Is Delray Beach A Good Place To Live? (Find Out Now!)

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by Gary Evans

Living near the beach is a dream many of us harbor. The thought of being able to go to the beach whenever you want is a pleasant one to ponder. You can make that dream a reality if you choose to live in Delray Beach, Florida.

Known as the “Village by the Sea,” Delray Beach allows you to experience what living in a vacation destination is like. It sure sounds like a good idea, but is moving to Delray Beach something you should strongly consider?

Apart from the gorgeous location, moving to Delray Beach makes sense if you want an affordable home in Florida. The city’s economy is also poised to continue growing at a rapid rate over the coming years. Unfortunately, Delray Beach is plagued by a crime problem that affects many other Florida cities.

There are reasons why moving to Delray Beach can be a good move. There are also reasons why the opposite could be true. Learn more about those reasons and see if living in Delray Beach is right for you by reading on.

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Why Is Delray Beach a Good Place to Live?

Many folks out there don’t need to be sold on the idea of living in a beach town. They would probably jump all over the opportunity if it was made available to them. Still, it’s worth taking the time to get to know the place better. Let’s do that here by highlighting the pros of living in Delray Beach.

Idyllic Location

We cannot talk about the pros of living in Delray Beach without discussing its picturesque surroundings. Residents and tourists alike get access to 2 miles of beach in the city. Relax along the beach with the blue skies overhead and the clear waters in front of you.

Those clear waters also serve as an attraction. Go snorkeling or scuba diving near the beach and get close to the marine life. You will even be able to see some corals in the area.

Delray Beach may not have the largest seaside hangout spot, but it remains undeniably beautiful. If you do end up moving to the city, you will likely spend a lot of your free time there.

Entertainment Options

One of the things we like about Delray Beach is that it has so much to offer in terms of entertainment. There are numerous ways for you to have a good time beyond just hanging out at the beach. Head on over to Atlantic Avenue during certain times of the year and you can check out some street festivals. Join in on the fun and partake in the treats being made available.

Delray Beach is also not the type of city that goes to bed early. The city features a very active nightlife scene. Dance the night away together with your friends at some of the city’s hottest nightlife spots.

The city also regularly plays host to professional sports tournaments. Prestigious events including the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup have been held in the city before. Delray Beach is also a frequent stop for the ATP World Tour.

Try your own hand at tennis by paying a visit to The Delray Beach Tennis Center. Join some clinics or camps if you’re interested in becoming a better player or just getting fit in a fun way. You will find numerous other athletic fields throughout Delray Beach. They are great spots for staying active when you have some free time and energy to burn.

By the way, Delray Beach’s entertainment options aren’t limited to beaches, bars, or sporting venues. Spend a night watching a play or musical at the Delray Beach Playhouse. Musicians also frequent the Arts Garage where they are greeted by fans and other folks in the mood for some good music.

There are so many ways to have fun in Delray Beach. Find out which ones you like most after moving to the city.

Expanding Economy

Delray Beach is a city on the rise. You can tell that right away by looking at the economic outlook for the city. Although it’s not one of the fastest growing cities in Florida, Delray Beach’s economy is still expanding at a rapid rate.

According to projections, the job market in Delray Beach is expected to grow by over 40 percent over the next decade. For reference, the expected job market growth for the rest of the country is 34 percent.

Delray Beach appears poised to reach new heights sometime soon. You can benefit from all of that by moving there now. By the way, the economy in Delray Beach is in good shape right now. The unemployment rate in the city is at 5.1 percent. That’s lower than the nationwide average of 6 percent.

Many job markets throughout the country remain unstable at the moment. Delray Beach is a little better in that regard.

What Are the Pitfalls of Living in Delray Beach?

As we just discussed, there are numerous reasons why living in Delray Beach is such an attractive proposition. However, we cannot ignore the potential downsides of such a move either. We can go through what those downsides are in this section of the article.

High Crime Rates

More than a few Florida cities are plagued by high crime rates. It’s unclear why that’s the case, but there is certainly a trend to note there. Unfortunately, Delray Beach can be counted among those cities that are affected by high crime rates.

Neighborhood Scout can fill us in on the crime situation in Delray Beach. The site notes that Delray Beach is safer than just 8 percent of the cities in the United States.

It’s easy to explain why that number is so low after you look at the violent and property crime rates there. The site tallies a violent crime rate of 4.95 per 1,000 residents for the city. The property crime rate is also at the alarmingly high level of 35.05 per 1,000 residents.

Those high crime rates may discourage people from moving to Delray Beach and it’s hard to blame them. You should also decide for yourself if those crime rates are potential deal-breakers on your end.


Florida residents are well aware of the natural phenomena that threaten their home state every now and then. We are talking of course about hurricanes.

Prioritize searching for homes in Delray Beach that already come with features designed to protect against hurricanes. If your preferred home lacks those features, it’s important to get them installed right away.

You should also remain mindful of hurricane safety even if you’re searching for an apartment. Make sure the unit you’re staying in has the capacity to withstand the incredible amount of force that hurricanes typically unleash.

The threat of hurricanes shouldn’t be the reason why you hold off on moving to a place such as Delray Beach. However, you must be prepared for them. Prepare your home and emergency items so you can endure the onslaught of any hurricanes that pass by your area.

What Is the Cost of Living in Delray Beach?

Can you afford to live in Delray Beach? That’s an important question to answer before you plan any move. Obtain your answer to that question by going through the bullet points below:

  • Housing – You might have assumed that homes in Delray Beach are expensive due to their prime location. At a median cost of $203,000 though, the homes there are actually quite affordable. The value proposition looks even better when you consider that the median cost of a home in Florida is $237,000.
  • Transportation – The cost of getting around Delray Beach can be somewhat surprising. Transportation-related expenses in the city are 25 percent higher compared to the rest of the country. You can try to save money by walking more and enjoying the comfortable climate in the city.
  • Utilities – Although the weather does get pretty warm in Delray Beach, it rarely gets uncomfortable there. Turning on your air conditioner may be needed on some days, but that’s about it. That’s why utility bills for Delray Beach residents often remain low.
  • Groceries – The grocery prices in Delray Beach are a few ticks higher than what you’ll see in other Florida cities. Still, you probably won’t have to downsize your grocery list that much.

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Are the Public Schools in Delray Beach Regarded as High Quality?

The quality of public education is going to be a deciding factor for many people contemplating a move to Delray Beach. It may even be the deciding factor for you. So, what can you expect from the public schools based in that city? It’s fair to say that you’re getting a mixed bag.Some of the public schools in the city have received top marks from students and teachers. Others have received significantly lower marks. Remember to account for the public schools close by when choosing a home in Delray Beach. Ensure that your kids receive high quality education by taking that extra step.

How Do Residents Travel around Delray Beach?

Delray Beach offers access to typical public modes of transportation such as buses and trains. What’s interesting is that there are also water-based public vehicles in the city.You can check out the rentals at the marina and travel through Delray Beach with their help. Traveling by boat is a great way to see the city. Feel free to try it out yourself after moving to Delray Beach.

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