Where Can I Sell My Propane Tank? (Find Out Now!)

Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

Selling an unwanted propane gas tank can be a sensible move for both businesses and homeowners alike. Owning a propane tank may be difficult for those without access to the proper resources, time, or expenses necessary for the tank’s maintenance. But, it’s essential to know where to sell your propane tank.

To sell a propane tank, many retailers offer services to buy or exchange–as well as transport–used propane tanks at great rates. Not only is it possible to sell a propane tank, but it also has the potential to be quite profitable. Finding a buyer for your used tank can be as simple as conducting an Internet search to locate propane exchange companies in your area.

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Propane Tank Uses

Residential Propane Tanks

You can use propane gas tanks for both business and residential needs. Homeowners use residential propane tanks for a variety of purposes, including: home heating, water heating, fireplaces, dryers, and generators.

Propane differs from other sources of residential power, such as natural gas or electric power. One of the primary differences is that the propane company delivers propane and fills the tanks via their tank trucks.

Commercial Propane Tanks

Commercial tanks are larger as they are for high-volume usage activities, such as commercial cooking, dry cleaning, and heating. Industrial propane tanks may require year-round maintenance and a steady refill of propane.

Selling vs. Exchanging A Propane Tank

In some cases, it may be more beneficial to exchange a propane tank than it would be to sell one. This is contingent upon the respective needs of the owner. Many companies offer either or both of these services and help sellers determine which option better suits their needs.

Selling A Propane Tank

Propane owners looking to dispose of an unwanted tank can reach out to local retailers and request an estimate.

It is wise for owners to provide tank maintenance records to ensure that they ask the buyer for a fair price. The price the buyer agrees to depends on several variables. These factors include varying propane prices, the frequency with which the tank needs refilling, and the size of the tank.

Once both parties decide upon a price, they can schedule the tank removal.

Exchanging A Propane Tank

Many retailers offer local programs in which propane owners can exchange their old or expired tanks. At these locations, owners can replace empty tanks for full ones within minutes.

All propane tanks contain an expiration date–approximately 10 years from the manufacture date–making regular tank replacement a necessity.

Should I Sell Or Exchange My Propane Tank?

The decision to sell vs. exchange a propane gas tank solely depends on the owner’s propane needs. If the owner is no longer in the market for a propane tank, they may want to explore the possibility of selling the tank. However, an owner with continuing propane tank needs may consider exchanging or refilling their old tank in lieu of selling it.

The Pros And Cons Of Owning A Propane Tank

There are several factors to take into consideration when buying a propane-heated home or replacing heating methods. Listed below are some of the most common advantages and drawbacks of propane heating:

The Benefits Of Owning A Propane Tank

Many homeowners will swear by propane heating, as it is safe, clean, and non-toxic. Additionally, with propane, you can power the entire home with the same fuel source.

Large tanks can hold close to 1,000 gallons of propane. This capacity results in needing fewer deliveries, as you can order a large amount of propane at once.

The Disadvantages Of Owning A Propane Tank

On the contrary, propane tank maintenance can be quite expensive and burdensome. Typically, homeowners have the option to either own their propane tank or rent from their energy supplier. Owning a tank means being responsible for its upkeep and regular inspections.

Owners are accountable for repairing any damages to the tank–such as corrosion or leaks. If the damage is particularly severe, owners may need to replace the tank altogether.

Homeowners who opt to rent are not liable for any damage to the tank. However, they are required to pay a monthly fee that is often quite hefty.

Where Can I Sell My Propane Tank?

Having decided to sell a propane gas tank, the owner can start the selling process by locating buyers. A quick Google search yields a plethora of results for local retailers in the market for used propane tanks.

Listed below are just some of the companies that offer nationwide locations for buying back propane tanks:


As the nation’s largest propane supplier, AmeriGas is committed to providing excellent service for all of its customers’ propane needs. AmeriGas offers a service in which they pick up unwanted propane tanks to dispose of them safely. Customers need only utilize their “Location Finder” tool to identify their local AmeriGas provider.

Blue Rhino

Blue Rhino is another large-scale company that offers local propane tank disposal services, such as their no-cost propane tank recycling. Additionally, Blue Rhino advertises a propane tank exchange program for convenient and cost-effective propane replacement.

Blue Rhino’s website is user-friendly and offers several helpful propane disposal, cleaning, and maintenance tips.


Ferrellgas’ propane tank buyback program is a great way to earn extra cash while disposing of an unwanted propane tank. With locations in 45 continental states, Ferrellgas has the resources to provide propane services for the majority of the country.

Their buyback program works by having owners drop off their unwanted tanks at one of their many participating locations. In exchange, they offer a $20 Amazon eGift card per tank. There is no limit to how many tanks they’ll accept or the number of gift cards you can redeem.

BLT Tanks

BLT Tanks offers nationwide pick-up services for old and used propane tanks. They will buy or trade your tank in order to rebuild it and sell it for profit. BLT Tanks serves as the liaison between sellers and a long list of buyers in the market for used tanks.

Potential sellers are asked to contact BLT with documents detailing the quality and condition of the tank. BLT also requires pictures of the tank taken from several angles. BLT will accept tanks ranging from 420 lbs. to 1,000 gallons.

Fischer Tanks

Located in Michigan, Fischer Tanks provides service for commercial and residential propane tank owners in the continental US and Canada. Fischer Tanks offers propane tank refurbishment and manufacturing, as well as a service that evaluates and buys unwanted tanks.

Those looking to exchange tanks have the option to trade-in-credit on their purchase of new or refurbished tanks. Fischer Tanks will also transport the tank from your property, making the process especially convenient and hassle-free.

How Much Is My Propane Tank Worth?

Some retailers will offer a flat rate for buying an unwanted propane tank. This flat rate is typical for tanks that are portable and smaller in size. Other buyers will compensate sellers for their large, unwanted propane tanks at an agreed-upon price.

Their estimate of the tank’s value is dependent on the volume and dimension of the tank. Most sources agree that potential sellers can expect an approximate price of $20 or more for portable tanks. Larger tanks typically go for a minimum price of $5 dollars per yard.

Common Propane Tank Dimensions

20 lb. tank:

  • 18’’ tall and a 12” diameter
  • Holds up to 5 gallons of propane

33 lb. tank:

  • 2 feet tall and 1 foot in diameter
  • Holds up to 8 gallons of propane

100 lb. tank:

  • 4 feet tall and 18” diameter
  • Holds up to 25 gallons of propane

420 lb. tank:

  • 4 feet tall and 3 feet in diameter
  • Holds up to 100 gallons of propane

500-gallon tank:

  • 5 feet tall and 10 feet long
  • Holds approximately 400 gallons of propane

1,000-gallon tank:

  • 5 feet tall and 16 feet long
  • Holds approximately 800 gallons of propane

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Related Questions

Are there other ways to dispose of a propane tank?

Unlike some appliances, you should never dispose of propane tanks should never be disposed of with household garbage. Discarding a propane tank alongside residential trash collection can pose a severe fire hazard. Propane tanks that you cannot refurbish or sell may be eligible for recycling. Local services, such as hazardous waste disposal sites or public works departments offer assistance in disposing of unwanted tanks. 

How do I properly store a propane tank outdoors?

While it is safe to store a propane tank outdoors, it is optimal to keep it at a distance from your home. You should store tanks on a hard, even surface and can leave them either covered or uncovered. Furthermore, you can store propane tanks outdoors in cold and warm months alike. In hot weather, keep tanks in the shade to limit their exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time. 

How do I properly store a propane tank indoors?

It’s not ideal for you to store propane tanks indoors. However, if you must, for safety purposes, never store them in your living space. Instead, keep them in a detached garage or shed. The tank should remain on a solid surface and sit away from any flammable or combustible materials. 

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