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Living in a beach locale with constant access to recreational facilities is a dream for most people. Still, with an affordable cost of living, this dream can become a reality for Apollo Beach, Florida residents. Close to Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, this inland suburb gives people the ability to live on the bay with beautiful weather and warm temperatures.

Apollo Beach is a great place to live because of low crime, high employment rates, and constant recreational activities. Compared to national averages, the cost of living in Apollo Beach is significantly higher. However, affordable utilities and healthcare help to make living in Apollo Beach affordable for most families.

Further, Apollo Beach can offer limitless watersports and even entertainment for your canine companion. The public school systems are top-rated, and people generally have nothing but positive feedback about living in the Apollo Beach community.

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Why Is Apollo Beach A Good Place to Live?

Located across the bay from St. Petersburg, Florida, and considered a suburb of Tampa Bay, Apollo Beach is a great place to live, offering an affordable cost of living while still living near the beautiful Florida waterways. Of course, Apollo Beach has plenty to offer its residents, including…

Reasonable Living Costs

Housing in Apollo Beach, FL, is significantly more compared to other cities in the United States. On average, housing is about 20% higher in Apollo Beach compared to the national average. Expect a house to cost about $267,000, much more than the national average of $217,000 for a home.

The majority of people, about 85% of the Apollo Beach population, own a house, with only about 15% of the population opting to rent.

Other costs of living are much more reasonable in Apollo Beach, FL. Utilities and healthcare costs are below the national average, reaching just 98% of the national average. Transportation may be slightly higher than the national average, costing 20% more.

However, in general, the cost of living in Apollo Beach, FL, is just 10% higher than the national average, with the bulk of expenses appearing in housing.

A Scenic Experience

What could be better than living on the beach? Living in Apollo Beach, FL presents plenty of scenic opportunities for residents. Besides going to the beach daily for beautiful sunrises and sunsets, residents can explore the nature preserves in the immediate area. Explore the Apollo Beach Preserve, or visit the Manatee Viewing Center.

Those willing to venture a little outside of Apollo Beach will find a new selection of scenic vistas and locations to explore. Both the Bahia Beach Nature Preserve and the Apollo Beach State Park are just a short drive outside the city limits. These beaches offer plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and sunbathing, allowing residents to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Low Crime Rates

The actual city of Apollo Beach does not retain crime records, so residents are forced to refer to the nearest town, Gulfport, Florida, to get a baseline idea of what crime is like in the area. In Gulfport, FL, violent crime is minimal and well below the national average. There were zero recorded murders, and rape registered just 32.7 cases per 100,000 residence, well below the average of 40.7 cases as the national average. Assault cases were just 54% of the national average.

Property crimes are also low in Gulfport, FL, near Apollo Beach. Burglary is 50% of the national average rate in this area. However, both theft and motor vehicle theft are slightly higher than average. Motor vehicle theft is about 110% of the national average, and theft is 126% of the national average in Gulfport, FL.

Loads Of Recreation

Chances to participate in various watersports are endless in Apollo Beach, FL. Residents regularly enjoy sunbathing, swimming, fishing, sailing, and boating. There are opportunities for private boat ownership, with many docks and marinas available, or charter a boat for a tour or fishing excursion. Golf is another popular outdoor activity in Apollo Beach, and the Apollo Beach Golf Club has a challenging and wonderfully maintained course for residents to enjoy.

Lakeside Park is a beautiful area for children to enjoy some fun in the water. Zero-entry beaches and splash zones are perfect for young children. There is also an outdoor Apollo Beach skatepark for people to enjoy skateboarding, biking, or rollerblading. The fun and recreation aren’t just for humans, though. Apollo Beach also has the Apollo Beach Dog Park, offering space for your pet to safely enjoy the beach, water, and company of other canine friends.

Low Unemployment

Apollo Beach features an extremely low unemployment rate of just 3.4%. Compared to the national average of 6.1%, this is about half. Many of the people living in Apollo Beach are adults, accounting for nearly 79% of the population. The majority of people have taken at least some college classes or have earned an advanced degree, making up 74% of the population.

When it comes to the industry in Apollo Beach, most people work in the healthcare or medical field. Other significant industries in Apollo Beach include leisure and hospitality, as well as professional and business careers.

What Are The Pitfalls Of Living In Apollo Beach?

Although it may be enjoyable to live in a beach location for the entire year, there are certainly some downsides to living in Apollo Beach, Florida. Plenty of scenic views and opportunities for recreation come with a hefty price, which can include…

  • Cheaply built homes. Like many areas of the country, many of the single-family homes built in Apollo Beach are cheaply designed and built, with owners reporting significant structural problems in the first years of homeownership.
  • Little entertainment options for young adults. Despite being a beach location, there is very little to do for young adults. About 35% of the population is of retirement age, so nightlife and activities for young adults are severely lacking. Most residents have to travel to nearby urban city centers in Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg for entertainment.
  • High cost for housing. Housing is extremely expensive in Apollo Beach, Florida, and is significantly higher when compared to other parts of Florida. Rent is about $1,500 per month for a simple apartment and can run $2,000 or more to rent a three-bedroom home.
  • Turbulent weather and storms. While Apollo Beach is located inland, it is still subject to strong weather systems. Tampa Bay, just a short drive away, is the lightning capital of the world, spawned by strong storm systems that pass through the area. Be prepared for frequent thunderstorms and humid weather.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Apollo Beach?

If you want to live in Apollo Beach, you will have a hefty price to pay for summer weather and a beautiful ocean to look at every day. But, except for housing, many standard costs of living are comparable to other parts of Florida and the United States. To live in Apollo Beach, FL, expect to pay….

  • A new house will cost about $280,000. Significantly higher than both the United States and Florida, housing will cost about 21% more in Apollo Beach. About 85% of the population owns a house, while 15% of the population rents. Expect a rental to run about $1,500 per month, much higher than the $1,000 per month national average.
  • Food and groceries will cost more. The groceries in Apollo Beach will come with a 6% increase over the national average cost. This increase is also significantly higher than Florida, which is about 2% over the national average.
  • Recoup some costs on lower utility costs. While housing and weekly groceries might set you back more than you planned, utility costs in Apollo Beach are about 2% lower than the national average.
  • Healthcare is comparable to the rest of the nation. When it comes to healthcare costs, expect to pay about the same in Apollo Beach as you do in other parts of the country. Healthcare is about 1.5% higher in Apollo Beach compared to other areas in the country.

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Related Questions

What animals can you view in Apollo Beach, Florida?

Apollo Beach is home to several wild animals and species of birds that attract visitors year-round. Probably the most famous animals found in Apollo Beach are the manatees. Residents can visit a protected Manatee Viewing Center that will give residents an up-close view of this elusive animal. Residents of Apollo Beach have also been known to find alligators near and on the waterways. These large, ancient animals will make a frequent appearance in canals and golf courses in the local area.

Are there nice beaches at Apollo Beach?

Just as the name implies, Apollo Beach is home to some beautiful beaches that residents and tourists alike will flock to every day of the week. These beaches are perfect for sunbathing, watersports, or simply walking or biking. Recreational activities are endless and widely available near the beaches and docks around Apollo Beach. There are even nude beaches in Apollo Beach, FL, which begin around parking lot 5.

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