoods such as Prospect Heights, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Prospect Lefferts Garden, and Crown Heights.

Though it attracts many, the bigger question still rings true-how safe is Prospect Park? The answer is that it’s considered relatively safe, so long as people take certain precautions. As with many places where there is a large population, crime will happen. All that matters is staying smart and making the right decisions.

If you’ve considered moving into the area, there are some things to keep in mind. Not all areas of Prospect Park are created equal. A thorough overview of the areas will shine a light on the best parts.

Statistics of Prospect Park Safety:

Between five different neighborhoods in the Brooklyn, NY, area, Prospect Park sees quite a vast amount of people every year and covers lots of ground. Though it provides an ample amount of entertainment, it’s also a magnet for tourism. Roughly 10 million people visit the park per year, which means there is also plenty of opportunity for crime.

  • Listed as the 4th park with the largest number of crimes

    30 crimes reported during the survey

  • Since 2000, crimes reported in the 78th Precinct (that patrols the area) show a steady decline in violent crimes

    Crimes reported in 2000: 1,721Crimes reported in 2020: 774Between 2014 and 2016, there was a spike in violent crime which now shows a decline

Violent and non-violent crimes which are reported in the area fall into different categories. Most of the crimes, however, take place after dark, which is the most dangerous time in the area.

So, Is Prospect Park Safe?

Statistics might make the area sound scary, but that is not the case. One thing to keep in mind is the sheer number of individuals visiting Prospect Park. Ten million individuals in any given year pose plenty of opportunity for problems which makes 774 crimes reported in 2020 minuscule.

The neighborhoods surrounding Prospect Park also influence the safety of the area. Thankfully, some of them have been listed as the best neighborhoods of Brooklyn, NY, by those that live there and visit.

It’s understandable to attempt as much caution as possible when traveling somewhere new. So long as all precautions are taken, safety won’t get compromised.

Is it Safe to Live in the Prospect Park Area Alone?

Exploring a new area you’ve moved into is always better in a group. Going alone, however, doesn’t make it any less safe, so long as the right precautions are taken. Moving to Prospect Park and exploring the new area could bring lots of joy and fun, even on your own.

With various activities to be explored within Prospect Park, there’s never a dull moment. As you go through exploring, remember which area meets with which neighborhood since they each have their own reputation.

Windsor Terrace, Park Slope, and Prospect Park South are all perfectly good places to stay near most any time of the day. Little Caribbean and Prospect Lefferts Gardens are considered a little more dangerous, but those with street smarts will have no problem.

As you make your way in and out of Prospect Park, whether by car, Uber, Taxi, or public transportation, the important thing to keep in mind is safety pointers. Keep your things with you at all times and travel during the day for a day filled with fun rather than crime. Check this out if you wonder if Crown Heights, Brooklyn is a safe place to live as well.

Is It Safe to Walk a Dog in Prospect Park?

As a matter of fact, Prospect Park has spots designated for four-legged companions. Though there are rules specifying the need for a leash and rabies vaccine, there are areas for the pups to stretch their legs.

When walking your dog, Prospect Park is one of the safest places you could go to in the area. With specialized off-leash areas, dogs can enjoy their time outside without the need to worry about safety.

With strict protocols against any off-leash activity outside of the specialized areas, there’s no need to worry as someone just heading into Prospect Park. Rules prohibit dogs from giving chase, and they must remain with their own. As someone who is going for a walk, you may even find yourself in the company of a crime-deterrent.

What Neighborhoods are Good to Move to in Prospect Park?

Prospect Park offers a wonderful escape for those who choose to settle into the area permanently. Though it’s not the same as Central Park, it offers its own special sense of character and appeal, along with having its own attractions.

Five different neighborhoods are considered to be located within the Prospect Park area and could provide a potential place to settle down. The five neighborhoods are:

  • Park Slope
  • Windsor Terrace
  • Prospect Park South
  • Prospect Lefferts Gardens
  • Prospect Heights

Each of these neighborhoods has its own unique charm and appeal. The most exclusive of these, with the highest rent, is Prospect Heights, with Prospect Park South being the most affordable.

Mostly Victorian-style homes, all of the neighborhoods around Prospect Park offer wonderful options for families of all sizes. For purchase, homes range in price but can get as a high as close to a million.

How Good are the Schools in Prospect Park?

The schools serving the area of Prospect Park and Prospect Heights all have great ratings. Private schools and academies also offer wonderful options for families looking to move into the area. Even private reviews of the schools show an atmosphere of learning and advancement in many different fields.

How is the Job Market?

With a labor market that is moving closer to what is considered normal, there are still relatively high unemployment rates. Between March and April of 2021, the unemployment rate was hovering at around 11.6%, which was lower than the 15.7% of the previous year.

Unfortunately, the unemployment rate is higher than the average of New York, which stands at 7.8%. It is also higher than the Brooklyn average of 4.5%. Though the country as a whole and the area of Prospect Park are increasing in jobs, there are still some unemployment rates to get through.

Some of the mentioned neighborhoods have different unemployment rates. Park Slope is showing an unemployment rate of 3.4%. This shows that there are good job opportunities within the Prospect Park area, even if you have to look outside of the exact neighborhood.

Is Public Transportation Safe?

No matter which mode of transportation is used to get in and out of Prospect Park, it’s perfectly safe. Though there is no direct subway system to Prospect Park, various bus lines can lead you into the area from around Brooklyn.

Uber and Taxis are also perfectly acceptable forms of transportation. Taxi cabs are designed to get tracked easier and have certain codes to adhere to as they work. Overall, using transportation other than a personal vehicle is perfectly safe, especially if the time of travel is during the day.

What are the Attractions in Prospect Park?

The Prospect Park Zoo is a great place to unwind on your own or with the family. Intimate, but with a generous number of animals to see, it’s a safe place for anyone. Located at the northeastern tip of Prospect Park, there are few chances for criminal activity.

With the Prospect Park Zoo open during daytime hours, it’s a matter of planning travel and duration so as not to stay into the night. Safe options for food are also provided, so there’s no need to venture out of Prospect Park in search of sustenance, making it a wholesome trip to take when visiting Brooklyn.

So, Is It Worth moving to the Prospect Park Area?

Safety is not something to sneer at, and it’s understandable everyone worries from time to time. Moving to a new area presents its own set of challenges, but all that is needed is some common sense and precautions. Exploring Prospect Park as a new home is considered a safe activity and one that at least 10 million people a year get to do.

Prospect Park and the neighborhoods around it provide a great place to settle down in and explore. The neighborhoods surrounding Prospect Park are considered safe, though it’s better to focus on a destination or go in groups. Public transportation such as buses and taxis are also safe ways to make your way around the neighborhood, so you can explore without worry.

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