What Are The Pros And Cons Of Waterfall Faucets?

Paige Hanawalt
by Paige Hanawalt

The bathroom is arguably one of the most overlooked rooms in the entire house. More and more homeowners are remodeling their bathrooms, putting in the time and effort to make this space a focal point. Seeing as we all begin and end our days in the bathroom, it should feel luxurious, calm, and relaxing. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to elevate your space is to add a waterfall faucet.

A waterfall faucet is a decadent addition to any powder room. Simulating the feel and sound of natural running water, a waterfall faucet is both pleasing to the ears and the eyes. If you’re looking to give your bathroom a spa-like feel, springing for one of these bathroom fixtures will automatically lend an aura of serenity and beauty to your home.

There are a few pros and cons to think about when looking at upgrading your bathroom with a waterfall faucet.

The pros of a waterfall faucet are that it looks gorgeous, is splash-proof, reduces water consumption, and is an easy way to add value to your property. Waterfall faucet cons include higher costs to buy, increased potential for corrosion or mold, and they can be more difficult to install.

Read on to see if adding a waterfall faucet to your powder room is the right way to go.

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What Are The Pros Of Waterfall Faucets?

Waterfall faucets are a relatively new trend when it comes to bathroom remodels. While they are becoming more and more commonplace, they are still a sophisticated way to add some design flair to your bathroom.

Looks Gorgeous

There’s no denying that waterfall faucets are gorgeous. Run-of-the-mill faucet heads really can’t compare to a waterfall faucet. With their rising appeal, you can easily find a waterfall faucet that will fit your specific aesthetic. Whether your home decor skews more sleek and modern or traditional and cozy, picking a waterfall faucet won’t be a problem.

Many manufacturers are producing this particular type of faucet with alarming speed. Walk into any home improvement store and you’re sure to find one that fits perfectly in your home. You’ll also love all the additions that can come with a waterfall faucet specifically. You can spring for LED lights that change color with water temperature or touch-sensitive on and off controls.

Splash Proof

When it comes to practicality, the waterfall faucet more than delivers. Because of its innate design where water flows out of the faucet rather than being pushed out of the faucet, the likelihood of water splashing up onto the counter and mirrors is decidedly less than with a traditional faucet. Anyone with young children knows the frustration of water splashing everywhere!

No one wants to deal with water droplets all over the counter and sink. If you decide to go for a deep, bowl-like sink to match your waterfall faucet, you will almost never have to deal with splashing. The high sides of the sink will make sure all water stays where it’s supposed to be, alleviating the need to forever be wiping down counters and mirrors.

Reduces Water Consumption

In today’s waste-not want-not culture, we’re all concerned about ways to save on resources and money. Springing for a waterfall faucet will help reduce your water bill every month. Because there isn’t an intense amount of pressure behind the water flow, you’ll find that you’ll use less water when brushing your teeth or washing your hands and face.

Water flows smoothly, even softly, out of a waterfall faucet. You’ll find you’ll use less water as you go through your daily routine, which will save you money in the long run. If you’re someone who needs or wants high water pressure, check with the design specifications of your specific model to find one that fits well into your lifestyle.

Adds Property Value

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is the first thing a potential home buyer will look at. Especially the master bathroom! Having a waterfall faucet will give your bathroom an elegant and sophisticated touch that will definitely appeal to new homeowners. If you decide to switch out all your faucets for a waterfall faucet, the more value your home will have!

In fact, waterfall faucets aren’t just for bathroom sinks. Oh no, no! Many homeowners and builders are adding waterfall faucets to kitchen sinks, and even replacing shower heads with a waterfall head. Tubs are even using waterfall faucets, which lends a modern and minimalistic look to your home’s aesthetic.

What Are The Cons Of A Waterfall Faucet?

Even though waterfall faucets have many things going for them, there are some downsides you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing the right faucet for your home.

Potentially Expensive

A well-designed waterfall faucet is going to be significantly more expensive than a regular, traditional faucet. The best waterfall faucets are going to be under high-end, luxury bathroom brands. So while expense might give you pause, it’s definitely going to be a cheaper way to elevate your space than other remodels, like a new toilet, shower, or tub. Here are just a few of the best luxury waterfall faucets, with varying price points, on the market:

  • Buluxe Waterfall Tap
  • BWE Single-hole Waterfall Faucet
  • ROVOGO Waterfall Glass Faucet
  • Parlos Waterfall Faucet

All of these waterfall faucets can be found easily and quickly with a basic internet search!

Corrosion and Mold Problems

Because there’s significantly less water pressure with a waterfall faucet, the likelihood of stagnant water sitting in your sink bowl or clinging to your faucet is higher. Since the spout is usually wider and more leveled, water can pool and sit on the surface, which can cause mold and corrosion.

Many homeowners with waterfall faucets will wipe down the faucet after each use to ensure that it’s dry. It can be difficult to train entire households, especially those with children, to dry the water faucet after each handwashing. Doing this will make your waterfall faucet last longer and will discourage the growth of mold.

Tricky Installation

Generally speaking, installing a waterfall faucet will be the same as installing a traditional faucet. However, you’ll definitely want to look closely at rubber seals, caulking, and threading between connections. Because the water flow is slower, more stagnant, you’re looking at a higher potential of leaking.

Making sure your faucet is extra leakproof will help you out in the long run. If you’re going to try and install your waterfall faucet yourself, here is a simple overview of how to do so:

Step 1: Connect hot and cold water lines to your faucet. Make sure the lines are as tight as possible.

Step 2: Place a rubber washer over all brass lines and fittings.

Step 3: Get under the vanity and feed each water line directly into the corresponding hot and cold sections of your new faucet.

Step 4: Secure the faucet assembly from below through the appropriate hole. Rubber gasket needs to be flush against the vanity top from below.

Step 5: Tighten waterfall faucet mounting screws tightly— as tightly as you can to prevent any leakage.

Step 6: Connect water— hot on right, cold on left.

Step 7: Set the drain in the designated hole. Be sure the spacer ring stays between the sink basin and the vanity.

Step 8: Fasten the drain assembly. Fit the locking nut and washer on the drain fitting. Secure drain to bottom of vanity. Attach drain pipe.

If you’re not a home improvement expert, fitting a waterfall faucet into your bathroom vanity is definitely going to require intensive research and reading before attempting.

Related Questions

Are Waterfall Faucets Just For Sinks?

Not at all! Wall-mounted waterfall bathtub faucets are becoming quite popular. Waterfall shower heads are also becoming more and more common in home renovations.

How Do You Keep A Waterfall Faucet Clean?

The number one way you can keep your waterfall faucet from corroding is to wipe it down after every use. Otherwise, cleaning is much the same as any other faucet.

Are Waterfall Faucets Stylish?

Yes! There are many different designs to choose from when it comes to picking the right waterfall faucet. There are many different types that will fit with your aesthetic, no matter what it is.

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What’s The Verdict?

Even though they might be a tad trickier to install, waterfall faucets are an excellent way to lend your bathroom an air of sophistication and style. With their gentle water flow, waterfall faucets can save you money while at the same time give your home real estate appeal. With hundreds of designs to choose from, you’re sure to find a waterfall faucet that will make your bathroom feel serene and beautiful.

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