How Much Should You Tip For Mattress Delivery?

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It can be difficult to transport a mattress, and that’s why countless homeowners choose to pay a delivery fee for convenience. Costs include the mattress, the delivery fee, and of course, the tip. There is no clear-cut rule about how much you should tip for mattress delivery, so what is appropriate?

The average homeowner gives a $10 tip per person for mattress delivery, but it varies based on the delivery cost. It is ideal to tip up to 10% or more for mattress delivery, and homeowners generally match the tip for each person that delivers it. Mattress delivery requires 2 or more people, and it is appropriate to tip between $5 and $20 per person.

You can ultimately tip whatever you think is appropriate for mattress delivery. However, mattress delivery is hard work, and it is always nice to give a generous tip when possible. Follow along as we explore the ins and outs of mattress delivery tips and see how much you should spend.

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Are You Supposed to Tip Mattress Delivery Guys?

There isn’t always necessarily a rule that you have to tip someone for mattress delivery, but homeowners generally tip up to 10%-20%. Tips can range between $5 and $20 per person or more depending on the cost of the mattress and delivery. Mattress deliveries involve 2 people, and it is ideal to tip them each the same amount.

Some companies may have a built-in tip for mattress delivery, and that takes away all of the guesswork. Built-in tips aren’t generally more than 10%, but it never hurts to go above and beyond and tip up to 15%.

How Much to Tip Mattress Delivery

You can base how much you tip for mattress delivery on several factors such as location and difficulty. There is no ironclad rule for how much you should tip for mattress delivery, but it’s ideal to base it based on the effort and logistics of the job. Let’s take a look at the key factors that determine how much you should tip for mattress delivery.


How far are you located from where they are and how long will it take them to deliver your mattress? Mattress retailers are often willing to deliver a mattress to a home that is far away from their store or warehouse. That can mean that the deliverers put in more time and effort to deliver your mattress, and that should reflect in the tip.

The location also affects how easy it is to deliver to your home if you have a challenging driveway or bad road conditions. Homeowners generally add more to the tip if it is difficult to maneuver the mattress throughout the house. Narrow doors or hallways, steep stairs, and a long path can complicate the delivery.

Tip them generously if your house is difficult to navigate with large, heavy objects. That is the hardest part of their job, and it is the main reason that homeowners tip for mattress delivery.

Mattress Size

It is harder to deliver a California king-size mattress than it is a twin, and that should affect the tip. A standard 76” x 80” king-size mattress weighs 155 pounds on average and is difficult to deliver. However, a king-size mattress can weigh up to 180 pounds, and even queen-size mattresses can weigh 160 pounds.

Mattress delivery is back-breaking work, particularly if they have to deliver to a distant room. It is reasonable to tip more for a heavy mattress than a 45-pound twin mattress. Consider the weight and size of the mattress when you tip for mattress delivery.

Mattress Removal

You have to pay a higher delivery fee if you need them to remove your old mattress when they deliver a new one. The extra fee may cover the removal, but it should also factor into your tip. It takes longer to remove an old mattress and deliver a new one, and it can be more physically taxing.

Mattress removal should factor into your tip in the same way that size affects your tip. Removing a heavy queen or king-size bed is just as difficult as it is delivering a new bed. Consider tipping closer to $10 per person or more if they have to remove an old mattress upon delivery.

Quality of Delivery

The biggest factor in how much you tip for mattress delivery is how good of a job they did. It is hard work, but professionals generally go above and beyond to ensure quality delivery. However, that isn’t always the case, and there’s no reason to give a huge tip for poor work.

The quality of delivery comes down to the size of the mattress, efficiency, and difficulty of the delivery. It is ideal to give a generous $10 tip or more if they do a great job under difficult circumstances. Factor in the distance, difficulty, and efficiency of the delivery when you tip them.

Related Questions

What do you do with an old mattress?

You can donate an old mattress to Goodwill or contact Salvation Army to pick it up for you. Charities such as Habitat for Humanity accept old mattresses if they are in usable condition. It is possible to sell an old mattress through sites such as Craiglist or eBay.

How much does mattress delivery cost?

Delivery is often free when you buy a mattress, but it can cost up to $100 depending on where you buy it from. Businesses often charge a redelivery fee if they are unable to deliver the mattress if the homeowner is gone.

Summing It Up

You should tip $10 per person for mattress delivery, or between $5 and $20 depending on the quality of the service. Factors such as your location, the layout of your home, and the size of the mattress should impact how much you tip them. Add another $5 per person if they remove an old mattress and set up a new one upon delivery.

Delivery fees are sometimes included in the cost of the mattress, but you should still tip them. Consider the weight and size of the mattress when you tip them, especially if it is a queen or king-size bed which can weigh up to 180 pounds.

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