Where Can I Buy Crushed Concrete? (Find Out Now!)

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If you are ready to landscape or renew your drive, one of the most inexpensive options available is crushed concrete. Crushed concrete is eco-friendly and there are many different types available that are suitable for different projects. If you have decided that crushed concrete is the best option for your project needs, now you just need to find where to purchase it. Crushed concrete is actually easier to find than you might think.

Crushed concrete is a recycled material that has been taken out of demolition or “washout” at construction sites. This eco-friendly material can be purchased directly from concrete recycling plants, from stone yards, some plant nurseries, or even at home depot. This recycled aggregate is popular for its low price and versatility.

We’ve listed some points to consider when buying and installing crushed concrete. Also, we’ll point out a few of the pros and cons that come with this material.

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What Exactly is Crushed Concrete?

Knowing a little about the source of crushed concrete will help you to know what to expect when a load of it arrives at your property. Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA), better known as “crushed concrete,” is an aggregate consisting of mostly concrete and asphalt. It can be recycled from demolitions or taken from “washout” at construction sites.

Washout is the wastewater left behind after cleaning the equipment used to pour concrete. The machines that were used will need to be washed quickly before the concrete can harden. The resulting wastewater (or washout) is left to evaporate and then sorted to be used as crushed concrete.

Where to Buy Crushed Concrete

You can find crushed concrete at concrete recycling centers, through landscapers, plant nurseries, stone yards, home improvement stores. It is a good idea to call your local stores to find the best prices. You may also want to choose a company that will install it for you. You can check sites like Yelp for phone numbers and customer reviews of companies in your area before you decide who to use.

There are many different grades of crushed concrete. Some grades have a more uniform size and color, while other grades are a mix of larger rocks and fine dust. You will want to specify what type of crushed concrete you will need for your project before you buy.

Types of Concrete to Purchase

Some of the best sellers for crushed concrete are Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 Crushed Concrete

Perhaps the most popular kind of concrete in the construction world is Type 1 crushed concrete. This high-quality aggregate combines recycled concrete and brick pieces.

Type 2 Crushed Concrete

This is a more inexpensive type of recycled concrete that is taken directly from a construction site’s demolition. This coarse aggregate may not be as attractive as Type 1, but it works well as a base for drainage, roads, patios, and driveways.

Type 3 Crushed Concrete

Type 3 crushed concrete sub-base is a clean crushed concrete. It can include rocks that are 40mm in size or less. This type of aggregate is a combination of large-size particles with only a small amount of fine particles or dust. So if you are looking for a crushed concrete type that is less dusty, this may be a good option.

Installing Crushed Concrete

After you have purchased the correct type of concrete for your project, you will want to install it effectively. Crushed concrete can be heavy to pour and difficult to get exactly where you want it without machinery. You may decide to order crushed concrete with installation.

However, if you have the energy for a project, you can do it yourself! While the installation process can vary according to your project type, here are a few common steps to consider when working with crushed concrete.

Step 1: Clear the area of debris

Before you pour your crushed concrete, you will want to clear away debris and dig down (if needed).

Step 2: Lay down landscaping fabric

Landscaping fabric can be useful when pouring a driveway. It keeps your crushed concrete in place and also reduces weed growth. This fabric is permeable to allow water to drain through it. It can provide stability and prevent weeds from overtaking your driveway.

Step 3: Pour your base

Larger crushed concrete drains well and is perfect to use as a base layer. After you have laid down 3 or 4 inches for your base, you will want to make sure the surface is even and compact.

Step 4: Pour your crushed concrete

Pour your top layer of crushed concrete. You will want to make sure that is compact and stable (especially for a driveway.) You can do this yourself by using a tamper or by driving your car over it several times. A more compact surface will ensure that your crushed concrete stays in place and it won’t wash out with the next rain. By adding a bit of a peak to the center, your crushed concrete will be able to drain more effectively.

Pros and Cons of Choosing Crushed Concrete

There can be a lot of benefits to choosing crushed concrete. Before you decide if it’s for you, here are some pros and cons:

Some reasons you may wish to choose concrete are because it is:

  • Inexpensive
  • Provides good drainage
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low-maintenance.
  • Also, it won’t crack like solid concrete or asphalt.

Some reasons crushed concrete may not be your first choice:

  • It will not have the same aesthetic as natural materials such as limestone or gravel.
  • It can become dusty in dry weather.

Crushed concrete is a popular material for many outdoor projects. It can create nice drainage and will last a long time. The pros outweigh the cons! However, you will decide what is best for you according to your budget and the aesthetic you wish to achieve.

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Related Questions

How many square feet is one ton of crushed concrete?

Considering that you will pour your crushed concrete at least 2 inches deep you will come out with 100 square feet per ton.

How expensive is a truckload of crushed concrete?

Crushed concrete prices can vary between $11 and $50+ per ton depending on which type of aggregate you choose to use and if you are buying in bulk or not. This comes out to around $1 to $3 per cubic foot.

How thick should a crushed concrete driveway be?

On average, a driveway will need 3 or 4 layers of crushed concrete. This can depend on your application. If you are using crushed concrete just as a base material with a different top layer (such as poured concrete, asphalt, or gravel) you will use fewer layers of crushed concrete.

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