What Color Outlet Covers Should I Use? (Find Out Now!)

What Color Outlet Covers Should I Use?

Properly decorating your home requires more than just arranging the furniture or buying new things to hang on the wall. You should also pay close attention to the small details. For instance, your choice of outlet covers could have a noticeable impact on the overall look and feel of your home.

A lot of homeowners don’t give a lot of thought to their outlet covers and that’s a shame. Passing up on those design opportunities is not ideal. That is especially true given how easy it is to identify the right colors for outlet covers.

Going with a white outlet cover is the safest bet because it matches well with just about any type of décor. However, you can also try creating some contrast by choosing a bolder color like black. Stainless or metallic outlet covers will work in certain parts of your home such as your bathroom or kitchen.

Decorate your home down to the smallest details by choosing the right colors for your outlet covers. Go ahead and read on to see our recommendations.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Outlet Covers

Found all throughout your home are numerous electrical outlets. We don’t really think much of them until they start having problems. Disregarding your outlet covers is a missed opportunity. If you put real thought into choosing them, they can turn into accent pieces for your home décor.

Detailed throughout this article are our recommendations for outlet cover colors based on the rooms they’ll be in. Let’s start out with the living room.

Outlet Cover Color Suggestions for the Living Room

The living room is the first place people see after walking into your home. Work on the outlet covers there and give your guests the best first impression.

Just about any outlet cover color can work inside the living room. To get the best results though, you need to have a design philosophy in mind. Playing it safe with your room décor is not a bad idea. You can always match the outlet covers to your living room’s color scheme.

Outlet covers come in a wide range of colors so finding a suitable option should not be that difficult. If you’re having a tough time finding a cover that matches your color scheme, you can default back to white.

Going in the opposite direction could also work for your living room. Try to create contrast when choosing your outlet covers. The color black offers a stark contrast to some of the more common design schemes. That dark accent can break up the monotony in your living room.

Do you have some antique pieces displayed in your living room? If so, you should consider picking up some up bronze or copper outlet covers. The metallic shine from those outlet covers is going to look great next to the antique pieces you have.

Outlet Cover Color Suggestions for the Bedroom

The bedroom is your own private sanctuary. You don’t have to decorate it with the purpose of welcoming or entertaining guests in mind.

Because it’s the bedroom, our first instinct is to suggest more subdued colors. White is a good choice, but we suggest taking a look at light almond as well.

The great thing about the color light almond is how understated it is. Use it to cover an outlet near your nightstand and it won’t be an eyesore. That color also works well if you want to use a light with a warmer tone inside your room.

We don’t recommend going with glossy outlet covers inside the bedroom though. The light reflecting off of those outlets can make it harder for you to sleep. It’s best to keep them out of the bedroom.

Moving back to the covers you should consider, go and take a look at the ones with a wooden façade. The wooden façade will look great next to the posts of your bed. It also matches well with any cabinets or tables you have in there.

For a metal bed, you should go with either black or brushed copper outlet covers. Those will look great positioned next to your bed. They also won’t produce glare when they make contact with the light so they won’t disturb you.

Outlet Cover Color Suggestions for the Kitchen

While thinking of color suggestions for the living room, our focus was on making that area as beautiful as possible. For the bedroom, we had to balance making that part of your home stylish along with maintaining your comfort.

Choosing switch plate cover colors for the kitchen is going to be quite different. We have to be more practical this time around.

First off, you should probably avoid installing white covers inside the kitchen. Things can get messy inside the kitchen very quickly so installing a white cover is a bad idea. All outlet covers can get stained. However, even small specks of stray liquids remain noticeable on white outlet covers. You still want those stains to be obscured as much as possible.

If you’re set on choosing an outlet cover with a lighter tone, go with light almond instead. The stains won’t be as visible on a light almond cover. You won’t have to clean it up as often.

You may also want to consider getting some chrome or stainless steel switch plate covers. Stainless steel items look great inside the kitchen. Accentuate how they look by adding stainless steel or chrome outlet covers.

Another advantage of using those covers is that they can be cleaned easily. You should always want items that can be easily cleaned inside your kitchen.

Red is an interesting choice if you want to go for a distinctive look. Those red outlet covers will allow you to better emulate a retro kitchen look. Pair them with a red mixer or other similarly colored appliances and you can get a real theme going. It is safe to plug a dishwasher into a regular outlet.

Outlet Cover Color Suggestions for the Bathroom

Do not forget to carefully select switch plate colors for your bathroom as well. You want to choose colors that make sense both aesthetically and from a practical standpoint.

Truthfully, you don’t have many options to choose from if you’re decorating your bathroom. That part of the home does not lend itself easily to decorative flourishes.

One thing you can do is to emphasize the fixtures you have in there. If you have stainless steel or other metallic fixtures, you can accentuate them by choosing the right outlet covers.

Stainless steel and chrome switch plate covers will look great alongside your bathroom fixtures. You can also choose gray although it may appear a bit dull, relatively speaking. Try out other metallic colors as well and see how they look.

Black is another option for you to consider. It’s tougher to make the color black work inside the bathroom from a visual standpoint, but it’s easier to maintain. Stains on that black cover won’t be as prominent as they would look on other colors. Be safe and find out how many outlets can be on a 20 amp circuit.

Related Questions

Can You Paint an Outlet Cover?

Painting your outlet covers instead of purchasing new ones in your desired color is possible. You just have to follow the right process while painting.

Ideally, you should use a type of paint that is designed to adhere to the plastic cover. Check its label to see if you need to use a primer along with it. Pick up some primer if necessary.

Next, remove the outlet cover and sand it down so the paint sticks to it better. You can now use a brush to paint the outlet cover. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions with regards to using the paint and remember to maintain even strokes.

After you’re done, go ahead and let the paint dry for the appropriate amount of time. Put the outlet cover back in place once the paint has dried completely.

Is It Okay to Install Oversized Outlet Covers?

Yes, installing an oversized outlet cover is not an issue. Purchasing oversized covers may even be a good idea because they help cover up signs of damage along your walls.

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