The 6 Best Neighborhoods In Minneapolis For Young Professionals

Heather Robbins
by Heather Robbins

Would you like to relocate to Minneapolis? A city renowned for its parks, biking capabilities, and abundance of breweries and restaurants, Minneapolis is the perfect place for singles and young professionals. But, where should you live? What neighborhoods are best for you if you’re career-focused?

These are the best neighborhoods in Minneapolis to live in as a young professional:

  • Linden Hills
  • Loring Park
  • Northeast Minneapolis
  • North Loop (Warehouse District)
  • Uptown
  • Whittier

Let’s take a moment to go through each neighborhood so you can see which is the best for what type of professional. This usually helps set the foundation for the best areas to move in when relocating to Minneapolis that will help you advance in your career.

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What Is The Economy Like In Minneapolis?

The economy is booming despite the cold weather! Twin Cities area (which includes Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and surrounding suburbs) has the second-largest economy in the Midwest, after Chicago. There is a 2.9% unemployment rate, which is unprecedented.

It took the Minneapolis metro area only five years for its GDP to grow by 25%-from $200 billion in 2010 to $249 billion in 2015, an increase of $49 billion. Minneapolis is home to many large companies, including Target, U.S. Bancorp, Xcel Energy, and Ameriprise Financial.

Among the top cities in the U.S., Minneapolis is the 5th most concentrated with Fortune 500 companies and (here’s a great idea for college graduates ) the 5th best city to start a career. The median household income in New York City is $68,778- 30 percent higher than the national mean. Their pace is too fast for them!

The 6 Best Neighborhoods In Minneapolis For Young Professionals

Let’s take a look at the six best neighborhoods in Minneapolis that are fit for young professionals, starting with Linden Hills:

1. Best For Professionals Looking To Study Wildlife: Linden Hills

  • Walk Score: 64
  • Crime Rating: A+
  • Transit Score: 41
  • Median Rent: $946

In Southwest Minneapolis near Lake Harriet and Bde Maka Ska, Linden Hills is a relatively quiet neighborhood. Green space can be found in abundance, there are plenty of eateries nearby, and affordable homes are offered in the area.

It’s possible to find bungalows and cottages, as well as old apartments and new townhouses. The #1 neighborhood in Minneapolis is Linden Hills, and it is also the ideal place for singles and young professionals to live!

What’s happening In Linden Hills?

A free concert is held at the Lake Harriet Bandshell during the summer, and the 2.75-mile paved trail around the lake is a great way to spend the afternoon. Several parks and green spaces are available in Linden Hills, including Southwest Calhoun Wetland Ponds, Linden Hills Park, Waveland Triangle, and Beard’s Park.

Observe bald eagles at Roberts Bird Sanctuary, which is an excellent place for bird watching. Explore eight historic streetcars at the Minnesota Streetcar Museum – you can take a ride on the historic Como-Harriet line while you’re there!

2. Best For Professionals Studying Plant Life: Loring Park

  • Walk Score: 90
  • Crime Rating: F
  • Transit Score: 85
  • Median Rent: $802

Located just minutes from downtown Minneapolis, Loring Park will satisfy both urban and suburban requirements. There are many affordable condos, apartments, and townhouses in this area.

Several nearby neighborhoods, such as Downtown Minneapolis, Uptown, and other areas, are easily accessible for residents. In addition to having low overall living costs, Loring Park is a great place to live for both singles and young professionals.

What’s In Loring Park?

Located just south of downtown Minneapolis, The Walker Art Center showcases contemporary art exhibits and programs of the highest quality. Nearby, you will find the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, where you can see the iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry art installations. As part of the Rock the Garden festival, you can see musical acts like Feist and Father John Misty in the garden.

There’s a pretty pond in the heart of the neighborhood’s namesake park, and there’s also a Loring Greenway, a tennis court, a basketball court, and picnic areas nearby. In addition, the park hosts events such as the Twin Cities Pride Parade and Holidazzle, a winter festival that includes ice skating, food vendors, and outdoor movies!

3. Best For Professional Artists: Northeast Minneapolis

  • Walk Score: 85
  • Crime Rating: F
  • Transit Score: 92
  • Median Rent: $898

Northeast stretches along the Mississippi River to the north, marking the center of Minneapolis’s arts district. Modern apartments, duplexes, and single-family homes are among the housing options in the area.

The Northeast neighborhood is centrally located, which means residents have shorter commutes and can afford to live a little cheaper than their downtown neighbors. This is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Minneapolis for singles and young professionals, thanks to its more than 400 art studios and a wide variety of restaurants and bars.

Explore Northeast

With the Mississippi River just across the road, it’s perfect for young, single professionals who enjoy spending time outdoors. Located on Boom Island, this 22.5-acre park features walking paths, kayak racks, and a boat dock. A vibrant area like this is home to several festivals as well!

The Art-A-Whirl festival takes place over three days in downtown St. Louis and is a chance for artists to open their studios to the public and visitors to experience art, enjoy live music, and try food trucks. Music, good food, a beer sampler, and a car show are among the highlights of the Stone Arch Bridge Festival along the waterfront. The Riddle Room is a fun winter activity where you can experience your own escape in a simulated environment.

4. Best For Professionals Looking To Network: North Loop

  • Walk Score: 83
  • Crime Rating: F
  • Transit Score: 87
  • Median Rent: $1,255

As one of Minneapolis’ trendiest neighborhoods, the North Loop, or Warehouse District, has an impressive mix of bars, great shopping, and startups to attract singles and young professionals. This neighborhood owes much of its industrial ambiance to the many converted warehouses that have become apartments, lofts, and businesses.

Located centrally in Minneapolis, the North Loop’s downtown location makes commuting easy for young professionals. In addition, Target Field and other popular Minneapolis spots make it an attractive neighborhood.

Entertainment In North Loop

It’s hard to believe how many entertainment options are available around North Loop! If you want to attend an exceptional live performance, head to Minneapolis’ First Avenue, the place where Prince filmed Purple Rain. Make the most of the summer with a Twins game at Target Field. Baseball is all about having fun in the sun.

The Lab Theater offers everything from burlesque and comedy to performing arts performances. More things to do and see in Minnesota include the blue METRO light rail that runs from Target Field all the way to the airport and makes it easy to reach the attractions at the Mall of America and St. Paul.

5. Best For Professionals Who Need Frequent Breaks: Uptown

  • Walk Score: 93
  • Crime Rating: F
  • Transit Score: 60
  • Median Rent: $1,089

Uptown, which borders the Chain of Lakes park district, is a hip neighborhood where singles and young professionals can enjoy a happy hour cocktail on a rooftop by day and paddling on the lake at night. A variety of housing options are available in the area, from large estates on the lakeshore to grand single-family homes.

Uptown provides many walking and biking trails, and groceries, pharmacies, and amenities are conveniently nearby, so running errands without a car is easy. Uptown is one of the most popular Minneapolis neighborhoods for singles and young professionals because there is so much to do, and it has a young, energetic population.

Things To Do In Uptown

Wheel Fun Rentals offers paddleboards, kayaks, and paddleboats for rent in order for you to enjoy a leisurely day on Lake Calhoun (formerly known as Bde Maka Ska Lake). If you want to travel anywhere in the city, head over to Nice Ride and rent bikes.

You can also take the Midtown Greenway for a quick ride around the city! You can enjoy international films and blockbusters at Uptown Theater and the Lagoon Cinema, in addition to cult classics.

6. Best For Art And Design Professionals: Whittier

  • Walk Score: 91
  • Crime Rating: F
  • Transit Score: 64
  • Median Rent: $817

The Whittier neighborhood is a lively, multicultural neighborhood in South Minneapolis that is both historical and contemporary. The neighborhood was founded by wealthy merchants, which still explains the many Victorian homes scattered throughout it, as well as the many apartments and single-family homes that are available at a budget-friendly price.

Whittier is also the home of the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, so students from all over the city live here. Minneapolis’ Whittier neighborhood offers affordability, safety, and a variety of things to do.

Explore Whittier

Located in the heart of Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Institute of Art is a world-class art museum that displays more than 400 works of classic and contemporary art, from sculptures to photography. Admission to the museum is always free!

You can see the Minneapolis skyline from Washburn Fair Oaks Park while sipping coffee from the MIA Agra Culture Coffee Shop. If you’re looking for a way to stay active, we recommend you check out Vertical Endeavors’ bouldering walls and rock climbing classes.

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