The 5 Best Neighborhoods In Tampa For Young Professionals

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by Heather Robbins

Do you want to move to Tampa? There are plenty of employment opportunities, easy beach access, and fun things to do in Tampa, so it’s no wonder it’s one of the best places for young adults to live in Florida. This includes many opportunities for young professionals who are just starting to get their business or career off the ground.

Check out these 5 top Tampa neighborhoods if you’re looking for singles and young professionals!

  • Channel District
  • Courier City-Oscawana
  • Downtown
  • Historic Ybor
  • North Hyde Park

When your career is the primary focus of your life, it only makes sense that you move into an area in which you can expand and grow; A place that will help you meet and exceed your goals. Therefore, we’ve created this list just for you.

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The Top 5 Best Tampa Neighborhoods For Young Professionals

Let’s take a look a look at some of the best neighborhoods for young professionals to thrive in:

1. Best For Professionals Who Need To Relax: Channel District

  • Walk Score: 89
  • Crime Rating: F
  • Transit Score: 42
  • Median Rent: $1,767

The Channel District is one of the best neighborhoods in Tampa for young professionals and singles, located on Tampa’s east side. Urban areas in this area are attractive for young residents, owing to their waterfront views, prime locations, and high-rise condominiums.

The Channel District is also highly walkable, making it an excellent neighborhood for anyone working downtown or looking for something to do that includes access to some of the best coffee shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues in the city.

What Is In The Channel District?

Maven Market Channel District hosts events like the Historical and Cultural Festival, a farmers market that also serves as a venue for local farmers. Also, the Florida Aquarium is a great experience for sea creatures. At the aquarium, you can see more than 14,000 marine animals, and there are events for adults only, such as Brews by the Bay.

Sparkman Wharf has been renovated to include upscale shopping and dining options. But first, stop at Ginger Beard Coffee that offers Nitro Cold Brew and Dirty Chai so you can start your day right.

District Tavern offers classic bar grub and delicious drinks, such as the infamous Catch Me If You Cane and Love Me Two Thymes. At Fabrica Pizza, you can design your own Neapolitan pizza and relax on the patio with a cold beer. The Hideaway, a nightclub known for cheap drinks and live music, is a great place to go if you want to go out with friends.

2. Best For Professional Networking: Courier City-Oscawana

  • Walk Score: 86
  • Crime Rating: F
  • Transit Score: 38
  • Median Rent: $923

A relaxed area for settling down outside of the city center might be just what you’re looking for. Courier City-Oscawana is a great place to live. There is no doubt that Howard Ave, which is lined with some of the best bars and eateries in Tampa, is what really makes the neighborhood so popular!

The affordable Tampa neighborhoods near Courier City are a favorite among singles and young professionals who are looking for spacious bungalows and yards that is right next to downtown Tampa.

What’s In Courier City-Oscawana?

CineBistro offers Lobster Roll Sliders and cocktails while you watch a blockbuster or classic film. They offer a wide range of your favorite coffee beans along with classic Americanos for your daily caffeine fix. Or, if you’re into crafts, the Paper Seahorse offers classes in calligraphy or paper crafting.

For sushi and fresh seafood boils, head to ShoMi Sushi & Seafood, one of the most popular restaurants in Tampa. From Cask Social, indulge in Shrimp & Grits and Chicken & Waffles that will satisfy your Southern comfort food cravings.

Meet up with the guys or gals you’re networking with at Yard of Ale, a craft beer bar that’s great for karaoke and football games. Or, a tasty stop like Mr. Penguin serves up Italian ice treats like Lemon, Root Beer, and Cookie Butter to beat the heat.

3. Best For Professionals To Live: Downtown

  • Walk Score: 85
  • Crime Rating: F 
  • Transit Score: 67
  • Median Rent: $852

A favorite of singles and young professionals, Downtown Tampa, is located near the Channel District. Downtown Tampa is one of the top neighborhoods in the city for young adults. This is in thanks to its close proximity to Tampa’s top employers and affordable apartments and luxury condos, great public transportation, and the Tampa Riverwalk.

What Is In Downtown Tampa?

See classic paintings and portraits as well as modern sculptures and photographs at the Tampa Museum of Art. Experience the old-school feel of the Tampa Theatre, which is a popular event venue for movies, stand-up comedy, musical acts, and more. Or if you love sports, attend the Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) game at Amalie Arena and cheer on the Lightning.

The GenX Tavern is the ’80s and ’90s-style restaurant and bar where you can enjoy delicious sharable plates and cheap drinks. Or have a drink at the hip cocktail bar called Remedy, which hosts a happy hour every Friday that features drinks such as Mojitos and Old Fashions. You can also enjoy drinks like the Negroni or the Brown Derby at CW’s Gin Joint, a speakeasy-style bar.

4. Best For Professional Artists: Historic Ybor

  • Walk Score: 76
  • Crime Rating: F
  • Transit Score: 57
  • Median Rent: $1,066

A hip neighborhood located in Tampa is known as Ybor (pronounced “Ee-bor”). There is a rich Cuban heritage and cigar manufacturing history in this area of Ybor, also home to Tampa’s Latin quarter.

Young professionals and singles love this Tampa neighborhood due to its unique shotgun-style houses, easy access to the downtown core, and incredible restaurants and nightlife that TECO Streetcar can reach all.

Things To Do In Historic Ybor

In Dysfunctional Grace Art Co., where death and dysfunction reign supreme, you’ll find a wide assortment of eccentric collectibles and art pieces. Or, take in an upcoming performance at The Orpheum, a concert hall that displays emerging talent.

If you move to this area, take time to visit King Corona Cigars and enjoy a cigar and a drink on the patio or check out some of the city’s best hand-rolled cigars. And for food, visit Centro Ybor and choose from several dining options, a movie, or some shopping.

Enjoy a meal at Columbia Restaurant in Tampa, one of the best Spanish-Cuban restaurants. A no-frills watering hole with an impressive craft beer lineup, The Dirty Shame offers easy bar hopping. If you’re looking for a night on the town, head to The Castle, a multi-level club with several levels.

5. Best For Professionals Who Have A Family: North Hyde Park

  • Walk Score: 79
  • Crime Rating: A
  • Transit Score: 37
  • Median Rent: $1,078

Do you want to know where the best neighborhoods for young professionals and singles are in Tampa? North Hyde Park’s proximity to Downtown Tampa will appeal to young adults seeking a suburban lifestyle.

On Kennedy Blvd, North Hyde Park has a wide array of housing options, including quirky bungalows and new apartments. It also has many restaurants, bars, and shops. Additionally, this community is near the University of Tampa, so college students and university employees are also attracted to this area.

Things To Do In North Hyde Park

Find the perfect treasure at Schiller’s Architectural & Design Salvage, an antique store with a unique inventory. Or, if you’re a fitness buff, get a heart-pounding workout at Gracie Tampa South MMA, where you can meet new people.

Take a quick stop at a local coffee shop called The Lab Coffee, which offers you the chance to create your own drink with a barista. Afterward, you may want to try the BBQ boat and the baby back ribs at Sarge’s Smokehouse.

If you prefer sandwiches, the Steak Sandwich or Ahi Tuna Bowl are just a few of the menu items available from Ducky’s, which boasts an excellent beer list. If that sounds appealing, you can also enjoy live music at Hooch and Hive, a music-centric cafe where you can sample handcrafted cocktails like the Red Hook or the Maximillian Affair.

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Is Tampa good for singles?

As reported by WalletHub last year, the best and worst cities for singles were listed. … As Florida’s most ranked city, Tampa ranked 29th, closely followed by Orlando at 30th. A city’s gender balance should be taken into account when choosing a new city to date, according to WalletHub’s experts.

Is Tampa expensive to live in?

Compared to the national average, housing expenses in Tampa are 23% lower, and utility costs are 16% higher than those nationwide. Costs of transportation like gas and bus fares are 6% higher than the federal average. As with the national average, grocery prices in Tampa are about the same.

Is Tampa a dangerous city?

Compared to the national rate of 407 violent crimes per 100,000, Tampa’s violent crime rate is 7% higher. As a result, Tampa is less safe than the average in Florida, which is 374 violent crimes per 100,000 people. 1 in 246 Tampa residents are victims of violent crimes.However, as long as you use common sense and make sure you lock your home and car door, you should be able to avoid becoming a victim of a crime. Also, don’t walk alone at night down alleyways without protection such as a taser, or pepper spray. Make sure you check local laws regarding these self-defense items before purchase.

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