What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In Minnesota?

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Minnesota is one of the many flyover states that has been seeing people increasingly interested in real estate prices throughout the area. The new interest in this icy state started to kick off now that more companies are moving out of the coasts. As people continue to move to Minnesota, people are often shocked by what they find once they arrive in-state. So, what’s the deal with Minnesota? Should you live there?

Minnesota has a fairly affordable cost of living, good schools, low crime rates as well as excellent attractions throughout the state. However, this state also happens to have record-breaking cold temperatures, low public transit availability, and icy demeanors. With that said, most people adore living here.

Major names like Prince and Bob Dylan originally hailed from Minnesota. If you want to join their ranks, you might as well learn more about this state.

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What Are The Perks Of Living In Minnesota?

There are some states that people either love or hate. Minnesota is one of those states. People who love it, adore it—and they have every friggin’ right to. The Land of 1,000 lakes has a lot to offer the right family, including these perks below.

Affordable Cost Of Living

When it comes to the overall cost of living, Minnesota sits squarely on the average line. Well, actually, that’s not true. The Cost of Living Index puts Minnesota at 97.2, which means that this state is slightly below average in terms of prices. The big reason for the low cost of living is the low price of healthcare. At 78 percent of the average cost, Minnesota is one of the most affordable places for healthcare.

The only real high price within the state is housing. The median home price is $235,000, which is slightly above the national median of $231,000. So even there, things are pretty reasonable.

Good Schools

Minnesota also happens to boast quite a few excellent options for people who want to give their kids excellent schooling opportunities. The Land of 1,000 Lakes currently ranks seventh in terms of education quality overall, making it one of the most educated states in the Union. Along with safe schools, the state is also known for having several world-class universities.

The overall culture of the state is one that strongly encourages, even boasts, having a heavy focus on education. This means you can count on positive peer pressure and tons of good after-school activities.

Low Crime Rates

Before we start talking about crime, let’s take Minneapolis out of the equation. The city’s not representative of the state, ok? Though Minnesota’s cities can have a crime problem, the state is considered to be the safest in the region overall. On a national level, the crime rates are still remarkably low.

According to the most recent statistics in the nation, Minnesota is in the top 10 when it comes to keeping crime at a minimum. This means most towns will have attentive police forces and safe streets. That’s a great thing for people who want to stay safe at home.

Fun Attractions

If you are a fan of having fun, Minnesota might surprise you. Along with having tons of lakes that are just ready for a swim, this state boasts quite a few awesome perks. For one thing, the Mall of America is found within the state’s limits. It’s the largest mall in America and is considered to be a major tourist attraction for people in and out of the state.

Of course, there is something to be said about the local food scene, too. Minnesota is famous for its Scandinavian roots. This is often reflected in the area’s booming foodie scene. In other words, you’re not going to have to go too far to find an amazing meal near your home. Some even say that the food is addictive.

Big Business

Are you looking for a state that has a lot of companies that wanna work there? Though it might be a “flyover state” for many, Minnesota is a major hotspot for big business. Along with an excellent unemployment rate, Minnesota is also home to 17 Fortune 500 companies—most of which are found in and around major cities.

People who want to have a major boost to their careers might want to check out Minnesota. It’s a good state for people who want a foot in the door at a major company.

What Are The Pitfalls Of Living In Minnesota?

Minnesotans already know that the great perks come with some pitfalls that might make most people think twice about moving here. These below are the most noted ones that we feel are worth discussing.

Relatively High Tax Rates

This is a pitfall that deserves a caveat. There are plenty of places that are going to have higher tax rates out there, such as California or New York. However, Minnesota’s taxes are going to be a little bit higher than every other state surrounding it. The income tax rate alone is 7.1 percent, and many other parts of the state also have their own higher city taxes.

It’s not uncommon to hear people wince when Tax Season arrives. At times, there are also companies that leave the state because of the tax problems. This is not unusual, not in the least bit.

The Frigid Cold

Minnesota is a state that is unique when it comes to its placement. The state is right in the middle of a pathway that has long been associated with Arctic fronts reaching American territory. As a result of the many Northern winds that hit this area, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Minnesota is considered to be one of the coldest states in the Union.

Like one would expect, seeing temperatures hitting 10, 20, and even 30 degrees below zero during the winter months. When it’s spring, blasts don’t happen as frequently. However, there isn’t ever a hot season, per se. The cold humidity from all the lakes ends up dropping the temperature around most of the states.

Bottom line? If you like cold weather, you’ll enjoy Minnesota. If you don’t? Well, it may be a good idea to look elsewhere for a home.

The Local Attitude

Obviously, there’s a caveat here. Not all Minnesotans have this issue, and in fact, it’s possible to find a cool clique of people in any town. Now that I’ve said that, it’s time to address the issue of “Minnesota nice.” As you can guess, Minnesota nice is a term that is associated with the less friendly side of the state.

Because this place is rooted in a lot of reserved cultures, a lot of people in Minnesota tend to discourage confrontation. This includes moments where they don’t want to appear rude as well as how they handle anger. This leads to a lot of passive-aggression, though you’ll rarely ever see them outwardly rude.

What I’m saying is that Minnesota nice is polite, but not actually nice. Many people find it to be standoffish, kind of mean, and very phony. It’s an attitude that’s widespread enough to make a name for itself. So while not everyone has this attitude or behavioral issue, it’s still big enough problem that people make it into a red flag.

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Related Questions

Is Minnesota a diverse state?

While Minnesota has a lot of strengths, the truth is that diversity is not one of them. Minnesota is an extremely non-diverse state. Around 80 percent of Minnesotans are white and non-Hispanic. In parts of the state, racism also happens to be a major issue. This is also a major reason why many people are leery of moving here.In recent years, the spotlight has started to shine on the racist areas of the state and what people are doing to combat this sentiment. With all that said, Minnesota is still a fairly left-leaning state. So, things are starting to change.

What foods are popular in Minnesota?

If you want to eat like a Minnesotan, then you’re going to have to stock up on Caribou coffee. That’s the go-to for people who want to have a Minnesotan coffee. Other popular brands in the area include Malt O Meal, Land O’ Lakes butter, and Jennie-O turkey. If you want to impress Minnesotan friends at a party, bring over a bundt cake or try some jelly meatballs.Most restaurants in this state are famous for having a little Americana mixed in with some Scandinavian flair. So, expect a lot of old-school fare you’d expect to see in the 50s.

What is the most racially diverse place in Minnesota?

The most diverse city in Minnesota is, without a doubt, Minneapolis. The city happens to have the highest minority population in the state. It’s been that way since the 1950s when the city made the collective decision to work towards a more diverse community. Today, it happens to be one of the most liberal parts of the state as well as one of the most inclusive on all levels.If you want to live in Minnesota and enjoy diversity, we give Minneapolis our seal of approval for this purpose.

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