How Much Does It Cost to Insulate a Garage?

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by Gary Evans

Insulation is generally considered a good investment because of the immediate and long-term benefits it can provide. Different parts of your home must be insulated if you want to capitalize on the available benefits. Your garage should not be an exception to that.

Understandably, you may be hesitant to invest in your garage’s insulation because you don’t spend a lot of time there. You must decide if making that kind of investment will be worth it. One way to determine that is by examining how much the entire garage insulation project will cost.

Fully insulating your two-car garage will cost $1,400 on average. Insulating a larger three-car garage will cause the final cost of the project to climb up to $2,000. The type of insulation you choose for your garage will also affect how much it will ultimately cost. Blown-in insulation is usually the most expensive at $1 per board foot.

Look into insulating your garage if you want to enjoy some useful and substantial benefits. With insulation added to that part of your home, you may even spend more time there. Learn more about how much insulating your garage will cost by continuing with the rest of this article.

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Cost to Insulate Garage by Size

Size of GaragePrice
1-Car Garage$750
2-Car Garage$1,400
3-Car Garage$2,000

The size of your garage will heavily influence the final cost of insulation. For a standard 2-car garage, you will have to pay $1,400 to get it fully insulated.

Paying that much for insulation means you’ll be able to cover that part of your home properly. It should be enough to cover all the walls as well as the door. Do not skimp on insulation even if you want to save some money. Skimping on the insulation could lead to leaks. Even if you have a heater in your garage, it may struggle to work properly if the insulation is lacking.

Securing the appropriate amount of insulation for a larger 3-car garage is also necessary. That kind of project will cost you $2,000.

You’ll be able to save some money if you have a smaller 1-car garage. The final price for that kind of project typically ends up at $750.

It’s also a good idea to ask the installer to drop by your home before they get started. Some parts of your garage may already be lined with some insulation that you didn’t notice before. Ask the installer to perform an inspection so they can tell you exactly how much insulation will be required.

Cost to Insulate Garage by Type

Type of InsulationPrice
Foam Board$950
Spray Foam$1,300

How much you’ll spend on garage insulation will depend in large part on what kind of insulation you want to be installed. Filling your garage with blown-in insulation will cost you $1,400.

Using blown-in insulation is a good choice if you want to take on this project solo. It’s the easiest to install on your own, although you’ll probably need to rent special equipment to do that.

Fiberglass insulation for your garage will cost $1,200. Similar to the blown-in variant, fiberglass is easy to install. Fiberglass batts and rolls are already designed to fit neatly into openings in and around the home.

Foam or rigid board insulation offers great value at $950. It’s arguably the best at regulating temperature and yet it’s more affordable than other common options. However, foam board insulation can be tricky to install. Homeowners are urged to enlist the help of professionals if they want foam board insulation.

At $900, reflective insulation represents the ideal option for homeowners looking for something budget-friendly. Do note however that reflective insulation works mainly by stopping heat from entering your home. It may not be as useful if you’re looking for something that also helps keep your garage warm.

Last up, you have spray foam insulation that’s available for $1,300. Spray foam insulation excels at filling in small, hard-to-reach spaces. You should also consider professional installation if you want to use spray foam.

Cost to Insulate Garage per Square Foot

Insulation EstimateCost per Square Foot
Low-End Estimate$0.50
Mid-Range Estimate$0.90
High-End Estimate$1.30

To gain a better understanding of how expensive this project will be, you can look at the cost per square foot. The mid-range cost per square foot estimate for garage insulation is $0.90.

That estimate assumes that you aren’t using the top-end materials. You can also wind up with that kind of estimate if you’re taking on garage insulation as a DIY project.

If you want to cut down on your expenses significantly, you can go for inexpensive insulation and DIY installation. Reflective insulation is probably your best bet. The good news for homeowners is that reflective insulation is also easy to install. The low-end estimate for garage insulation is $0.50 per square foot.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll have to pay $1.30 per square foot for a high-end project. Paying that much may be necessary if you have a larger garage.

Cost to Insulate Garage Door Only

Size of Garage DoorPrice
1-Car Garage$350
2-Car Garage$700
3-Car Garage$1,000

Spending your money to insulate only your garage door is an option. The size of the garage door will dictate how much you’ll have to pay. Typically, the cost of insulating the door of a 2-car garage is $700.

Bigger 3-car garages come equipped with wider and taller doors. You will likely have to spend $1,000 to insulate it.

For a smaller garage door, the cost of insulation will probably end up at $350. Insulating the garage door yourself can lower the cost further.

Insulating only your garage door is an option if the walls were already insulated before you moved in. That’s why we mentioned that getting your garage inspected before installing insulation is a good idea.

You can also focus just on the garage door if you’re working with a limited budget. The garage door is the spot where a lot of heat escapes from. It’s also the entryway for the heat coming from the outside. By focusing on the garage door’s insulation, you can make that part of your home more energy-efficient. It’s a good temporary solution if you don’t have the money ready for full insulation.

Labor Cost to Install Garage Insulation

Apart from the insulation materials themselves, you also have to worry about labor costs. For this type of project, you can expect your labor-related expenses to reach $1,200. Although installing insulation is not particularly difficult, you can still expect professional installers to charge a substantial fee.

They do that because installing insulation can be a time-consuming task. On top of that, they also need to use special pieces of equipment. Installing insulation can also be a hazardous project so wearing protective gear is a must.

Even when the installation is completed, the work is not done until the garage has been cleaned up. You cannot be surprised by how much installers will charge to insulate your garage given everything involved.

DIY vs. Professional Installation of Garage Insulation

Should you hire a professional to install your garage insulation or should you handle the project yourself? Your answer to that question will depend on what type of insulation you intend to install.

Blown-in, fiberglass, and reflective forms of insulation are all easy to install even if you don’t have a lot of experience. Those forms of insulation are easy to work with as long as you have the right tools available.

If you aren’t using those types of insulation for your garage, hiring a professional is recommended. Installing foam board or spray foam insulation on your own may just cause a mess.

Pros and Cons of Insulating Your Garage

You can weigh the pros and cons of insulating your garage if you’re struggling to come up with a decision. Let’s go over the pros and cons of that move in this section of the article.

The Pros:

  • Create a More Energy-Efficient Garage – Your garage could be a problem area if it’s not properly insulated. Stop excessive heat gain and loss through your garage by properly outfitting it with insulation.
  • Lower Utility Bills – Improved temperature regulation will lead to lower utility bills. You’ll be able to recoup your initial investment quickly thanks to those reduced expenses.
  • Protect Your Garage Better – Insulation does more than regulate temperature. You can also use it to protect certain fixtures in your garage. The plumbing and electrical fixtures are going to benefit from the introduction of new insulation.
  • Turn Your Garage into a More Peaceful Area – Homeowners who like to work in their garage will appreciate the sound-muffling qualities of insulation. Cover your entire garage with insulation and keep those distracting noises continually at bay.

The Cons:

  • Significant Initial Investment Required – There’s no denying that the initial investment you must make if you want your garage to be insulated is quite substantial. Not all homeowners may be able to afford that.
  • Potential Hazard to Your Health – Unless you have the required safety gear, you shouldn’t install insulation on your own. You’re only risking your health by doing that.

Do You Need to Hire Garage Builders or Contractors?

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What R-Value Insulation Should I Use in My Garage?

R-value is a good indicator of how effective insulation is. The rule is that types of insulation with higher R-values are more effective.Your R-value needs will depend on which part of the garage you’re insulating. The walls will require at least R-13 insulation. R-12 insulation would be best for your garage door.

Does Insulating the Garage Add Value?

Yes, insulating your garage can increase your home’s value in the eyes of buyers. Those buyers tend to look at insulated garages as assets.Insulated garages are even more sought after in colder areas. If you intend to sell your home sometime soon, you should strongly consider insulating your garage.

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