What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In San Jose?

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San Jose is a popular location and a place many people look at as a place to call home. That, of course, also means learning about the pros and cons of living in San Jose, and concerns like moving costs. There is a reason why San Jose is so popular, and why so many people choose to consider living there.

There are many pros to living in San Jose, beginning with it being the heartbeat of the tech capital of the world. Along with amazing employment opportunities, this city of opportunity offers great weather, an array of authentic foods from all over the world, and activities like nearby beaches, water parks, museums, and tech-centered events. On the other side of the coin, a few cons of living in San Jose include traffic congestion, cost of living, and typical big city-related crime concerns.

The affluent lifestyle along with its recognition as the epicenter of Silicon Valley are key selling points for this booming city. Adding to the San Jose lure is its incredible array of cuisine. There is the concern of the notably high cost of living in San Jose to consider but that is largely offset by its strong economy.

Is San Jose a place you should consider calling home? Here are the pros and cons of living in San Jose and quite possibly the answer to that question.

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What Are the Pros of Living in San Jose?

Setting up shop in San Jose could prove to be a great move. Below we look at the positives of living in San Jose. Weigh the pros and cons, and decide if San Jose is the right move for you.

Employment and Opportunity

Regardless of where people live, employment and opportunity are necessities for a successful community, not an option. Recognized as the hub of Silicon Valley, San Jose offers residents an abundance of wealth in both employment and opportunities.

The average median household income is reportedly $113,036, which is considerably higher than the national average. These numbers are also on the rise, reflecting both economic strength and growth in San Jose. The median property value average in San Jose was at $968,500 based on recent reports. San Jose also has a homeownership rate of 55.3%. Those are encouraging and positive numbers for those thinking about living or buying a home here.

Residents enjoy the perks of having some of the world’s leading tech companies who call San Jose home. As the center of Silicon Valley, career opportunities are in abundance. These jobs also offer some very attractive salaries and wages.

That is a good thing too because there is plenty to do and plenty of great food to spend that money on. That leads us to another one of the pros of living in San Jose.

Great Food

Known as a city that supports and promotes, that diversity is can be found in the range of cuisines in San Jose. From some of the best five-star restaurants at venues like Santana Row to authentic food stands, San Jose offers residents a little taste of everywhere.

Asian cuisine, Caribbean favorites, to a taste of European favorites, the only things that rival San Jose’s food scene are its job market and the weather. And few things are hotter than the variety and array of authentic foods available throughout the city.

While the job market and opportunities are impressive, and although the food is great, we can’t talk about San Jose without talking about the aforementioned weather. Get your sunglasses and your summer attire ready, because when it comes to weather San Jose shines.

Near-Perfect Weather

Few places are as well-known for their weather as the Bay Area is, and few cities can offer their climate as a selling point as San Jose can. Not only does San Jose offer the benefits of the California climate but it also does this with considerably few hot days.

The average high temperature in Summer is 82 degrees (July average), along with an average of 257 sunny days per year. Compare that to the rest of the country that has an average of 205 sunny days per year. Now you start to understand why the weather and climate in San Jose is such a big selling point.

We also can’t be too quick to forget that this is California, and beaches were made for sunny days. San Jose offers access to both and in abundance.

Countless Activities

San Jose is a city filled with excitement, growth, and it has become home for many young professionals. This has also had an impact on the culture, community, and lifestyle found in San Jose. People here are active and there is always something to do.

Here are a few common activities that people may find residents doing on any given day in San Jose:

  • Raging Waters Water Park (largest in Nothern California)
  • Beach outings and swimming
  • Wine tasting
  • Silicon Valley Tours
  • Museums, shopping malls, eateries

Active, engaged, and enjoying life are a few trademarks of this lively, strong, and growing city, a place many call home.

Close Community

Unlike the other well-known and big California cities like LA and San Francisco, San Jose offers a close community feel. It is arguably one of the most endearing and unique features of the city, its ability to offer the big city life without the noise, chaos, or craziness.

This might be a result of the city’s design, with its walkable downtown and metro areas. Shopping, dining, events, and many other activities are all foot-traffic friendly in this big little city. What makes this more unique and special is the fact that San Jose is also recognized for its cultural diversity.

That sounds like more than a great place to live, it sounds like a great place to live for everyone. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t potential concerns to consider. Every town and city has its pros – and its cons.

What Are the Cons of Living in San Jose?

Many people call San Jose a great place to live, work, and raise families, but what are the concerns about living in this thriving city?

Cost of Living

One of the aspects that makes San Jose a great place to live is also one of the reasons for concern. While that affluent, thriving, and growing culture and economy is good, it inherently comes with a cost, as in the cost of living. Driven up by the median property value, living in San Jose isn’t necessarily cheap.

Those who are considering moving to San Jose should be prepared for those costs and even some surprise charges. If you go to the grocery store plan on getting charged a dime per bag (and no, it doesn’t matter if it is paper or plastic).


Much like the issue with its cost of living, another one of San Jose’s pros could be the cause of its con. In this case, that wonderful pedestrian-friendly walkable city design means that it may be as equally unfriendly to drivers. That, of course, in addition to the fact that San Jose is growing, thriving, and succeeding is good news for everyone until they are stuck in rush hour traffic.

These are also the issues, or cons, or considerations of moving to a major city that is simply a part of the narrative. That also leads to the last concern about living in San Jose, and another inherent big city consideration.


It is inevitable that with more largely and densely populated areas, the number of crimes and potential for crimes is naturally higher. San Jose is not immune to this pitfall but the crime rates and statistics do reveal that San Jose is as safe if not safer than comparable big cities.

San Jose’s finest also do a wonderful job, and they have maintained been able to maintain the City’s crime rate. On par with national averages, and considering this is a major city, San Jose warrants your typical attention and concern when it comes to safety.

Some Hot Weather Days

Yes, San Jose has the most amazing weather imaginable. Yes, there are a few days that are well above 90 degrees. It isn’t easy to complain about such perfect weather but you shouldn’t be caught off guard during that occasional swelteringly hot day either. Compare it to the pros and cons of living in McKinney, Texas?

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What Is the Cultural Diversity Like in San Jose?

Most big cities can lay claim to having people from many cultures as residents. What makes San Jose so extraordinary is that this city manages to create a tight-knit community feel while inviting so many different people in. This may in large part be due to San Jose’s ties and intricate involvement with the tech community.Facebook, Google, and other major tech players who take up residence in San Jose can’t help but also invite in a more social community. In this case, that is not only virtual, but it is part of the cultural experience of San Jose too.That cultural diversity also is a big reason behind why so many top restaurants, eateries, and vendors flock to San Jose. It might even be fair to say, San Jose, the melting pot of the West.

Is San Jose a Good Place to Raise a Family?

Despite that active and affluent lifestyle that drives the city of San Jose, there is also another side to these lives. Residents of San Jose are serious about a few things, like work, play, community – and family. That is evidenced by the many parks, amusements, zoos, and family-friendly activities in San Jose.

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