Ring Doorbell Pro Blinking On Left Side? (We Have a Fix!)

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There’s nothing more important than your security. That’s why doorbells help implement some added protection when you’re at home or while you’re away. When you’re waiting for a package delivery, you want to ensure it’s left where it’s intended to.

With a high-definition camera, you can see if a stranger is soliciting your home, or if another is trying to nab your box. No doubt about it, a working doorbell is a priority. In fact, 16% of the homes in the United States have Ring Doorbells.

If your Ring Doorbell Pro is blinking on the left side, it’s likely due to failed setup. This means you’re connected to the network but can’t connect to the Internet. Check your Internet connection and make sure your Ring Doorbell app is fully synced with the device. If this doesn’t work, perform a full reset of your Ring device by holding down the power button for 30 seconds. If the issue persists, contact Ring’s customer support.

Ring Doorbells are efficient for smart homes and working families because of the motion detection feature and the motion-sensor security camera. Talking to visitors at the front door is a huge advantage while you’re away or hosting a party. You may be wondering; how can it be fixed?

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Why is My Ring Doorbell Blinking?

Failed Setup

If the while light is blinking, then it could be the result of a failed setup. A failed setup occurs when it can connect to the network.

If it is connected to the network, then why isn’t it connecting to the Internet?


First things first: locate the light on your Ring Doorbell Pro. You can find a flashing light below the security camera which will help you diagnose the problem. It can be confused with the top blinking light, or the circle blinking light. Be careful to ensure to troubleshoot the left side.


It can be frustrating when your new tech doesn’t work. Luckily, you have this guide and a plethora of internet information to help troubleshoot the issue. Thankfully, the Ring Doorbell Pro also has several different light patterns to illuminate which issue you’re dealing with.

As discussed above, your Ring Doorbell Pro could be struggling to connect to the internet, not the network. To start with diagnosing, perform a full reset of your doorbell. Hold down the power button for a full 30 seconds. The light will begin to flash to assure you that it’s resetting.

Three Things to Try Before Contacting Support

  • Do the 30 second complete resent
  • Turn off your Ring – Always Home app and restart it
  • Restart your internet connection

Doing one or the combination of these three steps should allow your doorbell and accessories the reboot that is necessary to connect to the internet. If you’re still experiencing problems, then further help may be warranted.

Contact Ring Support

There’s nothing wrong with needing assistance. That’s why Ring Support made it easy to chat or call their customer support for extra assistance. They also have a FAQ section and specific instructional videos to support any issues you may have.

Using an app to operate your new Ring doorbell will make your doorbell perform how it should. So don’t give up on setting up your internet connection. Help is two shakes of a lamb’s tail away.

Blinking Light Patterns & What They Mean

Your Ring Doorbell Pro has thirteen blinking light patterns. Each pattern has a unique light frequency and color to guide users on how to repair it.

Diagnosing Ring Doorbell Pro Light Issues

When it’s blinking on the left side, the flashing half circle is white. The light will simply be blinking, and not circling like some of the other issues do.

Don’t fret! This repair shouldn’t take you long and you’ll be on the way to completing your Ring Doorbell Pro install before no-time.

1. LEDs around the button spin blue

When the round light is spinning blue, it indicates that your doorbell ring chime has been activated. That means your doorbell is working as it is intended to. Everything is working perfectly.

2. LEDs around the button spin white

When the round light is spinning white, the app is trying to set up your wi-fi credentials. This light indicates there aren’t any saved. This light will time out in ten minutes.

3. Blue light moves upwards

This blue light starts in the button center and moves upwards. It is trying to connect to your network. Nothing needs to be done. It is merely loading.

4. White light flashes on and off

When the white light is flashing, don’t be concerned. Your doorbell is updating the firmware, so that it continues to work efficiently.

5. Blue light is flashing, one second on, one second off

The blue light is flashing on and off to indicate that it is booting up. This should take less than 30 seconds.

6. Solid blue light

When the solid blue light is enabled, it means your speaker is on. If your visitor is familiar with Ring Doorbell Pros, they will have an indication you can communicate with them.

7. Four LEDs flash four times, then turns solid white

When there is a small blue light in all four quadrants of the circle, your Ring Doorbell Pro has successfully been set up. Congrats! It can take up to an hour after installation for this to occur.

8. Flashing white light in the top quarter of the circle

The password you created was input incorrectly and the setup subsequently failed. You can attempt to input it again or reset your password.

9. Flashing white light on the right half of the circle

This setup also failed. It couldn’t connect to the network. Unplug your router for 30 seconds, then plug it back in.

10. Flashing white light on the left half of the circle

This is where you’re encountering a problem. Your doorbell is efficiently connected to the network. Now it won’t connect to the internet.

Turn your device off by holding down the main round button for 30 seconds. If this doesn’t change the light pattern, the doorbell is too far from the router. You may need to contact your internet service about how to boost the signal.

11. Short and rapid burst of blue, then white spinning circle light

Your doorbell is completing a factory restore, where it resets your settings.

12. Top half is flashing blue

The initial password input was wrong, then your device needed to charge. Don’t worry. Once it’s charged you can retry your login information.

13. Bottom Half is flashing red

It is not connected to the power source. Remove it from the wall and ensure its tightly hooked up.

Related Questions

Which Ring Doorbell is Wireless?

The original Video Doorbell, Video Doorbell 3, and Video Doorbell 4 are all wireless options. They have a quick-release battery that can easily be popped out and charged for customer convenience.

How Does the Ring Doorbell Record?

Ring’s smart doorbells have a small recording device in them to provide you with optimum protection. Ring devices that are wireless can only record for 20 second increments. Wired devices can record for 60 seconds.

Does the Ring Doorbell Pro Pick Up Sound?

At peak range, the doorbell can pick up sounds and movement from up to 200+ feet away. If you live closer to the street than that, you can set your device to a softer frequency.

Which Ring Doorbell is the Best?

While a single decision isn’t right for everyone, the new model (Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2) has all the current up-to-date features that could improve your smart home.Smart shopping today to see which doorbell fits your budget. This will run you about $290.

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Ring It In

That’s it! You efficiently diagnosed your Ring Doorbell Pros minor issues. The light patterns can seem overwhelming, but with this brief guide, you’ll be well on your way to a complete setup.

Having a dinner party just got easier. Instead of having to delegate and give someone the job of answering your door, you can now communicate through the doorbell app. Life doesn’t need to be difficult.

Now that your Ring Doorbell Pro is finally working, how’re you going to celebrate? Each home improvement installation is an exciting victory. Put up your feet and take a moment to relax. With fall around the corner, you can find a new project to set your sights on.

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