Your Samsung Dishwasher Smart Auto And Heavy Error Codes Are Blinking (How To Fix It)

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Samsung dishwashers are affordable, efficient, and reliable. That doesn’t mean they aren’t without their problems. For example, performance issues and error codes often appear and confuse homeowners. What do the Samsung dishwasher Smart Auto and Heavy blinking error codes mean?

The Smart Auto and Heavy blinking error codes typically indicate that there is too much water in the dishwasher. It can also point to a problem with the overflow sensor or button control panel. These error codes will also appear if the water pressure is too high or if the drain pipe is clogged with debris and food.

You should never simply reset the error codes when they appear because that won’t solve the problem. If you don’t know where to start, you can always contact a professional to inspect your dishwasher. Follow along as we take a deep dive into the Samsung dishwasher Smart Auto and Heavy blinking error codes and see how to fix the problem.

Why Is My Samsung Dishwasher Flashing Smart Auto And Heavy?

Smart Auto and Heavy are two common error codes that display on Samsung dishwashers. These codes indicate that there is something wrong with one or several of the components of the dishwasher. Everything from a loose water supply valve to a faulty drain hose connection can trigger these error codes.

Problems with your water supply will almost certainly trigger one or both of these error codes on your Samsung dishwasher. Important components such as the overflow sensor can also explain why Smart Auto and Heavy are blinking on your dishwasher. Excessive water in a Samsung dishwasher can lead to performance problems and tricky error codes.

Luckily, most of these problems are fairly easy to fix with or without professional help. However, you should never reset error codes on a Samsung dishwasher without addressing the problems.

How To Fix Samsung Dishwasher Flashing Auto And Heavy

You can fix a Samsung dishwasher that is flashing Smart Auto and Heavy with everything from cleaning the drain pipe to lowering the water pressure. It’s important to troubleshoot many components of your dishwasher to diagnose the problem. Let’s take a look at what you should do if your Samsung dishwasher is blinking Smart Auto and Heavy.

Adjust The Overflow Sensor

An overflow sensor is a critical part of any Samsung dishwasher. As the name suggests, this component makes sure that your dishwasher doesn’t fill up with too much water during a cycle. Over time, the overflow sensor in your Samsung dishwasher can become quite dirty.

This can trigger several error codes to blink, such as Smart Auto and Heavy. It’s easy to clean the overflow sensor, and the first step is to disconnect your dishwasher’s power. Once you’ve done this, you can remove the water panel on the left side of your dishwasher with a screwdriver.

Look for the wheel-shaped overflow sensor. Carefully clean the gunk on the overflow sensor with a small brush and cotton swabs. Once you’ve removed the gunk and residue, you can put the overflow sensor back in its place and put the water panel back on. Plug your dishwasher back in and see if the error codes disappear.

Clean The Drain Pipe

The drain pipe in your Samsung dishwasher can easily become clogged. This will increase the pressure within your water and affect the flow of water in and out of your dishwasher. You can easily clean the drain without hiring professional help unless it is a serious case.

First, you need to unplug your dishwasher and shut off the water supply. Empty your dishwasher, carefully remove the bottom shelf, and set it to the side. Look for the label “filter” and carefully remove the filter.

Pull the cover off of the drain pipe and shine a flashlight into it. You can either manually remove debris with a coat hanger or with a drain snake. If the blockage is too deep, you may need to use an auger or enlist professional help. This is a great idea as most homeowners don’t have plumbing equipment such as augers and drain snakes.

Test The Buttons

Are the buttons on your Samsung dishwasher no longer as sensitive as they used to be? This is a common problem for many homeowners, and it can naturally happen over time. However, the buttons are more likely to become stuck or insensitive if you frequently press them too hard.

Gently try to lift the button tabs with a thin, blunt object, such as a plastic spoon or fork. Gently push the button once it is no longer stuck and see if it is responsive. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the entire control panel.

This is necessary if the problem is electrical or if the buttons are beyond repair. It’s worth the cost to hire a professional to replace your dishwasher’s control panel as it is difficult and requires electrical knowledge. You can expect to spend $180-$300 to replace the control panel with professional help.

Lower The Water Pressure

Excessive water pressure can wreak havoc on a Samsung dishwasher. Too much pressure can over-stress the system and can explain why you can see Smart Auto and Heavy blinking. Luckily, you can adjust the water pressure easily, and it only takes a few minutes.

Unplug your dishwasher and turn off the water supply. Now, carefully remove the front panel with a screwdriver and your hands. Check to see if the outlet hose or inlet valve is leaking into the dishwasher. This is a sure sign that the water pressure is likely too high.

Look for the pressure switch next to the tube that is attached to a small box. Unscrew the switch’s cover panel and turn the screw beneath it to lower the water pressure. Cover everything back up and restore the water and power. Repeat this process as many times as it takes to get the water pressure to a healthy level.

Try Another Cycle

You may need to try another cycle if your Samsung dishwasher keeps blinking Smart Auto and Heavy error codes. This won’t solve the problem, but it will let you troubleshoot the dishwasher. That is because in some cases, you cannot turn off the dishwasher when these error codes are present.

The dishwasher will continue to drain water from the unit as these codes are displayed, so it won’t let you turn it off. Because of that, you may need to try another cycle so that you can turn the unit off. Mess with the settings until it lets you choose another cycle.

If that doesn’t work, you can simply unplug the dishwasher if it’s an emergency.

Contact Samsung

Samsung can offer easy-to-understand information about your specific model’s layout. This can come in handy if your model has a unique layout that is difficult to comprehend. They have a nice online customer service function, or you can call them directly.

Otherwise, you may simply want to contact a professional electrician or plumber. A professional can quickly diagnose the problem and tell you which part you need to repair or replace. This is especially true if there is an electrical issue, as that can be difficult and even dangerous to address.

Samsung Dishwasher Normal Light Blinking Rapidly

If you notice the “Normal” light blinking rapidly and draining, it could indicate a problem with the hoses in your dishwasher. This can mean that they are clogged or even cracked. It is also a sign that your dishwasher isn’t level in some cases, and that points to an installation problem.

In that case, you may have to remove the dishwasher unit entirely and reinstall it. The Normal light may flash and your dishwasher may quickly drain if your kitchen sink is clogged. Run the garbage disposal if you have one to clear any obstructions.

Otherwise, you can pour boiling water or white vinegar down the sink drain to unclog it. This will only help if your kitchen sink is adjacent to your dishwasher.

How Do I Clear The Error Code On My Samsung Dishwasher?

You can manually clear the error code on your Samsung dishwasher if fixing the problem doesn’t automatically reset it. However, it’s worth troubleshooting further in case there is still a problem with your water supply, electrical connection, or dishwasher unit.

The easiest way to clear the error code on your Samsung dishwasher is to simply unplug it. Leave it unplugged for up to five minutes before you plug it back in. This will power cycle your dishwasher, and the error codes should disappear.

Alternatively, you can use the circuit breaker to turn off the power to your dishwasher. This is overkill in most cases, but it’s a great option if your dishwasher’s power cord is hard to access. Clearing an error code doesn’t solve any problem though. Check key components such as the control panel, drain pipe, and overflow sensor before you manually clear the error code.

Summing It Up

The problem is likely with your drain pipe or overflow sensor if the Smart Auto and Heavy error codes are blinking on your Samsung dishwasher. This is also a sign that your water pressure is too high and the buttons on your control panel are stuck. You can typically solve this problem if you flush your drain pipe or clean the overflow sensor.

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