Toto Vs. Kohler Toilets: Which One Is Better?

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante

You can spend days and weeks looking for the best toilet, but you’ll usually find your way back to the same brands. Toto and Kohler are two of the top toilet brands, and they both produce many high-quality toilets. With that said, what is the better toilet brand, Toto, or Kohler?

Toto is the better brand for quality and selection, but Kohler is more affordable. Kohler utilizes flushing technologies, such as Aquapiston, which is great for powerful flushes and a clean bowl. However, Toto’s G-Max flushing mechanism is more trustworthy, and that’s why their toilets are more expensive.

Both brands have their strong suits, and that’s why it’s tough to choose between them. Follow along as we dive into the differences between Toto and Kohler toilets.

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Toto toilets are generally made out of vitreous china, and that accounts for their strong build. Vitreous china looks great, but it also means that you won’t have to worry about cracks and damage. Many Toto toilets, such as the Ultramax, are lightweight weighing in at 94 pounds.

Don’t let the Toto Ultramax’s weight fool you, however, as they are as strong as a toilet can be. Toto has different builds for each model of the toilet that gives you a great selection to choose from. The Legato, for example, is built with an elongated seat for convenience and comfort.

Toto’s wall-hung toilets, such as the Neorest, have standard seats and a unique compact build. Most of their toilets are build for a universal height, and that’s part of why Toto toilets are so popular. Strong build, superior material, comfort, and convenience is what Toto toilets have to offer.


You can expect a superior performance out of Toto toilets when you compare it to other brands, like American Standard. That’s because Toto offers a variety of flushing mechanisms, such as their Tornado Flush. Tornado Flush is an impressive flushing mechanism because it uses 1 gallon per flush in conjunction with gravity.

This can keep your toilet clean and ensure that you avoid clogs as much as possible. There are no rim holes, and Toto toilets instead feature nozzles that shoot water during the flush. Toto also offers the G-Max flushing system that uses a powerful siphon jet during flushes to increase efficiency.

Toto toilets are built with performance in mind, and their flushing systems are powerful. That is what garnered Toto’s reputation for being low-maintenance and trustworthy, and that’s why they’re here to stay.


You can easily install a Toto toilet on your own, but you can always enlist professional help. Toto produces one-piece, two-piece, and wall-hung toilets that are easy to rough-in and install even to laymen. Some of their toilets, such as the Aquia IV Arc Toilet even come with a connection to help you install it.

Installing wall-hung toilets can be trickier due to the rough-in, and you may need professional help. Even still, even wall-hung Toto toilets are built for universal height so they are easy to install. Two-piece Toto toilets are also simple and can be put together easily by any homeowner.

It could cost as little as $175 to professionally install a Toto toilet because you won’t spend much on labor. The easy-to-install design of Toto toilets means that a professional won’t need to put in a lot of time. Toto toilets are so well-made that even homeowners that have little experience can install and hook up one of their units.


Some of Toto’s toilets, such as the Neorest AH Dual Flush are pricey, but you get what you pay for. It is worth shelling out $5,870 on a wall-hung toilet that won’t crack or leak and will last you for years. Standard Toto toilets, like their Aimes One-Piece, are more affordable and only cost $1,094.

The Eco Ultramax one-piece toilet only costs $743 and is one of Toto’s most budget-friendly toilets. It’s hard to find toilets for that cheap with as much quality-assurance, and even the Ultramax has a powerful flushing system. The Connelly Two Piece is one of the best values because it only costs $910 and it comes with a connection.

Toto ToiletsPrice
Neorest AH Dual Flush$5,870
Aimes One-Piece$1,094
Eco Ultramax$743
Connelly Two-Piece$910
Neorest NX2$17,300

Toto produces budget-friendly toilets, but they also produce expensive, premium toilets. One example is the Neorest NX2 which costs $17,300, and that can limit many homeowners from buying it. With that said, Toto offers enough affordable toilets that it’s hard to complain about a few expensive options.



Most Kohler toilets are well-built but are only made out of china, not vitreous china like Toto. This doesn’t mean that Kohler toilets are bad by any means, but they aren’t quite as durable. With that said, many Kohler toilets, such as the Corbelle Comfort Height are made out of vitreous china.

No matter the material, Kohler has a reputation for strong toilets that can last you for many years. Kohler stands out in their construction of toilets with elongated bowls, and that’s one of their main appeals. Their toilets are much more classically designed than Toto toilets are, and that comes down to their design.

Most toilets weigh an average of 88 pounds, and Kohler toilets range between 86 and 102 pounds for a two-piece. That means that they are easy to transport and lightweight despite being made of strong material.


Much like Toto, Kohler puts a lot of time into ensuring a powerful flush to keep your toilet clean. Kohler boasts a variety of flushing technologies, such as their Revolution 360 Swirl and Aquapiston Flushing mechanisms. As the name suggests, Revolution 360 Swirl technology flushes the water around the bowl 360 degrees for complete coverage.

That means that your toilet will be well-cleaned with each flush, and that saves you trouble later. You can get this powerful Revolution 360 Swirl mechanism in their Corbelle Two-Piece toilet with an elongated bowl. The Kohler Aquapiston technology utilizes a unique flush canister that is more effective than flappers.

Aquapiston technology is similar to the Revolution 360 Swirl because it also circulates water 360 degrees. Both of these flushing mechanisms ensure that your toilet flushes with power and cleans itself with each use.


Kohler toilets are just as easy to install as Toto toilets, and you can do it on your own with no problem. Rough-ins and installation are effectively the same between Toto and Kohler, and neither is difficult. You can find one-piece, two-piece, and wall-hung toilets from Kohler that require simple connection and installation.

Expect to pay up to $200 or more to have a Kohler toilet installed by a professional plumber. However, you can avoid that cost if you are a DIY-oriented builder-owner with experience in plumbing fixtures. Installing Kohler toilets are simple and can be done in less than an hour by homeowners and plumber alike.


Kohler offers fewer options for toilets than Toto, but Kohler toilets are generally more affordable. A simple one-piece Kohler toilet, such as the Santa Rosa, only costs $538 and comes in four color options. The cheapest Kohler toilet is the $268 Wellworth which is a two-piece unit, and it’s durable.

Even Kohler’s most comfortable toilets, such as the Persuade Curve Comfort, are affordable and cost $588. That is a great deal for a two-piece toilet that is as comfortable as it is, and Toto doesn’t have a similar option. Kohler also offers wall-hung toilets that are more affordable than Toto, and the Veil Toilet is only $590.

Kohler ToiletsPrice
Santa Rosa One-Piece$538
Wellworth Two-Piece$268
Persuade Curve Comfort$588
Veil Toilet (Wall-Hung)$590
Highline Water-Saving$368

You can also find plenty of affordable water-saving toilets from Kohler, such as the $368 Highline. Their most expensive water-saving toilet is the Eir, and it costs $6,300. Kohler prices are generally cheaper than Toto, but there is a balance of budget and premium toilets in their selection.

Which Is Better?

Kohler is the better budget-friendly toilet, but Toto produces better quality toilets. Toto also offers many more options than Kohler, and they are all high-quality. With that said, Kohler is better for homeowners looking for more traditional, affordable toilets.

Both brands have great flushing mechanisms, but Toto’s G-Max flushing system is the best. Kohler produces great toilets as well and their Aquapiston is impressive, just not as impressive as Kohler. Buy a Toto toilet if you want a low-maintenance, durable unit, and a Kohler if you want one that is affordable.

Related Questions

Do Toto toilets come in colors?

Yes, Toto toilets come in colors such as white, beige, bone, and colonial white. These colors are all neutral and can fit well in just about any bathroom in your home.

How long do Kohler toilets last?

You can expect your Kohler toilet to last between 10 and 15 years depending on how it’s maintained. Freezing pipes, clogs, mineral deposits, and damage can cause your Kohler toilet to last for a shorter duration.

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Summing It Up

Toto is the best toilet in terms of quality, build, performance, and options. With that said, Toto is much more expensive than Kohler toilets are. Because of that, many homeowners will instead invest in a one or two-piece Kohler toilet.

Kohler uses great flushing technology, such as Aquapiston, and Toto uses G-Max and other methods. Both brands make toilets that are easy to install, and they both are easy to keep clean. Ultimately, you should go with a Kohler if you want to save money, and a Toto if you want lasting quality.

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