The 7 Best Neighborhoods In Los Angeles For Young Professionals

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Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in America, not to mention one of the most famous in the world. If you want to move here, you get all the glam of Hollywood and a huge array of neighborhoods that you can choose from. Obviously, not all neighborhoods in this area are great to live in. So, which neighborhoods are actually worth it for people who are up-and-coming in their industries? You might be surprised…

When we looked at crime statistics, average rent, walkability ratings, and soft ratings like nightlife, we were able to find a few major hotspots. The most popular places for young professionals include West Hollywood, Echo Park, Loz Feliz, Sawtelle, and Playa Del Rey.

Getting the right neighborhood in LA isn’t just a good way to match up your lifestyle. It’s an investment in your future. This guide will help you figure out which ‘hood is right for you in this massive city and why.

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Why Is Los Angeles A Great Place To Live?

Los Angeles is one of the better places to live if you want to grow professionally, especially if you want to work in music and entertainment. The networking here is insanely good, and the wages can get really high, really fast. Of course, with that heavy emphasis on entertainment comes tons of nightlife, restaurants, and good-looking people.

There’s a little something for everyone here, even if you’re not a traditional “city” person. Plenty of parks, gym facilities, and outdoor venues offer you a great way to get into your zone, too. The diversity in Los Angeles, too, is a major attractor for both young professionals and performers. You can be anyone you want to be here, and the judgment just doesn’t happen.

While traffic and crime might be rough, it’s still not that bad a place. It’s to be expected with almost any large city. There’s a reason why the city of angels still remains so popular right?

All of the neighborhoods listed below would make for a great place to live. On the other hand, we would not recommend San Pedro to young professionals. To learn more, check out Is San Pedro, Los Angeles A Safe Place To Live?

The Best Neighborhoods In Los Angeles

Now that we’ve gotten into the perks of living in Los Angeles, it’s time to talk about the best neighborhoods. These are the ones that really stood out as amazing places to live.

1. Best For Entertainment Professionals: West Hollywood

Admittedly, Hollywood has a little crime problem on the East Side, but that doesn’t mean this glamorous area is off-limits. West Hollywood is a top pick among individuals who want to work in music, fashion, or entertainment. Edgy and a little gritty, this place has a lot to offer for people who want to be close to studio meets.

West Hollywood has a lot of perks that are specially geared towards people who work in entertainment or nightlife. So, if you’re looking for a place that has a bunch of stores featuring extreme fashion, Hollywood is the best place for you to live in.

  • Walkability: 10
  • Crime Rating: 6
  • Transit: 10
  • Median Rent: $1,473

2. Best For Established Young Professionals: Echo Park

When you say that you live in Echo Park, it’s hard not to sound like you’re bragging. Often jokingly called the “hipster capital” of Los Angeles, this area is known for being elegant and upscale, even when it’s a little gritty. Fans of the arts will love this part of the town, while people who love a view will enjoy being right over DTLA. Oh, and the quirky restaurants here? Amazing.

Echo Park is an excellent place to live if you want to feel like you’re in the “in-crowd.”

  • Walkability: 10
  • Crime Rating: 7
  • Transit: 10
  • Median Rent: $1,482

3. Best For Young Families: Westwood

Most people who live in Los Angeles are single, at least when it comes to the young professional crowd. If you have a kiddo or a full family, Westwood might be the best bet for you. This has some of the best schools in the city, not to mention a plethora of great nightlife venues for people who are still single. Though the vibe is still urban, it can often feel like a homey little town here.

Westwood has one particular perk that many younger families will find to be great: the parenting vibe here. Parents here tend to be very supportive of one another, making it a great place to raise a kid. Best of all? It’s a 20-minute drive to DTLA.

  • Walkability: 10
  • Crime Rating: 7.5
  • Transit: 10
  • Median Rent: $2,385

4. The Best For People Who Miss The Suburbs: Silver Lake

Silver Lake almost doesn’t really feel like Los Angeles at times. While it does have the classic “Cali” feel, it’s an unusual mix between urban and suburban. This means that this area is more drivable and spread out, giving residents a nicer, quieter take on things. While renting is still common, it also tends to be a good place for people who want to own a home. Don’t worry, it still has cool restaurants, too.

This is the type of place people go when their lives are starting to mellow out a little. This is a good thing, trust us on that. Despite all the nice amenities, Silver Lake boasts a fairly low housing cost—at least for entry-level places.

  • Walkability: 7
  • Crime Rating: 7.5
  • Transit: 9
  • Median Rent: $1,380

5. The Best For Young, Quirky Families: Loz Feliz

Filled to the brim with Spanish architecture, this is a neighborhood that’s notorious for being family-friendly. While it’s still quiet like Silver Lake, Loz Feliz offers a lot more quirk and whimsy with its lifestyle. Lots of eccentric shops, cool restaurants, and a quick 15-minute commute to the major part of the city make it a great place to be for almost every type of professional.

Oh, did we mention that this neighborhood is also home to Griffith Observatory? It’s true. It’s a science Mecca for people who love to space out, literally.

  • Walkability: 10
  • Crime Rating: 8
  • Transit: 10
  • Median Rent: $1,407

6. The Best For Startup Lovers: Playa Del Rey

Playa Del Rey is one of those communities that people tend to think about when they think of the “new Los Angeles.” A major part of Silicon Beach, this neighborhood houses a lot of the bigger movers and shakers in LA tech startups. The oceanic views are amazing, the restaurants are filled to the brim with the wealthy, and you can always count on finding the next big tech mogul around here.

One thing that is really hard to ignore about Playa Del Rey is the fact that the homes here look incredibly glitzy. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you live among rockstars, this is a good place to go.

  • Walkability: 10
  • Crime Rating: 8.5
  • Transit: 10
  • Median Rent: $2,249

7. The Best For Beach Bums On A Budget: Palms

Palms lives up to its name with all the pretty palm trees you can find lining the beaches here. The short commute to the beach, adorable eateries, and low cost of living make it a great place for people who want that classic LA beach bum lifestyle. Though it is affordable and chill, it’s still a place that attracts a lot of young professionals too.

We can’t blame them. The views are amazing and so are the people. Besides, it’s right next to ultra-hip Culver City but still somehow keeps a quiet vibe to it.

  • Walkability: 10
  • Crime Rating: 8.5
  • Transit: 9.5
  • Median Rent: $1,805

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How much money do you need to earn to live comfortably in Los Angeles?

In order to have a comfortable, middle-class lifestyle in Los Angeles, you better be well paid. A typical person would need an income of at least $136,000 to live comfortably in this city. This makes Los Angeles one of the most expensive places to live in the country, and studies suggest that there is no stopping that trend, either.The good news is that there are plenty of people who don’t make that much and still live in Los Angeles. It’s all about having a good budgeting plan and making sure that you pool your resources.

Where do young professionals want to live in California?

There are several cities that have become hotspots for young professionals in Cali. The most popular cities (aside from Los Angeles) include San Diego, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Sacramento. With that said, many young professionals in the tech sphere are choosing to leave Silicon Valley due to the high tax rates as well as a recent brain drain.Almost every major city in California will have some kind of major tech hub or fashion hub that makes young professionals flock to it. It’s a popular state with Millennials.

Which neighborhoods are the most dangerous in Los Angeles?

Many parts of LA currently struggle with gang activity as well as an uptick in drug-related crimes. The worst neighborhoods for these types of offenses include Chinatown, South Park, South Los Angeles, and Lincoln Heights. These neighborhoods have crime rates that are over twice as high as the national average.While crime in general has been decreasing, these neighborhoods still have a long way to go before they are considered to be safe. It’s best to avoid these places at night.

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