What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In Greenville, SC?

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Did you know that there has been a steady exodus of people from most major urban centers in America? It’s true. With more people than ever before finding a good reason or two to make the move to a smaller city, it’s easy to see why people are increasingly interested in warm, sunny, and beautiful South Carolina. Greenville, in particular, has seen a boom. But is it really that good a place to live?

Moving to Greenville means that you will be able to enjoy warmer winters, affordable costs of living, a booming economy, and a pretty hip downtown area. However, there are drawbacks. Many people might find the weather to be too warm, the prices of houses are increasing rapidly, and a high crime rate remains a problem.

If you want to give this area a try, it’s a good idea to know what you should expect. For the right person, this beautiful Southern gem of a city could be the best place you could live.

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What Are The Benefits Of Living In Greenville, SC?

Greenville is one of the more popular cities in South Carolina among the young professional crowd. A youthful town with classic Southern charm, it’s easy to see why people like it here. The most widely-mentioned benefits of having a home here can be seen below…

Warm Winters

If there is one thing that we can all agree upon, it’s the fact that South Carolina is warm. People who are moving in from areas like New York or Minneapolis will be happy to know that snow is a phenomenon that is rare here. This means less shoveling, less freezing temperatures, and a lot more steady work times during the winter.

Affordable Cost Of Living

Throughout the country, we’re seeing a sudden uptick in the prices of everything. Healthcare, food, and even utilities are getting pricier by the day. Needless to say, finding a place that’s still affordable is becoming increasingly difficult. That’s a major perk of living in Greenville. Like most of South Carolina, this city has a really affordable cost of living.

The overall cost of living in Greenville is 89.8 on the cost of living index. This means that a person earning $89,800 per year can afford the same type of lifestyle that an average American would get on $100,000 in a place that has an average cost of living. Everything from housing to groceries is cheaper here.

In terms of housing, the median home cost here is $189,000. This puts it well below the national median home price range of $236,000 to $269,000.

A Great Economy

The world is filled to the brim with economic strife, but you’d never guess it if you took a look at Greenville. This is a place where you can get a job at 40 different Fortune 500 companies within the county’s area and also find smaller businesses that you can work with. Due to the fact that there are companies of all sizes here, this is a good place for people seeking out upward mobility.

A 4.4 percent unemployment rate doesn’t lie. The jobs are here and work is in demand. With that said, the wages aren’t always as high as you’d hope. The median household income is around $41,000. However, when you take the cost of living into account, it’s easy to see why it doesn’t really matter as much as it would with New York prices.

Good Schools

Greenville’s school systems are surprisingly good, especially when it comes to college prep and high school academia. Good funding, ample after-school programs, and an overall positive outlook on schooling are what make this area very popular with new parents. Of course, you don’t have to be under 18 to appreciate what Greenville’s academic options have to offer.

The adult education scene in the area isn’t too shabby, either. Clemson University is just a stone’s throw away. So if you’re the type of person who wants to stay local for college, this is a good place to make it happen.

A Hip Downtown Area

We’ve gone over a bunch of hard benefits, but it’s also good to be aware of the soft benefits that come with Downtown. South Carolina is mostly known for being a quiet place to while the hours away. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. In Greenville, locals get to enjoy a pretty popular and active Downtown area. There’s a little bit of everything for people here.

If you’re a fan of food, good drinks, and maybe just hanging out with some of the friendly locals, you’re going to enjoy Greenville’s Downtown district. With that said, things don’t really ever get too out of hand. If you need something a bit rowdier or just want to get more of a big city feel, there are several other major towns within driving distance.

What Are The Pitfalls Of Living In Greenville, SC?

While Greenville can always tout its affordability, the truth is that there are some glaring problems that the city regularly struggles to deal with. If you are considering making the move, then you will need to be aware of these major risks…

A High Crime Rate

There’s no way to mince words here. Greenville is a beautiful little city with an awful, awful crime problem. In recent years, both gang activity and addiction-fueled thefts have gripped the area. Police are overwhelmed and it’s not looking too rosy for the future, either. The current crime rate (violent and property together) is 4,566 per 100,000 people.

While this doesn’t sound that bad, there are two things you need to remember. First off, this means you have a 1 in 22 chance of being a victim of a crime in this area. Second, this is almost double the national average. Moreover, property crime is on the rise. The good news about Greenville, though, is that violent crime isn’t that bad.

The city currently has a lower-than-average murder rate, and the violent crime rate has been steadily declining in recent years. Even so, the crime rate is a bit higher than the national average and that is cause for concern. With that all said, you still have a 1 in 189 chance of being a violent crime victim here.

Extreme Heat

If you’re a snowbird like myself, then you’re going to develop a severe distaste for summers in Greenville. Like the rest of South Carolina, Greenville is a city where the summers are hot. Like, really hot. And at times, they can also be fairly humid, which only makes it seem even hotter. Expect to see temperatures of 80 and above during the summer on a regular basis.

Increasing Housing Costs

There are a lot of amenities in Greenville that make this area pretty popular. There’s entertainment, great schools, and a decent number of major companies to work for. This means that Greenville will be on the up and up soon enough. To absolutely no one’s surprise, the price of housing is starting to get pretty darn high compared to most other areas.

What we’re saying is that this is one of those times when you really should strike when the iron’s still hot. In other words, what is affordable now won’t be in a couple of years. If you’re a renter, this may mean that you could get priced out of your own home sooner rather than later.

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Related Questions

How diverse is Greenville, South Carolina?

Greenville is currently undergoing a change in its overall demographics, but that doesn’t mean that it’s diverse. In fact, diversity is a factor that this city struggles with. The majority of the city’s residents are white. However, in recent years, a more noted African American and Hispanic influx has started to show up.While Greenville isn’t exactly famous for diversity, it’s not exactly known for racism either. So don’t be too put off by the lack of diversity. Things are changing and that change is very welcome by most residents.

What is Greenville’s political leaning like?

Though there are people from almost every walk of life in Greenville, the truth is that this city has a strong conservative lean. Only 36.4 percent of voters voted for Democrats in the city. The rest of the town voted Republican, with a very small percentage of people choosing independent candidates. If you prefer to live in a city that is known for left-leaning beliefs, then you might not feel at home in Greenville.Due to the strong conservative attitudes of the local population, it doesn’t look like the city will turn blue anytime soon.

What is the public transportation system in Greenville, SC like?

While many Southern cities are famous for having a good transit system, this is not the case in Greenville. The entire area has a serious traffic congestion problem during rush hour specifically because there aren’t many public transit companies to help alleviate the clogging. Due to the fact that residents are somewhat disinterested in this aspect of city life, it’s not looking like there will be new busses and trains being bought within the near future either.

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