Toto Vs. American Standard: Which Toilet Brand Is Better?

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante

Choosing between toilets is difficult because of the wide variety of brands and models. Most homeowners have trouble deciphering the difference between one toilet and another. Between two of the biggest toilet juggernauts, which is better: Toto or American Standard.

Toto stands out from American Standard because of its unique flushing technologies and comfortable seats. However, American Standard is much cheaper than Toto and has toilets that suit all budget ranges. Both brands use vitreous china, but Toto toilets seem more solid and perform better than American Standard toilets.

You can’t go wrong with either brand, but it depends on what you’re looking for. Let’s explore the differences between Toto and American Standard toilets.

American Standard


American Standard makes their toilets out of enamel-coated porcelain and vitreous china. Both of these materials are as durable as they are visually appealing.

These materials are what give American Standards their uniquely modern look compared to other brands, like Kohler or Toto.

You can find durable toilets throughout their entire line, and American Standard toilets are heavy. For example, the Champion 4 Elongated One Piece toilet weighs 118 pounds. That can make it tricky to transport the toilet, but it’s worth it for the added durability.

You can expect your American Standard toilet to last for up to 15 years if it doesn’t get seriously damaged. That is a long time for a toilet, and it can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. American Standard toilets are built to last, and they carry a sleek, modern design.


You can count on American Standard toilets to perform well for years. The flushing power, draining speed, and water refilling are all top-notch. When you look under the tank lid, you can tell that they put a lot of care into the mechanics.

The refill tube, tank float, and fill valve on American Standard toilets work overtime to ensure great flushes. You flush 1.28 gallons of water for each full flush with American Standard toilets, and they are energy efficient. Multiple flushes aren’t necessary with American Standard toilets because of their consistent flushing power.

American Standard is known for making parts that last longer, but their parts are replaceable. Some of their toilets include their Power Wash rims that help keep the bowl every time that you flush the toilet.

Otherwise, you can enjoy the unique Ever Clean surface American Standard offers with all of their toilets that keep them tidy.


It is easy to install American Standard toilets because they are designed to be clear and easy to understand. Their toilets feature simple connections, but you may need help when you place the trap. However, you can always opt to have a professional install the toilet and pay $175 or less.

Their one-piece toilets are the easiest to install but not the easiest to transport. That is because the one-piece design means that you have to carry it all in one trip. The two-piece toilets that American Standard offers are also easy to install and even easier to transport.

You can install an American Standard toilet in less than an hour if you have past DIY experience. Otherwise, a professional can get the job done quickly because of how simple the installation is. You won’t get charged exorbitant labor rates because of how short the installation is.


American Standard toilets run the gamut in prices from quite low to extremely high. Their Advanced Clean 100 is a prime example of American Standard’s higher end of toilets. It costs $3,570, but it includes a bidet and self-cleaning features that make it worth every penny.

Homeowners can also save money with American Standards toilets as they have many affordable options.

The Colony Round Front toilet is the best example of a simple, durable, and adequate budget toilet. It only costs $219 and is perfectly functional, but it lacks the bonus features that toilets like the Advanced Clean 100 have.

Toilet Price Comparison Chart

American Standard Toilets


Town Square S$489
Advanced Clean 100$3,570
Cadet Suite$554
Colony Round Front$219
Champion 4$646

The best midrange American Standard toilet is the Cadet Suite, and it costs $554. It has an intelligent flush trigger that works with a motion sensor for convenient flushing. The Town Square S costs $489, and you can expect it to last for between 10 and 15 years.



Toto toilets are strong, have powerful flushing strength, and are fairly lightweight. For example, some of their toilets, such as the Ultramax, weigh as little as 94 pounds. They are similar to American Standard toilets in that Toto uses vitreous china for the majority of their toilets.

Toto builds their toilets with an equal focus on performance, durability, and flushing power. You won’t have trouble finding Toto toilets that are the right size because they are all universal height. The seats are comfortable as well, and many of their models, such as the Legato, have elongated seats.

It is difficult to crack or damage a Toto toilet, which is why they last so long. Toto toilets boast the same lifespan of between 10 and 15 years as American Standard toilets.

You won’t have to worry about expensive repairs, or even worse, replacing your Toto toilet for years to come.


Toto excels in construction, and their toilets perform better than most of the competition. They utilize several flushing mechanisms, such as Tornado Flushing and G-Maxing Flushing, that make Toto toilets stand out. Toto toilets are energy efficient because they don’t use much water per flush.

Many Toto toilets have unique siphon jets that allow for powerful flushes and fast refills. This special siphon jet helps keep the toilet bowl clean over time. Their patented G-Max Flushing system is the best example of how powerfully their toilets flush.

Toto toilets don’t use traditional rim holes like every other brand, but that’s not a bad thing. Their toilets feature nozzles that are more powerful than rim holes and help keep the toilet clean. Toto toilets use gravity to help flush, and that’s why they don’t use much water.


It is just as easy to install a Toto toilet as an American Standard, if not even more accessible. Some homeowners would say that Toto is easier to install because they include great connections. You can easily hook up a Toto toilet’s connection without having much experience.

With that said, not all Toto toilets are that easier to install because of their design. Wall-hung toilets can be tricky to install, but Toto includes clear instructions to make the process easier. Any homeowner with DIY project experience can install a Toto toilet without a professional’s help.

One-piece Toto toilets are the easiest to install because of their simple construction. However, Toto toilets are all so lightweight and simple that it doesn’t take long to figure out how to install them.


Toto toilets are more expensive than American Standard, but you arguably get a better value. Even lower-end Toto toilets, such as the Eco Ultramax, cost $743, which is far from a bargain. It is worth the price when you consider how much power Toto puts into each of their toilets.

The elaborate flushing and siphoning systems on Toto toilets drive their price up significantly compared to American Standard.

Toto’s middle ground toilet is the Connelly Two-Piece, and it comes in at $910 with great features. You might consider another brand if you want to buy a budget toilet for your home because Toto doesn’t offer any.

Toilet Price Comparison Chart

Toto Toilets


Eco Ultramax$743
Neorest NX2$17,300
Neorest AH Dual Flush$5,870
Connelly Two-Piece$910
Aimes One-Piece$1,094

The Neorest series is the most expensive line of Toto toilets, and it ranges between $5,870 and $17,300. That is too much for the majority of homeowners, and that is where Toto loses some customers looking to save money. However, there is enough variety in Toto toilet pricing that you’ll be able to find one to suit your budget.

Which Is Better Between American Standard And Toto?

Toto is better if you want a high-end toilet with more features that will stay clean and deliver strong flushes.

The combination of their unique flushing technologies and use of gravity makes Toto toilets stand out amongst the competition.

However, much like comparing Toto Vs. Kohler, American Standard is better if you want to save money and purchase a budget toilet.

American Standard

American Standard is more accessible to most homeowners because of the cheap toilets that anyone can afford.

Their toilets don’t sacrifice quality despite the lower price, and American Standard toilets are quite durable.

However, American Standard lacks the unique features, such as G-Max Flushing, that Toto offers to make their product line more unique.


Toto toilets produce more powerful flushes than American Standard toilets, but both brands are influential.

However, Toto wins out against American Standard regarding building, performance, comfort, ease of installation, and reliability.

Either brand can last you for up to 15 years, but Toto toilets seem to stand the test of time better than American Standard.

Related Questions

Do Toto toilets need electricity?

The Toto Washlet toilet does require electricity, but its other toilets do not need to be plugged into an outlet.This can be inconvenient if you don’t have an outlet nearby, and you may have to have one installed. Otherwise, you could run an extension cord if that is convenient, but this only applies to Toto Washlets.

How do I know which Toto toilet seat I have?

Lower the toilet seat and look behind it for the label that indicates the model. This comes in handy if you break the seal and need to replace it with the same one.

Summing It Up

Toto is the better brand if you want to choose a toilet with superior performance. American Standard toilets perform well and are effective, just not as good as Toto.

With that said, it is hard to afford Toto toilets, which is why some homeowners choose American Standard over it.

Both brands can last you between 10 and 15 years with proper care. Choose Toto if you can afford it for superior performance. Consider American Standard if you’re more interested in a reliable, budget-friendly toilet.

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