Benjamin Moore Regal Select Vs. Aura: Which Paint Is Better?

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If you’re preparing to paint your home and can’t decide what kind of paint to buy, you might be wondering what the difference is between Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal Select.

Benjamin Moore Aura is the best paint brand to consider for lasting coverage. Both Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal Select are both water-based and utilize the unique Gennex Color Technology that the brand is famous for. However, Benjamin Moore Aura is more attractive, durable, and long-lasting. Regal Select, on the other hand, is cheaper and covers a larger surface area.

There are a few other differences and similarities between the two that are worth pointing out as well. We will clear everything up for you in this article.

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Benjamin Moore Paint Grades Explained

Benjamin Moore makes many different types and grades of paint. It’s important to understand the differences between them before you can fully understand whether Aura or Regal Select is the best choice for you.

For interior use, Benjamin Moore offers the following options, ranked from priciest and most “premium” to the least:

  • Aura
  • Regal Select
  • Ben
  • Super Spec
  • Super Hide

For exterior use, you’ll be able to choose from:

  • Aura Exterior
  • Arborcoat stain
  • Moorgard
  • Ben Exterior
  • Super Spec 

Each line offers similar finishes (like semi-gloss, flat, and eggshell) but each grade offers varying degrees of color retention, environmental friendliness, washability, and odors.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Review

Benjamin Moore Regal Select is a great paint for indoor use. It is a premium paint that has a larger overall volume of solids, meaning it can offer coverage in fewer strokes and coats. This is a feature you’ll find with most premium paints, as cheaper paints tend to be thinner and more watery.

The exact percentage of solids will vary depending on the finish you select. The satin finish has a percentage of 40.5%, and while the eggshell and flat finishes have a somewhat higher percentage, they still offer excellent coverage.

It cuts into corners easily and offers minimal sprinkling and splattering. The eggshell finish is a great choice for a more stain-resistant, washable surface, though you’ll get these benefits with all the finishes in the Regal Select line. It is a water-based paint that can easily be washed with soap and water.

Finally, it dries quickly, allowing you to apply a second coat in less than two hours.

Benjamin Moore Aura Review

Benjamin Moore Aura is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to paint. Although it’s more expensive, it offers several features worth noting.

For one, it has zero volatile organic compounds. This means it has lower odors and is better for the environment.

It has an impressive 46.3% volume solids. This does vary, again, a bit between the different types of finishes, but out of all the plants you can buy, it has some of the highest percentages. It’s better at hiding imperfections so you can use less product and save time while painting.

It has excellent stain resistance and is easy to wash. Even after many washes, the color looks great and it continues to resist mildew and scuffing. It requires just an hour of drying time before you can apply a second coat, but you may not even find that a second coat is necessary.

What Do Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal Select Have in Common?

There are a few key features that Regal Select and Aura have in common.

Both paints:

  • Are water-based
  • Feature the proprietary Gennex Color Technology
  • Can be washed with soap and water
  • Are mildew-resistant and fast-drying
  • Can be purchased in various finishes 

What is the Difference Between Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal Select?

Although both Aura and Regal Select are great paints, there are a few key differences between the two to note.


You can buy Regal Select and Aura paints alike with a variety of finishes. Regal Select offers flat, matte, pearl, semi-gloss, and eggshell finishes for interior paint and flat, low-luster, and soft gloss as exterior paints.

Aura only offers matte, eggshell, semi-gloss, and satin for interior paints and satin, semi-gloss flat, and low-luster for exterior.

Color Lock Technology

Benjamin Moore has Color Lock features in the Aura brand only. It is a unique technology that adheres color to the film of the paint, making it richer, longer-lasting, and more intense, even after it has been washed multiple times.


You will find lots of paints these days advertising no VOCs or low VOCs. These compounds are used in paints as solvents and can cause problems like headaches and dizziness. Both Regal Select and Aura offer low VOCs, but Aura’s are a fraction of what you’ll find in Regal Select.

Volume Solids

Both Regal and Aura have high volume solids percentages, but Aura is the winner here. The highest percentage you will get with Regal Select is 42.7% for the matte finish, but the matte finish for Aura comes in at 47.8%.

The higher the volume solids, the more durable and rich in color the pain will be.

Because of this, Aura paint is much thicker. It offers less coverage. You won’t be able to spread it to as wide a surface volume, but since you won’t have to apply multiple coats, you may find that this apparent disadvantage is actually negated.

Color Stories

Finally, Benjamin Moore offers Color Story collections n its Aura paints only. The collection colors are engineered with a combination of up to seven different pigments, elevating the color profile of the paint you select.

Benjamin Moore Aura vs. Regal Price

Aura is Benjamin Moore’s premium line of paint. Because of this, it is also the priciest. Regal Select is also somewhat pricey, but it is less expensive than Aura.

On average, you will pay about 25 to 30% less for every gallon for Regal Select than you will for Aura, though the exact prices do vary depending on the specific retailer.

Related Questions

What are the different grades of Benjamin Moore paint?

The different grades of Benjamin Moore paints are Aura, Regal, Ben, Super Spec, and Super Hide for interior use, and Aura Exterior, ArborCoat stains, Moorgard, Ben Exterior, and super Spec for exterior use. 

What is the Sherwin Williams equivalent to Benjamin Moore Regal Select?

If you’re shopping Sherwin Williams exclusively and want something similar to Regal Select, Cashmere is the next best option. It offers similar features and is also a premium paint, though it’s slightly less expensive than Regal Select. 

Is Benjamin Moore pearl finish the same as satin?

The pearl finish offered by Benjamin More is more or less the same as the satin finish, though the gloss number is closer to the eggshell finish. Because of this, it’s often considered somewhat of a hybrid between the two. 

Do You Need to Hire a Paint Contractor?

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Which is better, Regal or Aura?

Both Regal and Aura are great choices when you’re trying to decide which paint to use on your home.

There are lots of benefits to each. Aura is thick and durable with a “super-scrubbable” finish that makes it perfect for repeated washing. This makes it a good choice for high-use rooms like kid’s bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Regal Select also holds up well to wear and tear and goes on smooth, but it’s not quite as thick or durable.

That said, for the price, Regal Select is still a fantastic option and can help save you some money. You can’t go wrong with either pick!

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