How To Wash An Ugg Comforter

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The UGG brand has expanded significantly over the years. What began as a company renowned for their distinct, comfortable and trendy sheepskin boots has exploded into an internationally recognized clothing, accessories and lifestyle brand.

Many of their products are accessible luxury in that they are not cheap, but are affordable compared to some ultra luxury brands. So if you find yourself ready to slightly splurge on new bedding, you might want to know how difficult it is to wash an UGG comforter.

Always read and understand the specific UGG comforter care instructions before washing. UGG does not recommend machine washing its products, since they are often leather or sheepskin.

UGG comforters, however, can sometimes be machine washed, but should always be washed delicately without harsh chemicals. Do not put an UGG comforter in the hot dryer. Instead, dry your comforter in open air whenever possible.

Before you toss your UGG comforter in the washing machine with your clothes, you should pause and make sure that’s a wise idea. All comforters have specific cleaning instructions.

Some luxury comforters, including the UGG brand, have soft and specialty fabrics that make for an amazing night’s sleep. But this expensive soft feel sometimes means the comforter needs delicate and specific care.

UGG Comforters And How To Wash Them

UGG comforters are made from a blend of fabrics, including a fair amount of polyester. This means they are not nearly as delicate as their sheepskin products. In many cases the care instructions allow for machine washing. But make sure you are aware of the intricacies of your particular comforter.

Different Comforters With Unique Materials

As you surely know after shopping for a new comforter, not all comforters use the same fabrics and fills. This is true for UGG comforters as well. There are different comforter types and designs. So make sure you know the materials your comforter has before proceeding with the wash.

Always Check Care Instructions

Check the care instructions. Do this before you purchase the comforter when possible. Either way, the tag will let you know if you can put it in the machine, and what temperature you should wash it at. Only wash the comforter using a machine when the instructions explicitly say so, and the same goes for p utting your comforter in the dryer.

Can You Put Your UGG Comforter In The Washing Machine?

If you are wondering whether or not you can put your UGG comforter in the washing machine, the answer is: It depends. On the UGG official care and cleaning website it mentions that its products are “too delicate” to be washed in a machine. So, that means according to the company, you should not put UGG products in the washer. The site then mentions how many of its products are sheepskin and leather.

This means you need to keep in mind that they are mostly referring to their boots and other products when they are mentioning the do-not-wash-in-the-machine comment. So, while you should know this information, you definitely need to look further. Check the specific care instructions for your comforter. Check the tag or research the product online, as there is a good chance you can wash it on the delicate cycle in a machine.

Pro Tip: Most UGG comforters should be washed on the cold, gentle cycle. Try not to apply heat, so only use cold water.

How Often Should You Clean An UGG Comforter?

An UGG comforter needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Just like all other bedding, comforters can grow and breed bacteria over time, so never neglect the cleaning schedule. It is best to clean your UGG comforter every one to two months. Of course, if there is a stain or the comforter gets dirtier than normal, wash it more frequently.

You can attract mites and other tiny insects you cannot see when you don’t regularly wash your comforter. So, even if the process involves a bit of elbow grease and a long drying time, make sure you don’t wait too long.

Pro Tip: It is always good to have a backup comforter so you can use it when your UGG comforter is drying on a line overnight.

Tips To Washing An Ugg Comforter Successfully

1. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals are bad for most fabrics. This is particularly true for delicate fabrics found on bedding, including most UGG comforters. Some harsh chemicals can stain, while others can even change the feel and texture of a comforter (for the worse). Worst of all, these chemicals, if not completely washed out, can damage your skin. This is the last thing you want on products you sleep with.

2. Spot Clean The Stains

If there are any stains or spills, spot clean them before washing the entire comforter. Spot cleaning stains always helps to remove them. This is particularly helpful when washing your UGG comforter. You need to wash your UGG comforter in gentle mode. This is great for the fabric, but not the best for removing stains. Spot cleaning will help ensure all stains are lifted in the washing process.

3. Hand Wash When Possible, Delicate Mode Otherwise

Delicate comforters can benefit from hand washing when possible. This is particularly true if there are delicate patterns and beadwork on your comforter. But in other cases, make sure you use your washing machine’s gentle mode.

4. Wash The Comforter By Itself

Wash your comforter without other sheets or clothing. Washing it alone allows it to clean better. It also prevents other clothing articles from damaging the comforter.

5. Air Dry During Pleasant Weather

Dryers can ruin lots of clothing. Constant high heat exposure can damage your comforter. It can mess up the filling and even make the soft comforter less soft. Make sure you only put the comforter in the dryer if the care instructions allow it.

Even if you can put it in the dryer, consider drying it on the line. Air drying your comforter allows for a more natural dry, and should help preserve your UGG comforter’s quality for longer. Air drying your comforter on a nice day also helps you save on your electric bill.

Wrapping Up How To Clean An UGG Comforter

If you purchased a new soft UGG comforter, you might wonder the best way to wash it. The specific care instructions may vary based on the exact type of UGG comforter you purchased. If you are able to machine wash it, make sure you spot clean any stains before placing it in the washer. When machine washing, use the delicate cycle and cold water. It is best to air dry your comforter on nice days, as this prevents damage and shrinkage.

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