What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In Bluffton, SC?

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Bluffton, South Carolina, is a growing city with a population of over 25,000. Since 2010, the population has shot up over 59 percent. People will recognize a few things when looking into Bluffton when visiting or deciding to live there.

There are six pros of living in Bluffton: the people, scenery, recreation, weather, culture, and beaches. Here is the bad news, the traffic, no nightlife, heat waves, housing industry, nothing in walking distance, and hurricanes. Excluding the hurricanes, everything can become manageable over time.

All the information comes from realtors and reviews from people who have visited and reside in Bluffton. Some facts are thrown together from the city’s history, and census reports show the promise of a growing city. You can enjoy reading about the lifestyle of people who live in South Carolina and see if it interests you.

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Interesting Facts About Bluffton, South Carolina

Rice and cotton farmers settled in Bluffton in 1825 along the May River. During that time, malaria and yellow fever plagued the area, and Bluffton became a getaway from the diseases. Over time, general stores flourished as they sold their crops locally and all across the world.

In 1855, the town became incorporated as businesses began spreading. It wasn’t long before tariffs took hold and South Carolina seceded from the Union in 1860. Bluffton took a heavy blow from the Union military as they burned the city down in 1863.

Almost 20 years later, Bluffton came back as a leading commercial city. Over a century has passed, and it is still growing with industry and population. It is now separated at the square where it is known as “Old Town.”

The Pros and Things To Appreciate in Bluffton, SC

Bluffton has its history embedded into its culture and has made it to what it is today. We will cover the six pros of living in this fine-growing city. Some things may not be for everyone.

1. The Friendliest People Around

It isn’t easy to find cities where thousands of people reside to be so friendly. Bluffton is like a close-knit community where everyone waves, greets one another, and helps their neighbors. They are all-around peaceful people where family finances range around $65,000 per year.

Everything is all about community in the local area. It is the number one thing that makes this the most incredible place to live when people come together. It does not have to take a bad thing to happen for people to work as a team.

2. The Beauty Is Captivating

The sunsets on the water and the scenery everywhere you look are captivating. There is not a place in Bluffton that will not take your breath away with its beauty. Since the city’s founding, it is still a local retreat for tourists and those who live there.

There are scenic areas of waterways, beaches, historical sights, and clean landscaped homes all over. The city is noted for its cleanliness and well-kept up maintenance programs. It goes hand in hand with the friendly people who work so hard together to make the city shine.

3. There Is Much to do for Recreation

Those who love the outdoors find fun on the beaches, hiking, biking, boating, and other on-the-water activities. The average age group that lives in Bluffton is 35 to 40 years old. There is always something that the young and old will enjoy.

The elderly enjoy playing games, staying active, and in shape with tennis, horseshoes, and other get-together games. People are so relaxed they even enjoy sitting out on their porches just watching people and cars passing. There is never bored people or a dull moment in Bluffton.

4. The Weather is Almost Always Perfect

The climate for Bluffton is primarily clear skies and sunny. In the summer, it is hot, but there is a sea breeze to help calm things down a bit. Temperatures hover at 80 to 90 degrees.

The wintertime is mild and has its frigid days. For the most part, the average temperatures stay close to the forties at night and highs in the sixties. There may be a couple of days when the temperature goes down into the thirties and below.

5. A City with a Selection of Food and Culture

Bluffton is one of those cities where the population exploded. It holds different food and cultures from the Caribbean, Italian, Mexican, American, and many more. Everyone who started their life in Bluffton carried their cultures with them.

Cities, where different cultures reside, make it enjoyable. There is always something to discuss and learn from other people. Seafood is also a favored cuisine since they are close to the ocean.

6. A City That is Close to the Beaches

Within a few minutes of a drive, there is any beach of your choice along the Atlantic Ocean to enjoy. Almost everyone loves to enjoy and relax on the beach. Water sports are another favorite.

Whether resting, partying, fishing, or having a blast, the beach is never far away. It is a significant pro for the family or being alone to getaway.

Cons and Things to Look Out for in Bluffton

People who see the glass half full will find Bluffton as one of the finest places to live. Others who cannot take the heat or like the indoor life better will not be so fond of the city. It is opinions, and everyone is entitled to their thoughts.

1. The Traffic Can Get Pretty Bad During Vacation Season

The city of Bluffton is not equipped to hold such an explosion of population. During the peak seasons of vacation time, people flock by the millions to the area, causing traffic congestion. The people who live there are used to it, but it can be a little nerve-wracking.

Traffic jams cause people who live in the area to leave earlier to get where they are going. Everyone has to change their timely routines around to make their lives work. Some people are unfortunate end up late to places they have to go.

2. There is No Nightlife in Bluffton

People who love to party have to go to Savannah if they want to go to nightclubs. Since most people who live there are easy-going people, most find it better not to have all the hoorah. Those who like to live it up at night are not thrilled about driving out of town to go party.

3. Some People Cannot Take the Heat Waves

Since Bluffton is one of the cities along the coastline, the humidity can make a warm day hot. July and August are when most of the residents stay inside due to the massive heat waves. Others do not mind and take the sea breeze to their advantage.

The temperatures reach above 90 degrees, but it can feel closer to 115-120 degrees with the humidity. Some people can die from the massive heat waves. When they get too hot, they cool off in the water or find other cool things to do.

4. The Housing Market is Expensive

Many people are upset when they find out the price of homes in Bluffton. Some houses are overpriced by almost $100,000. On average, the housing market is around 60 percent higher than the rest of America.

It discourages people from buying a home to live in Bluffton and other parts of South Carolina. Those who want to live there, perhaps for retirement, have already built up their nest egg. It is not a place people wake up and decide one day they will live there.

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5. There is Nothing In Walking Distance

Another downside to living in Bluffton is there are no shopping places or anything nearby the residential area. If you want to go somewhere, you have to get in your vehicle and drive to the location. The nearest place for shopping is “Old Town.”

Most cities have sidewalks or boardwalks around for people who get around on foot. There are not too many sidewalks found in Bluffton. With the amount of traffic during vacation season, it is not safe to walk around anyway.

6. The Mass Destruction of Hurricanes

From the Gulf Coast to the East Coast, hurricanes slam the shorelines every year. Homes and properties are destroyed, and people have to continue to rebuild after a major hurricane hits. There is no safe place from any danger, but the threat keeps the community on edge during hurricane season.

Hurricanes would probably be the worst of the cons because of the millions of dollars in damages. Insurance rates are through the roof when it comes to premiums. There is not much after a Category four or five hits the coast between the winds and the storm surge.

What makes it worse is there is no telling where or what a hurricane will do. Meteorologist tries their best to predict where and what a hurricane will do. They come close with their predictions, but the aftermath tells the true story.

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