What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In Boulder, Colorado?

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Colorado is a state that offers many highly desirable living areas for the well-heeled. Aspen properties have been highly sought after for a while now and Denver remains a hotspot as well. In recent years though, we’ve seen the city of Boulder emerge as a favorite playground for the wealthy.

What is it about Boulder that has attracted so many new residents? There are many reasons that we can point to.

Boulder features a remarkable assortment of natural wonders and exploring them is an experience that many people are after. There is also a thriving art scene in Boulder that has garnered plenty of interest. Boulder’s development has come at a steep cost though as house prices there have skyrocketed.

Do you want to know what it’s like to live in a cultural hotspot like Boulder? The details we’ve included in this article should help you better understand what that kind of experience is like. Read on to learn more about it.

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What Are the Perks of Living in Boulder, CO?

Properties in Boulder, Colorado are currently in high demand. Find out why more people have become so enamored with the idea of living in Boulder by continuing with this article.

Spectacular Outdoor Destinations

Colorado is a paradise for those who love the rugged outdoors. There are so many places to check out if you want to do some climbing. The Flatirons are probably among the most visited locations in Boulder. Choose a climbing trail based on your skill level and start aiming for the peaks.

You can also pay a visit to Eldorado Canyon if you’re looking for peaks to climb. Just as with the Flatirons, numerous trails are accessible at Eldorado Canyon. Even though it’s a popular hiking spot, the number of available trails means that no one path becomes heavily crowded.

We cannot forget about Mount Sanitas while listing the best climbing spots in Boulder. The views you can enjoy at that top of that mountain are absolutely stunning. They are well worth the likely exhausting climb you’ll have to endure.

It’s also worth noting here that Boulder’s great outdoors are not just for climbers. Explore the area and you’ll surely stumble upon some bike parks and nature preserves.

Open spaces are also plentiful in Boulder. They are ideal spots for camping or a picnic together with your family. Boulder possesses incredible natural beauty. See it for yourself by making the move there.

An Exciting Art Scene

The city of Boulder has become a must-visit destination for anyone with an interest in modern art. Numerous spots throughout the city are worth seeing if you wish to see wonderful creations on display.

Begin your tour of Boulder’s art scene by dropping by the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibits put on display in the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art are updated regularly. You get the chance to see the latest works of great artists right away by visiting that museum.

While you’re downtown, you should also check out Pearl Street Mall. It’s common to see art galleries populating Pearl Street Mall. The art galleries located throughout Pearl Street Mall are usually provided to lesser-known artists. You should check them out to learn more about emerging new talents in Boulder’s art scene.

Last but not least, remember to visit the University of Colorado Boulder’s Art Museum. Marvel at old artifacts on display there. The exhibits shown also demonstrate how art has evolved through the years.

Home to the University of Colorado Boulder

Speaking of the University of Colorado Boulder, we need to talk about that educational institution more. CU Boulder has earned a reputation for being one of the finest educational institutions in the United States. It has also received international recognition for the caliber of education it provides.

The Boulder campus of the University of Colorado focuses mainly on the arts and sciences. CU Boulder has also invested heavily into research programs. As a result of that investment, CU Boulder has been recognized as an R1 University. It’s a prestigious distinction which means that the school has met the high standards of the Carnegie Classification framework.

The University of Colorado Boulder also has a successful athletic program. The school is represented by the Colorado Buffaloes in several sports.

Boulder is a great city for education and CU Boulder plays a huge role in that. If your kid is attending that school, you can rest assured knowing that their talents and skills are being fully utilized.

A Job Market That’s Full of Potential

We don’t want to finish discussing the perks of living in Boulder, Colorado without highlighting the city’s job market. It’s no secret that the past year has been rough for the economies of several cities throughout the country. We’ve seen unemployment rates balloon and growth rates shrink in many cities.

Boulder has undeniably been affected by the weakened economy as well. That said, the projections for Boulder’s job market remain very encouraging.

The city’s job market is expected to grow by about 44 percent over the next 10 years. Over that same timeframe, the growth rate for the rest of the country is expected to top out at 34 percent.

Residents of Boulder, Colorado are likely going to benefit from living in a city with a relatively healthy economy. You can benefit from that as well if you decide to finally move to Boulder.

What Are the Pitfalls of Living in Boulder, CO?

There is a long list of reasons why living in Boulder can be a good move. Even so, moving there still carries a considerable amount of potential downside. Let’s discuss the potential pitfalls of living in Boulder, Colorado in the upcoming section.

Sky High House Prices

The mountain peaks are not the only high points of elevation in Boulder, Colorado. You will also find them strewn about numerous real estate listings across the city.

Remember that the median cost to buy a new home in the United States is currently at $231,000. In Colorado, the median price for a home jumps up to $384,000. That’s already a pretty big leap, but you still need to brace yourself. The jump up to the median price for a Boulder home is even higher.

To get a new home in Boulder, you should expect to pay around $740,000. That’s a gap of more than $350,000. The median price for a new home in Boulder, Colorado is what you’d expect to see for a starry California city.

In all honesty, the house prices in Boulder aren’t all that surprising given how in-demand properties there have become. Those high house prices will likely prevent more than a few folks from purchasing their desired homes.

That’s assuming you can even find an available home there. The current demand for homes in Boulder is so high that even just finding one can prove to be a challenge. Try to wait out the real estate market in Boulder just a bit if your heart is set on moving there.

If you can land a home in Boulder, you should know that other cost of living expenses there are fairly average. Groceries tend to be a bit more expensive than average, but that’s about it. Other essential expenses are reasonably priced.

Heavy Traffic

Traffic can be a real issue in Boulder. Many of the people who work in Boulder come from out of town. That’s probably because of how expensive homes are in Boulder.

Numerous private vehicles move in and out of the city on a regular basis. They contribute greatly to the congestion in Boulder. Avoid traveling during rush hour if that is at all possible.

To get around the problems caused by heavy traffic, many Boulder residents like to use their bike or just walk around. Getting around by bike or on foot can be more efficient means of travel during certain times of the day.

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What Is the Climate Like in Boulder?

You’ll get snow and plenty of it if you decide to live in Boulder. The average amount of snowfall for a city in the United States is about 30 inches. Boulder gets more than double that amount.Average annual snowfall for Boulder is about 70 inches. Getting a lot of snow isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you will have to learn how to deal with it.That can be a problem for those moving to Boulder from considerably warmer locations. The amount of snowfall the city gets can be shocking to them at first.

What Is the Food Scene Like in Boulder?

Trendy American cities tend to have exciting food scenes. That holds true for Boulder as well.All kinds of culinary styles are present in Boulder’s food scene. You can try something new whenever you decide to splurge and eat out. There’s also an emphasis on offering sustainable food in Boulder. That’s evident in the thoughtful menus put together by restaurants in the area.One more thing we want to note here is that there’s a terrific selection of local beers in the city. Check out those local brews yourself and see which one is your favorite.

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